Best Womens Beach Cruiser Bikes 2019

Nothing feels better than riding on a cruiser bike down beach roads on a sunny summer out at the beach. The experience allows you to explore new areas on the beach that you would not have reached on foot as you enjoy the cooling breeze.


Cruiser bikes feature a sleek look and vintage design of a modern beach that allows you to comfortably turn your head as you view the beautiful sceneries around the beach. Generally a cruiser bike will have extra wide tires, a thicker and studier bicycle frame and sweptback handlebars which all make for an easier relaxing bike ride.

While there is a high number of cruiser bike models in the market today, but not all of them suit the needs of female riders. Women’s cruiser bikes come with a lighter, slender and feminine design as well as softer and brighter colors.

These beach cruiser bikes don’t have to be limited just the beach however, their excellent and simplistic build means that they are perfect for a short everyday commute also such as for the office. These bicycles offer increased stability and ease of use which means you wouldn’t end up at your destination tired and sweaty, but instead refreshed and relaxed from your calm commute.

Top Five Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike Reviews

Choosing the best cruise bike from a saturated market can be a considerable challenge, especially if you have never bought or used one before. Here we have crafted a review of the top five women’s beach bikes review that you should consider.

1. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

EVRYjourmey is a top women’s beach bike from a brand that has a reputation of designing bikes with comfort and ease of use in mind. The bike comes with all the premium features that suit all the requirements of riding across the beach. Apart from the great features, the designers have also not sacrificed the ability to withstand long rides and good looks. The curved “step-through” frame design is its signature features, which appeals to most female riding enthusiasts.

With the frame dropping low just in front of the seat, the bike allows the rider to swing her leg over the frame while getting on and off the bike as well as stand over the cruiser when stopped. Besides, EVRYjourney bike comes with extended handlebars for a comfortable upright seating position without causing any strain on your back.

The bike has a seven-speed version and is also available as one-speed, three-speed or 21-speed. EVRYjorney seven-speed version is simple includes handle brakes that perform better than coaster brakes when stopping on hills or in high-traffic. It also incorporates other additional features such as a rear bag carry cage, a built-in kickstand as well as matching the rear and front fenders.

Key Features

  • Aluminum frame
  • Single speed bike
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish, curvy frame


  • Allows for uplifting riding styles
  • Ideal for flat terrain
  • Features a rear coaster brake and front handbrake for easy stopping
  • Incorporates fenders and chain guards, which keeps your clothes clean when riding
  • Offers a low stop-over height making it easier to use, especially those with reduced mobility
  • Has many storage options


  • Does not include any mounting points for a water bottle
  • Higher gears are harder to repair and will require more maintenance
  • Instructions for assembly may be a bit confusing to some riders

2. sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Cruiser Bicycle

Sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s Cruiser is another great bike from the popular brand. Just like other models, it is available in single, 3, 7, and 21 gear options with high quality Shimano components. Moreover, it comes with three seat color combinations and in four colors.

The women’s cruiser bike is built with a sturdy aluminum frame and is available in bright colors that give it an incredibly minimalistic, clean look. However, the bike has a relatively higher step-over height as compared to the EVRYjourney model. It is also equipped with both a front handbrake and rear coaster brake as well as 26” classic cruiser wheels, which are 2.125” wide.

The Sixthreezero bike features a rear rack that provides a lot of storage options. It also comes with a more comfortable seat and includes the tools required for assembly.

Key Features

  • Upright riding style for a comfortable riding experience
  • Classic, curvy women’s beach cruiser
  • Dual spring saddle
  • 17-inch durable steel frame
  • Shimano internal hub, 3-speed
  • Enhanced style
  • 26-Inch aluminum wheels


  • Comes with a rear rack for ample storage
  • Has rear and front brakes for proper stopping
  • Available in different gear options and colors depending on the rider’s needs
  • Offers a one-year money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • Friendly and helpful customer service


  • Instruction manual might be a bit confusing to some users causing trouble with assembly

3. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

If you are looking for a top women’s beach bike with an effortless design, Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser bike is an excellent option. The single speed bike is perfect for women of all sizes from 4 to 6 feet tall. Besides, it also offers great versatility as you can cruise it different terrains including beach, city roads as well as other paved paths.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser provides 4-speed options including single, three, seven, and 21-speed. It also comes with 2 wheels sizes (24-Inch and 26-Inch) to meet specific preferences and riding styles.

