Best Womens Mountain Bikes 2021 (UPDATED Reviews)

Whether you wish to have adventures, be close to nature, or simply have a good workout session, mountain biking is the perfect option. The sport of riding your bike off the road, over rough terrains following trails, is certainly something worth trying. Lately, the craze of this sport is growing throughout. More and more people are taking an interest in mountain biking.

Best Womens Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking is an extreme sport and a great outdoor activity. It is fun as a hobby and a great way to discover nature and be away from the busy day to day life. There are different types of mountain biking. Cross country riding and trail riding are most suitable for people who wish just to be relaxed on their rides.

Top Five Women’s Mountain Bikes 2021

While choosing a bike, one has to keep in mind what serves as most comfortable for them and decide accordingly to find the best bike.

1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The High Timber mountain bike is available in 24 inch, 26 inch and 29 inch wheels, mainly designed for both men and women. The steel frame of the bike makes it super durable for those tough courses. So you’ll hardly have a few scratches in case of crashes. The lasting performance of the bike makes it a worthy investment.

Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike, Steel Frame, 24-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed, Teal
  • Durable mountain bike designed for trails and neighborhood rides
  • Alloy crank provides steady gearing and less maintenance

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  • Cycling experience

No matter where you cycle, whether on pavements or trails up in the mountains, the Schwinn mountain bike has it all. It comes with the suspension fork combine. The suspension fork combine makes for a resilient and responsible cycling experience. This can help, especially when you are in difficult terrains and need a variety of speeds and sudden breaks.

  • Precise gear changes

If you buy the Schwinn mountain bike, you can rest assured that you can experience a smooth, gear-changing experience. It is a one-of-a-kind mountain bike with novel features like 7-speed Shimano twist shifters and Shimano rear derailleur. These two components enable smooth and precise gear shifts while cycling on difficult terrains or any other trails or surface for that matter.

  • Protection and safety

The Schwinn mountain bike ensures safety and protection with its alloy linear pull breaks put in place at the front as well as the rear. They have a great response and a high degree of precision. This is extremely useful in the case of an inclined surface or a rough terrain.

  • Strong yet light

Alloy rims have been used in the wheels, which provide great strength. Along with strength, it is extremely lightweight, working very effectively when you bike on hilly terrain.


  • A great choice for a beginner
  • Excellent gear shifts with a high degree of smoothness
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reliable front and rear brakes
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Assembly difficulties
  • Poor customer support

2. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike is a great bike for amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals. It comes partially assembled and has various types. The mountain bike differs in terms of different wheel sizes and seams.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike 24 inch, 26 inch, 27.5 inch, 26 inch wheels/15 inch frame, Gloss Metallic Mint
  • Scroll down for an assembly video; an energetic design with vibrant graphics, the Escalate is an exclusive; 15-inch frame is suggested for minimum inseam of 28 inches; 17 inch frame is also available
  • The lightweight aluminum hardtail frame is backed by our limited 10-year frame warranty (see owner's manual for details); Aluminum (much lighter than steel) provides more rolling momentum so it's easier to pedal for speed and acceleration

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  • Various wheels and various inseam

The Huffy Hardtail bike is available in different sizes. They are as follows:

  1. 15-inch frame with a minimum inseam of 28 inches
  2. 17-inch frame with a minimum inseam of 26 inches
  3. 15-inch frame with a minimum inseam of 24 inches
  • Lightweight design

The bike has excellent design and wonderful graphics. It brightens up anyone’s outlook and is a great choice. The majority of the components on the bike are made of aluminum. Aluminum is a great metal since it is lighter, durable, and strong. It is lightweight, which prompts easier pedaling, providing a great cycling experience of speed and acceleration. With this bike, you can be sure that this bike will stay with you for a long time.

  • Safety and protection

The Huffy mountain bike also ensures safety and protection in the following ways:

  • It allows for quick and smooth gear shifting, requiring only one’s index finger and thumb.
  • The seat is not just any seat. It is the ATB saddle padded for maximum comfort and easy biking experience.
  • Often, while biking, you may travel an unexpected terrain. The front suspension of the Huffy mountain bike helps you respond quickly to whatever you might face.
  • Furthermore, the design also enables a comfortable experience.
  • The design of the tires facilitates a safe biking experience. The tires have a strong grip on dirt and gravel paths, making the biking experience safe in all conditions (wet or dry).


