Best Womens Hybrid Bikes 2018

If you’re looking to invest in a new bike but are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there or perhaps can’t make your mind up between a racer and a mountain bike, then rest at ease and read through so we can help you.

Womens Hybrid-BikeThe first question to consider is why would you choose a hybrid bike?

The truth is that unless you have a specific set route planned out for mountain bike trails or racing along in bikeathon’s then the answer will be fairly simple.

Hybrid bikes are in fact versatile, adaptable and extremely tough bikes which can be used on a mixture of terrains. They are the ideal solution for traveling on roads, grass, mountain trails and more.

Hybrid Bikes Features

There are plenty of reasons and benefits behind why people choose to ride hybrid bikes; one of them is that they are an effective combination of mountain and road bikes.  As they are built to match both terrains, the bike tires will usually be designed in a way which has a deep enough external tread and smooth parallel internal tread which can match the requirements for both terrains.

More larger and wider wheels

The wheels on hybrid bikes are also slightly larger and wider than typical mountain and road bike tires respectively, this offers more stability, durability and less power from the rider when on different terrains. These bikes are built to be lighter than mountain bikes, which mean you don’t have to put in extra effort and power just for a road trip.

If you want to take your hybrid off the road onto a bike trail you can, it won’t make for a complete mountain bike riding experience but it will handle much better than a road bike would.

More longer and flatter handlebars

Hybrid bikes are also extremely comfortable in terms of riding; the handlebars allow the rider to position themselves in a relaxed cycling position as opposed to having to curve their back to improve aerodynamics. The handlebars are usually longer and flatter than racing bikes, which can really help to alleviate the usual aches and pains that result from unnatural body positioning.

More comfortable positioning

Also you will find on most hybrid bikes that the brakes are right at the end of the handle bars, this is much more comfortable positioning than on road bikes and you won’t feel that you have to over-stretch in order to reach them.

Manufacturers understand that their bikes need to multipurpose and will be used for different reasons by different riders, this is why most hybrid bikes come with mudguards attached and rack mountings too. These small but helpful features make hybrid bikes an easy choice for many.

Before you go ahead and purchase your hybrid bike, bear in mind the following points. Generally a mid-range but good quality hybrid bike will cost you up to $300, also never settle for a non-assembled bike as it is not only difficult but also extremely dangerous if you were to misassemble it.

Top Three Women’s Hybrid Bike

1. Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

This hybrid comes in four different colours and has a retro style steel frame which matching fenders, rack and spring seat.

With alloy front and back brakes, and seven speeds it is an ideal first hybrid bike, it has the ability to go anywhere and looks the part for commuting to work on, to the farmers market or even for a ride with friends.

Although this is a hybrid it does have the look of a cruiser bike but that’s what makes it visually fit the part.

The bike tires are thick and offer a safe stable riding experience as well as a comfortable upright rider’s position and smooth changing of gears.

2. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike (700C)

This bike comes with a lightweight aluminium city frame and has the Schwinn suspension fork and alloy crank. It also has an amazing twenty one speeds and alloy pull breaks.

The handlebars are high up and straight for comfortable rider positioning on the padded saddle, and the handgrips are swept back for a sleek look.

The bike is perfect for commuting and even has a rear rack built in which allows the rider to carry their bag or groceries in ease, the look, grace and comfort of this Schwinn Discover allows it to fit in anywhere.

3. Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle (700C)

This Northwoods Springdale comes in a twenty one speed built on a lightweight aluminium bike frame; the rims are alloy as well as the quick release seat clamp.

The brakes are smooth and linear pull and the bike has a spacious rear rack and fenders.

Designed for recreational use and everyday commuting, it allows for the rider to sit comfortably upright for minimum back pressure.

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