Best Womens Mountain Bikes Under $500

In recent years we have seen a drastic increase in the number of women bikers. This has led the manufacturers to flood the market with a variety of women’s bikes. However, the best bike for any biker is only the one that ticks all the boxes despite its color or design. Yet, you’ll find tons of features differentiating one bike from the other. Some of them have specific structures, seats, or handles to suit women better.

What to look at in Womens Mountain Bike

Do you feel somewhat scared by all the bicycle language? No concerns. This is what you should search for when picking your off-road bicycle. As of not long ago, there was nothing of the sort as women’s explicit trail blazing bicycles. There were simply trail blazing bicycles. Men rode them, and ladies rode them. The presentation of women’s explicit off-road bikes has been both a gift and a revile. They have been a gift for little ladies who didn’t fit on generally estimated bicycles, and for women searching for bikes in increasingly female plans and hues. They’ve additionally been a revile because they’ve consigned ladies to a particular corner inside the game. What’s more, who’s to state littler men and adolescent young men don’t profit by littler casing sizes as well? Likewise, not all ladies need ladylike hues on their off-road bicycle.

With everything taken into account, we, despite everything, believe they’re a decent spot to begin particularly for new ladies entering the game. They fit a more significant scope of ladies better–lower standover stature, smaller handlebars, shorter wrenches, and maybe generally substantial of all: women’s explicit bicycle saddles (seats). Don’t feel like you’re restricted to this rundown. On the off chance that you discover a trailblazing bicycle that meets the various models, we’ll refer to underneath, and that is in your value go, put it all on the line.

  • Suspension 

Bicycles with full-suspension will be progressively costly or of substandard quality. Yet, that is alright. A “hardtail” bicycle is a decent spot to begin. All the bikes on this rundown have a comparable suspension fork. The SR Suntour fork can be found on most bicycles in this value point, and it’s a genuinely average little fork. It goes somewhere in the range of 100mm and 110 mm of movement, which isn’t a ton, however, it’s sufficient. What you will see contrasts between the bicycles is the remote lock-out fork. This implies you can solidify up your fork for moving without taking your hands off the handlebars. It is anything but an enormous selling point (we don’t have one); however, it’s pleasant to have.

  • Wheels and Tires

Trailblazing bicycles accompany a few diverse wheel sizes — 26″, 27.5″, and 29″. Which format is best is generally an individual inclination. You’ll see that fewer and fewer bicycles are being offered with 26″ wheels (it used to be the standard). Greater wheels turn simpler over obstructions, yet additionally, take somewhat longer to find a good pace and to move in corners. Consequently, our undisputed top choice wheel size is 27.5″. Tires arrive in a wide assortment of sizes as well. You’ll need tires that coordinate your wheel size (26″, 27.5″ or 29″), yet there is additionally variety in widths. Once more, this is, to a great extent, an individual inclination. A 2.0 tire is overly tight, and a 2.8 tire is bulky. When all is said in done, the rougher and specialized the territory you are riding, the more extensive the tire you’ll need. In case you’re adhering to rock ways, a smaller tire will roll quicker.

At last, a few haggles are tubeless or tubeless-prepared. This implies they can be ridden without tubes like common bicycle tires. Most bicycles in this value run are not tubeless-prepared; however, a couple is, and we’d strongly suggest it. Since changing to tubeless tires, we have eliminated the number of pads we get by like 2,000%.

  • Drivetrain

The drivetrain of the bicycle is everything that cooperates to move the bike forward and to change between gears. This incorporates the front and back derailleur, the tape, the front chainring(s), the shifters, shifter links, and chain. Between the bicycles on our rundown, there isn’t a considerable amount of separation. At this value point, expect a hodgepodge of part bunches from a trustworthy brand-name organization, for example, Shimano.

  • Brakes

Current trail blazing bicycles accompany plate brakes. This is unique concerning off-road bikes of days gone by that had edge brakes. Plate brakes offer altogether preferred halting control over edge style brakes. You’ll see there are two distinct kinds of circle brakes: mechanical plate brakes and water-driven plate brakes. Mechanical plate brakes are the less expensive and simpler to keep up with the two. Water-powered plate brakes, then again, offer better tweak and execution, however, include extra expense and support.

Top Five Women’s Mountain Bikes Under $500

So if you are looking for a women’s bike, here is a list of top five of them.

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1. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Be it having fun with your friends while going on a bike ride or making memories or beautiful short trips, or merely hopping around, the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike is a perfect choice. You’ll find this bike in blue as well as pink to be suitable for both genders. Its glossy appearance is super attractive at first glance. This bike is made to suit heights over 5 ft. People with heights over or under this range might find it uncomfortable and difficult to handle.

The stainless steel body of the bike is undoubtedly sturdy and durable but quite heavy too. It weighs about 35.2 lbs. that you have to be careful about. Some people find it hard to manage such a heavy bike and prefer to go with lighter ones.

The kolo 1200 suspension fork serves great for the bumpy and rugged trail. It absorbs the shock encountered on these trails to give you a safe and smooth ride. The kickstand allows the biker to park the bike upright when stopping for small breaks. Since this feature is not much seen these days, it serves as a pro feature for this bike.

Based on the six speeds delivered by the bike, you can easily take it up or down a hill. The seat is quite comfortable with the ABT padding. Its detailed stitching offers lasting performance. The alloy quick release enables you to adjust the seat according to your height easily.