  • Alloy linear breaks that are responsive and have a smooth application
  • Comfortable seat
  • Lightweight design with attractive graphics
  • Well-designed tires


  • Gear application is problematic and might become faulty
  • Problems with customer support

3. Royce Union RMT Womens Mountain Bike

If you are looking for rides that are challenging yet spectacular, this is the bike for you. Comfortable for a ride to the grocery store and a mountain trail, this bike will brighten up your outdoor regime.

27.5" Royce Union RMT Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, 15" Aluminum Frame, Twist Shift, Eggplant Purple
  • Assembly video under images; RMT is one great bike to ride; the hardtail frame is molded from durable, no-rust aluminum, lighter than steel; that makes this bike easier to accelerate, easier to maintain momentum, and easier to handle
  • All tools are included for fast assembly; 15-inch frame is for a minimum inseam of 25.25 inches; 17 inch frame is also available; Zoom suspension fork delivers solid performance

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  • Design and material used

Royce Union bikes are designed with great precision and creativity. The material used for the construction of the hardtail frame is aluminum. This light, strong, durable, and anti-corrosion metal enables speed and acceleration on all terrain types. You can maintain your momentum and balance easily. Easy pedaling and the ease of handling is noteworthy about this bike.

  • Shimano drive train

The 21 speed Shimano drive train makes for a smooth gear experience. No matter your level of expertise, with the Shimano drive train, you can adjust gears easily without getting caught up in the process.

  • Safety and comfort

The seat is equipped with a padded saddle. You can adjust the seat, according to your height and other requirements. Furthermore, the wheels of the Royce Union bike have excellent tires. These tires offer an adequate amount of friction, enabling a smooth rolling experience. The bike also has good stopping power due to its quick brake pad and linear-pull brakes. This bike is suitable for rough terrain, gravel paths, wet, sticky or muddy areas, etc. As stated above, the pedaling mechanism is extremely structured and makes for a safe and comfortable experience.


  • Good response to breaks, gaps, obstacles, etc. because of the suspension fork
  • A strong, lightweight frame
  • Adjustable padded saddle
  • Choice of colors and sizes
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Problems with the sturdiness of the minor components
  • Users have complained about comfort.

4. Mongoose Status Womens Mountain Bike

Mongoose Status 2.2 Womens Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed Shifters, Aluminum Frame, Dual Suspension, Teal
  • Aluminum MTB frame with hydroformed tubing and a powerful front suspension fork is strong and reliable; 26-inch wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall
  • 21-speeds shifters make for smooth gear changes on every ride

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The Mongoose Status Mountain Bike is a go-to bike for every adult with an adventurous spirit. The bike features an aluminum frame with a step-thru built that enables the rider to get on easily and off the bike. The weight of the bike is about 42 lbs., which is comparatively lighter, but you can find lighter options too.

The 26-inch sturdy wheels are strong and reliable. They offer better acceleration and traction over almost every terrain. The full-suspension system of the bike offers exceptional performance in absorbing shocks on bumpy and rugged terrains. The smoothness is unparalleled to any other bikes in the market. This enhances control and comfort at the same time.

This versatile bike lets you enjoy the perfect ride over your preferred terrain without compromising the speed. The swift gear changer enables you to switch between 21 speeds with a slight movement of your fingers. This further adds to your control over the bike on uneven paths with unexpected obstacles.

The durable and detailed stitching of the seat fits the overall look of the bike perfectly. However, the padding is a little uncomfortable, and most riders prefer to change it. It can be easily set according to your height with the quick release feature.

The handles are wide and elevated enough to protect your shoulders and back from strain. This offers improved comfort and control.


  • Step-thru frame
  • Versatile
  • Reliable wheels
  • Comfortable handles
  • Effective suspension fork


  • Heavy
  • Assembly is a little difficult

5. Roadmaster Granite Peak Ladies Mountain Bike

The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26″ Ladies Mountain Bike is made for women who want to enjoy more of a comfortable yet fast-paced life outdoors. It is loaded with essential features that make it a preferable choice of mountain bike for people. Its ergonomic design helps one to quickly work their way into riding the bike for long hours. Being a value for money, the off-road biking gets a lot more enjoyable. The strength, durability and aesthetic look help the bike to stand out in the crowd.

Roadmaster R8047WMDS Women's Granite Peak Mountain Bike, 26" Wheels Purple
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

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  • The style of the modern times improved

This mountain bike incorporates the designing style from the traditional structures and includes modern features like the front suspension that enables 18 speeds. This makes for an extremely comfortable ride.