Moreover, the bike is designed with a curvy steel frame that combines with aluminum to give a highly durable beach cruiser, which allows you to enjoy years of fun cycling moments.

The Urban Lady cruiser offers a more extensive, oversized seat that incorporates dual springs for more comfortable and smoother rides. It also comes with other important additional features such as wide handlebars equipped with synthetic leather grips and slick waffle treads tires. It also includes a guard that prevents your pant cuffs from being caught in the bike’s chain.

Key Features

  • Easy to use coaster brakes
  • White wall balloon tires
  • Durable steel frame (15-Inch) and aluminum wheels
  • Classic curvy bike
  • Single-speed 26” women’s cruiser bike
  • Oversized seat with dual springs for extra comfort


  • Offers four gear options, with high quality Shimano components
  • Comes with adjustable handlebars, which makes the cruiser more comfortable
  • Has an easy to use coaster brake that requires less repair and maintenance
  • Built with a steel frame that allows it to support a lot of weight and offers a smoother ride as compared to aluminum
  • Comes with a six-month warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on their frame


  • It does not include a rear rack for storage
  • Comes with an incredibly heavy steel frame that may oxidize in wet climates
  • Relatively hard to assemble and some claims of missing or damaged parts during delivery

4. sixthreezero Women’s Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This is another top women’s beach bike from Sixthreezero, which offers great value for money. The bike comes assembled and ready to take you across the beach as you catch the cooling breeze or anywhere else that you would like to travel including up and down hills and city. Besides, the cruiser has a classy appearance with some touch of retro, which allows for stylish riding experience.

The Sixthreezero women’s cruiser bike offers up to 3-speed options, one-speed, 3-speed or seven-speed gear options. However, the 7-speed option is ideal for long distance cycling and more intense riding. It is equipped with a top seven-speed Shimano gear shifting system that offers maximum versatility.

On the other hand, the 3-speed model is suitable for longer trips and handling hilly terrains as it features Shimano Internal hub with Nexus shifter. The 1-speed version is a perfect choice for those you want to cruise on flatter terrains.

With the super-efficient optimal and highly reliable crankset configuration, the bike is easier and comfortable for all women to peddle around. It also comes with rear and front fenders and is available in a wide variety of colors.

Key Features

  • Offers a smooth ride in all terrains
  • Comfortable extra wide saddle
  • Has balloon tires
  • 26-Inch with 4-speed options
  • Perfect for women between 5ft to 6ft, 4-Inch tall


  • Rolls smoothly on all terrains
  • Offer great comfort
  • Comes with front and rear fenders for extra protection and style
  • Allows for a more comfortable upright riding positions
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Comes with balloon tires


  • Relatively difficult to assemble
  • Some user claims of damaged parts during delivery

5. Schwinn Perla 7-Speed Women’s Cruiser 26-Inch Bike

Schwinn Perla Women’s 7-speed bike is another top-notch bike from one of the leading brand in the cycling world. Just like other Schwinn bikes, the cruiser features a great design that allows you to enjoy relaxed, comfortable rides. The steel step-thru bicycle features a comfortable quilted seat, matching fenders and sweptback handlebars.

The 7-speed twist shifters is one of its signature features that make this bike to stand out from its competition. It also features a Schwinn rear derailleur that lets you ride through hilly terrains.

Moreover, the bike is equipped with an alloy linear pull brakes for increased stopping power, which offers a better riding experience. It also comes with a rear rack that gives you the convenience of carrying your stuff.