  • Switch up your speeds easily

You can now shift between different speeds easily and without any resistance from the mountain bike.

  • Knobby tires

The bike has knobby tires that are rugged enough to give adequate friction and ensure a safe biking experience. When you have as many 18-speed shifters, the tire helps, especially when you are constantly switching speeds and terrain. They have a quick response to the application of handbrakes at the front as well as the back.


  • Lightweight frame and good design for difficult terrain
  • Comes with a mount for water bottles which ensures hydration


  • Design problems with the distance between the handle and the pedals which creates turning problems
  • The seat is not comfortable enough

6. Schwinn Mesa Adult Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Mesa is for riders who want to take mountain biking to the next level. It promises a great ride as it ranks high in all areas. Read these features given below to know more.

Schwinn Mesa 3 Adult Mountain Bike, 21 speeds, 27.5-inch Wheels, Small Aluminum Frame, Black
  • The Schwinn Mesa 3 is for riders who want to take mountain biking to the next level
  • Schwinn mountain-tuned aluminum frame and Zoom HL565 aluminum suspension fork are great for dirt trails and gravel paths

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  • Caters to people of smaller statures

The Schwinn Mesa bike is suitable for you if your height falls in the range of 5’2’’ and 5’6’’. So, this is a great choice for you if you have short stature.

  • Aluminium frame and components

The Schwinn mountain bike has an aluminum frame and even aluminum components like the suspension form. The aluminum is light, sturdy, and resists corrosion, so the bike is extremely durable.

  • Suspension fork

It comes with a sturdy and receptive suspension fork that makes it a great choice for terrains with wet, muddy, or rough surfaces.

  • Shimano tourney drive train

The 21-speed drive train enables quick and smooth transitions, thus making it a safe and thrilling ride.


  • Aluminum body that gives durability
  • Good suspension fork
  • Mechanical linear-pull disc brakes
  • Stability and balance because the tires facilitate traction


  • Poor gear transitions
  • Has plastic pedals that break off easily and cause predicaments

7. Raleigh Bikes RXW Women's Cyclocross Bike

The Raleigh bike is a multipurpose bike. It is suitable for racing competitions, cyclocross riding, and normal short trips to the market or just riding in general. The gear system is efficient and provides the rider with the much-needed effortlessness.

Raleigh Bikes RXW Women's Cyclocross Bike, Grey, 54cm/Medium
  • Designed for Women's cyclocross riding and racing with the option for commuting and city riding as well
  • Sizing: 50cm=5'3-5'5, 52cm=5'4-5'7, 54cm=5'7-5'9, 56cm=5'9-5'11

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  • Caters to a wide range of heights

Raleigh ensures that you get a bike that is made just for you. It does so with its amazingly diverse collection that caters to different heights in the following manner:

  1. If you fall in the range of 5’3’’ to 5’5’’, then you have the Raleigh 50cm bike.
  2. Similarly, Raleigh provides bikes from heights ranging from 5’4’’ to 5’11’’.
  • Disc brakes

Raleigh makes bikes that have disk brakes made of lightweight carbon alloy. This gives way to good suspension, quick reception, and powerful stopping ability.

  • Frame

The bike is designed specifically for riding, racing, and cyclocross activities. It is extremely lightweight, so it’s a great choice.


  • Tubeless tires that provide adequate friction and traction
  • A plethora of gears to choose from
  • Adaptable to different terrains
  • Comfortable seating
  • Perfect design


  • May face some overlapping with the front tire during turns if you have a larger stature.

8. Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike is a rigid bike with a sturdy, reliable frame fit for the mountains.  It is functional and has enough choice of gears for handling the tough stretch and has a right wheelbase that helps effective and easier balancing. It is sufficiently comfortable without being overly fanciful and offers a decent ride.

Mongoose Switchback Expert Adult Mountain Bike, 18 Speeds, 27.5-inch Wheels, Womens Aluminum Small Frame, Black
  • Tectonic T1 aluminum frame for lightweight durability
  • Mongoose MTB saddle keeps you comfortable on long rides

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The Mongoose Switchback bike has a tectonic aluminum frame that makes it extremely lightweight and durable.


The saddle is comfortable and helps prevent back and any health-related problems.


The tires are a good 27.5 inches, thus facilitating a smooth rolling experience.