Key Features

  • Alloy linear pull brakes for added stopping power
  • 7-speed twist shifters ideal for hilly terrains
  • Quilted seat with dual springs for extra comfort
  • Steel step-through cruiser style bike
  • 18-Inch frame and 26” size
  • Suitable for riders between 5ft 4-inch to 5ft 9-inch


  • Comes with easy to use handle brakes and twist shifters
  • Features a steel frame that can hold heavyweight
  • Has adjustable handlebars and seat for a comfortable ride
  • Attractive seat design and bike’s color
  • Perfect for riders with decreased mobility due to its low step-through height


  • Relatively hard to assemble
  • Does not include high-quality components

Why Choose a Woman’s Cruiser Bike?

A woman’s cruiser bike offers a wonderful riding experience as it features a great feminine design that allows you to turn and enjoy the view of the beach surroundings. These bikes are designed to ensure that you enjoy a more comfortable, more fun and relaxed rides, which makes them popular among female riders.

Besides, women’s cruiser bikes feature a simple design that makes them easy to maintain, as they are less prone to failures. Cruiser bikes are also more durable as compared to other types of bicycles. These bikes are also straightforward to use, which means that they will not leave you feeling exhausted or sweating after a ride making them ideal for female cycling enthusiasts. In addition, these bikes are also versatile as they can be even used for commuting from home to office or school.

With the excellent design and brighter colors, these bikes look stylish, a part that probably many women would like to hear. Moreover, cruiser bikes are also incredibly affordable for everyone including those working on a tight budget.

Women’s Beach Cruiser Bikes Features

Usually, most beach cruiser bikes will have several common features, but it is advisable to be aware of the similarities and the following points before you purchase one.

  • Wide Tires

A wider tire on a beach cruiser is often referred to as a ‘balloon’ tire, this isn’t actually a bad thing as many people initially think. A wider tire means it will also be thicker, it is less prone to punctures and going flat meaning a beach cruiser bike is a lot easier to maintain than other bikes. A wide tire will also assist in offering the rider a more stable ride and moving back and forth across varying terrains easily.

You can also ride across a sandy beach without sinking too deep into the sand with a wider tire on a beach cruiser bike, than you would with a traditional thin tire bike.

  • Heavy Bike Frames

Most beach cruiser bike frames are built from steel which make them heavier than your standard mountain or road bike, however this actually results in a more stable and easy to handle riding experience. As the bike is heavier it is less likely to wobble which offers the rider more control.

However more recently some beach cruiser bike frames are being built out of aluminum which is much lighter in comparison to steel frames and makes it easier to ride across gravel and dirt trails with little effort.

  • Forward Placed Handlebars And Pedals

Beach cruiser bikes are designed with forward-placed handlebars and pedals, which makes them closer to the rider than they are on road or mountain bikes. This helps reduce the pressure on their back and encourage riders to maintain an upright position for more comfortable riding experience.

  • Coaster Brakes

As opposed to traditional brakes, a coaster brake requires the rider to push back the pedals for them to work. This makes them easier to use as compared to pulling on the brake handles.

  • Little to No Gears

Usually you will not have any gears on a beach cruiser bike, the purpose of these bikes are that the rider can have a simple relaxed riding experience as they travel across flat surfaces. These bikes allow the riders to enjoy the scenery of the surrounding more, as they do not have to worry about changing gears.

However as not all of us live on completely flat terrains, nowadays beach cruiser bikes are being developed which have between three to seven gears and are more suitable for those who have slightly longer commutes.

  • Comfier Saddles

A beach cruiser bike typically comes with a wider posterior saddle which is also accommodated with springs, this helps in smoothing out bumps and shocks from the road without disrupting the rider’s experience.


Choosing a top women’s beach bike does not have to pricey or complicated, especially with the products that we have reviewed above on the market. The five products reviewed offers excellent value for money as well as a money-back guarantee, in case you find any issue with the product.

However, if you are not happy with the product mentioned here for one reason or another, you can research other products using the tips that we have provided in our buying guide.