  • Cables have been routed internally, which provides additional protection and avoids any mishaps
  • Disk brakes offer safety with their quick response to the application


  • Gear transitioning
  • Wheel rolling experience

9. Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Vinson mountain bikes are pocket-friendly and convenient for all people. Regardless of age or gender, this beautiful bike available in Blue has been the choice of several riders around the world. The exceptional attributes like the wide tires, alloy rims, and the aluminium frame make the bike sturdy—excellent gears, suspension, and brake systems at a reasonable price.

Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Mountain Bike, Featuring Rigid 14-Inch Aluminum Frame, 24-Speed Shimano/SRAM X4 Drivetrain, Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes, and Alloy 24x4-Inch Wheels, Blue
  • Mongoose aluminum fat bike frame and rigid fork are sturdy and durable for a rugged riding experience
  • 24-Speed SRAM X4 trigger shifters, a Shimano front derailleur and SRAM X4 rear derailleur means smooth shifting and a wide, versatile gear range

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The aluminum frame provides for a lightweight and sturdy bike on rugged terrains.


The gear-shifting mechanism is quite smooth, and you can choose from an eclectic range suited to various terrains.


  • Dual disc brakes that respond quickly when there is a need to stop
  • Wide tires that increase the biking experience, especially on sandy, muddy, rocky terrains, etc.


  • The assembling process is a bit confusing
  • Seat saddle is uncomfortable

Women’s Mountain Bike Features

Since women have been more actively participating in mountain biking, particular sets of mountain bikes are being created for them that have specific features more suitable for women. These bikes are designed keeping the general body geometry of average women and how that may vary from an average male rider. These features and designs are not universal and do not apply to all women. However, most of them are designed to make women feel more comfortable and increase their interest and participation in outdoor sports. Some of these standard features are:

  • Wheel size: Mountain bike wheels are available in three dimensions – 26 inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches of diameter. It depends on what size you are most comfortable with. Manufacturers believe that women being shorter and petite as compared to men will be able to do better with smaller wheels to maintain their range. The new sizes offer more speed and help in absorbing more shocks and effects caused by bumps on the road.
  • Frame size: This is a more critical factor than wheel size. While wheel size just accounts for the bike’s speed, frame size plays a part in the rider’s overall comfort. Following off-road trails, this is important. Determining the right frame size for women depends on two factors – height and reach. Height is measured when the rider is standing and straddling the bike. During this time, there must be a minimum of two inches of clearance between the top tube and the rider’s body. While in this position, you can lift the bike and see how high the wheels go to check the clearance. You can always check the manufacturer’s measurements or simply test your measurements to pick out a most suitable bike for you. Some frames are oddly shaped, so not having the traditional top tube and measuring your size can be difficult. In this case, you can always find the frame size best suited for using a conventional frame for reference and then compare it with any other structure to check if it is of your type.
  • Full suspension: A full-suspension mountain bike features a suspension fork on the front as well as a rear shock. It is a better option for harder trails and provides a more comfortable ride as well as more speed. There are a variety of full-suspension bikes available for women. These come with different features depending on the trips the rider enjoys and their preference of comfort. A bike with full suspension might be a better choice for lighter women as it will be more comfortable and effortless for them.
  • Saddle: Saddle is an essential part of a bike. It is something riders pay careful attention to while choosing a bike. Saddle forms a necessary part of the comfort a rider requires and thus is a crucial feature that manufacturers pay close attention to. Women have more full pelvic bones as compared to men. Therefore they require a full saddle. It will make their ride more comfortable—the bikes designed explicitly for women to keep this in mind and design the seats accordingly.
  • Disc brakes: Disc brakes are more powerful. They work better than rim brakes. They are more efficient in wet conditions and are weigh less as compared to rim brakes.
  • Handlebars: The handlebars in case of women are shorter mostly. It is because women have narrower shoulders as compared to men. It is, however, just a matter of preference.

Mountain Bike Riding Style

Mountain biking usually takes place on roads that are away from the town and unusual. There are different categories of mountain biking. Some of these are:

  • Cross country: This is the most popular discipline in mountain biking as well as the least extreme as compared to the other subjects. It includes racing from one point to another through defined trails within the shortest time possible. These trails can range from open fire roads to winding narrow single-tracks. It is designed to test the endurance and technical skills of the rider. It became an Olympic sport in 1996 and is the only form of mountain biking that is an Olympic sport.
  • Trail riding: It is a form of bike riding that includes riding outside on specific trails. These trails may consist of forest paths, bridle paths or just regular trails. It is usually those roads and paths that are not used regularly by motor traffic. It can be of any length. It may even turn into a multiday trip. It can be done in groups and also be combined with other activities such as camping, backpacking, etc.
  • All-mountain: It is also called as enduro. It is a type of racing mostly. Downhills are timed here. Uphills are mandatory but not timed. These competitions take place over a time of one or two days. One week-long game are also held for this. A typical al mountain ride consists of 3 to 5 stages aimed at testing the rider’s technical skills and endurance.
  • Downhill: This is a genre of mountain riding practised on steep and rough mountain terrains. It often features jumps, drops, rock gardens and other such obstacles. Races are also held for this where riders are timed. The trail course is determined using tapes on both sides, and the passengers have to stay between them.
  • Freeride: It is a discipline of mountain biking. It is closely related to downhill biking and dirt jumping. It involves the display of tricks, style and technical skill features. It includes riding a trail with the most creative line possible.
  • Dirt jumping: This discipline of mountain biking involves riding over jumps made of dirt and becoming airborne. It also sometimes the rider performing a mid-air trick while jumping over the mounds of dirt. The increases are much more significant than BMX riding and are designed to keep the rider airborne for a longer time and at a higher position.

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Mountain Bikes

Body geometries very universally among all human beings and not just between men and women. There is no specific category or criteria that will fit every woman or every man. Thus it is impossible to design a bike which will be perfect for all women or all for all men. From this point, there is no such huge difference between men and women’s mountain bikes that can be so clearly discerned.

There are certain men’s bikes that some women might feel more comfortable with and vice versa. But to encourage active participation of women in outdoor sports and keeping in mind the body type and features of average women in mind, women’s mountain bikes have been manufactured. These bicycles are manufactures in a way that provides more comfort to the female riders. They are not very different from men’s bikes.

The only aspects that these bikes differ in are the frame size, saddle and weight. They are designed to make the riding more comfortable and effortless for the rider by increasing the speed, making the brakes more efficient and absorbing the shocks and effect of the bumps along the track.

Some of the women’s bikes may also have shorter handlebars because women have narrower shoulders as compared to men. But these are not determining factors. Any rider can choose any bike by testing what makes them most comfortable.

Can A Woman Ride A Man’s Bike?

Anyone can ride any bike if they wish to and try hard enough for it. There are no limitations to it. There will be bikes more and less appropriate for different riders. Riders who are into this for the long term will naturally wish to have a bike that will provide them with the most comfortable so that their riding is effortless and it makes their experiences more enjoyable.

It is the reason riders choose a bike that they feel is most suitable for them. Bikes are designed for different types of riders to focusing on their comfort. But this is certainly not a criterion or imposition as to which rider can ride which bike. Not every rider is built the same way or has the same strength and stamina.

Individual female riders will feel more comfortable riding men’s bike and vice versa. So the main thing to consider is what makes a rider most convenient rather than what they are supposed to choose.

Women’s Mountain Bike Size

There are two different parameters for measuring women’s mountain bike size. These are the wheel size and frame size. The size of the wheels refers to the diameter of the wheel. It comes in three dimensions – 26, 27.5 and 29 inches. Very petite women prefer a 26 inches size wheel as it would suit them better. But most of the bikes are in the other two sizes, and many women prefer them instead.

Frame size is more important. It determines whether a bike will fit the rider well or not. All of the frames are not measured in the same way. Women’s bike frames are measured in inches, centimetres. They are available in generic sizes of S, M, L. this refers to the tube length. It may vary for different brands as well. The bike manufacturers usually have sizing guides that will help you with knowing your size correctly.


Mountain biking is an extreme sport and a great outdoor activity. It is fun as a hobby and a great way to discover nature and be away from the busy day to day life. There are different types of mountain biking. Cross country riding and trail riding are most suitable for people who wish just to be relaxed on their rides.

Since the last two decades, there is inflation in the popularity of mountain biking. More and more people are taking an interest in it. It led to the designing of many mountain bikes especially suited for women. These bikes have features that keep women’s comfort in mind and are designed to make their rides effortless. These bikes are the product of innovation and efficiency.

While choosing a bike, one has to keep in mind what serves as most comfortable for them and decide accordingly to find the best bike.

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