  • Women’s-specific aluminum frame with extra stand over clearance
  • Durable build
  • 24 speeds
  • Comes partially assembled
  • Warranty


  • No kickstand
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Difficult to find replacement parts

2. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The High Timber mountain bike is available in 24 inch, 26 inch and 29 inch wheels, mainly designed for both men and women. The steel frame of the bike makes it super durable for those tough courses. So you’ll hardly have a few scratches in case of crashes. The lasting performance of the bike makes it a worthy investment.

The 18-inch steel frame of the bike makes it super durable. So you’ll hardly have a few scratches in case of crashes. The lasting performance of the bike makes it a worthy investment. The steel frame also makes the bike a little cost-effective than its alternative materials. However, 44 lbs. weight of the bike isn’t quite preferred by most riders.

The bike offers great versatility with 21-speed options. The super-efficient speed shifter further adds to the ease of controlling the bike. There are seven speeds on the one side of the handle and three adjustments on the other.

The seat structure complements the overall look of the bike, but its padding can be improved. The quick-release feature of the seat enables it to be adjusted according to your height in almost no time. The handles offer sufficient grip, but based on the overall bike size, they are a little small and lowered.

The front suspension fork of the bike is stiff, durable, and shock-absorbent. This makes it perfect for bumpy trails.


  • Comes with a kickstand and water bottle mount
  • Sturdy build with highly stable wheels
  • Versatile
  • Easy to assemble


  • Seat and handles need improvement
  • Heavy

3. Mongoose Status Mountain Bike for Men and Women

The Mongoose Status Mountain Bike is a go-to bike for every adult with an adventurous spirit. The bike features an aluminum frame with a step-thru built that enables the rider to get on easily and off the bike. The weight of the bike is about 42 lbs., which is comparatively lighter, but you can find lighter options too.

The 26-inch sturdy wheels are strong and reliable. They offer better acceleration and traction over almost every terrain. The full-suspension system of the bike offers exceptional performance in absorbing shocks on bumpy and rugged terrains. The smoothness is unparalleled to any other bikes in the market. This enhances control and comfort at the same time.

This versatile bike lets you enjoy the perfect ride over your preferred terrain without compromising the speed. The swift gear changer enables you to switch between 21 speeds with a slight movement of your fingers. This further adds to your control over the bike on uneven paths with unexpected obstacles.

The durable and detailed stitching of the seat fits the overall look of the bike perfectly. However, the padding is a little uncomfortable, and most riders prefer to change it. It can be easily set according to your height with the quick release feature.

The handles are wide and elevated enough to protect your shoulders and back from strain. This offers improved comfort and control.


  • Step-thru frame
  • Versatile
  • Reliable wheels
  • Comfortable handles
  • Effective suspension fork


  • Heavy
  • Assembly is a little difficult

4. Merax 26 inch 24-Speed Mountain Bike

Merax’s Mountain Bicycle is an excellent bike for a mountain biker and even for those who are planning to start a new journey by mountain biking. The design and the structure are thoughtfully engineered to fit the needs of a biker. The classy colour, the gearing system, the dual disc brake is what makes it stand out from the rest of the bicycles out there.

One of the impressive aspects of this bike is its colour combination. The right amount of black, red, and white give it a rich look. It is one of the reasons why people buy this bike.

It is lightweight and easy to carry around wherever you want. The aluminium frame is all that makes it lighter than ever. The powerful suspension forks provide mountain bikers to cruise smoothly along rough terrains, and the dual disc brakes are another important feature not to be missed. If one has to look into its design, it is well-constructed keeping in mind everything that a biker would want.

The effective 24 gearing system and smooth shifting of the same give it an edge over the others. It is lightweight as the frame is made of aluminium and hence portable. You can either go on a short trip or hilly areas to enjoy a fun ride. It is a multipurpose bike but also a good one for the hilltops.


  • Dual disc brakes
  • 24 shift gears
  • Classy colour combination
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Warranty


  • It might be difficult to assemble on your own

5. 27.5″ Royce Union RMT Womens 21-Speed Mountain Bike

Royce Union gives as many as five different frame sizes in the RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike. These variations are 17 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches. In addition to this, there is an adjustment clamp under the seat which is made up of a durable alloy. It can be used to adjust the height of the seat as per the rider’s comfort.

The Royce Union RMT has 21 speed variations which make it a dream bike for any biking lover. The gears are easy to shift at a single twist of the handle. The use of Shimano Drivetrain makes it very easy to operate these gears very smoothly and effectively. The wheels of this bike have a large base of 27.5 inches. It enhances the safety quotient of the bike. The rims of the wheels, as well as the brakes, are made up of an alloy of superior quality.

A rider needs absolute comfort while riding. Hence, it is necessary to have a stable structure of the vehicle. The strong and sturdy aluminium frame guarantees the stability of this bike. The handles and the pedals need to have solid grips. In the Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, there are Krayton grips and pedals used.


  • Various frame sizes
  • A suspension fork
  • 24 speeds
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Easy assembly


  • No storage facility

How to Buy Womens Mountain Bikes

Mostly all the bike companies make products targeted for the women audience. They have a particular design, especially for women customers. They have different styles one can choose from. Different brands will have different contact focuses (the focuses where the rider contacts the bicycle) that are intended for ladies, for example, a ladies’ particular seat, a large basket, etc. Since each brand has its way to deal with female’ bicycle plans, there is anything but a widespread agreement on what makes a bicycle ladies’ particular. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of highlights most will share practically speaking:

  • Littler sizes: Small, X-Small, and XX-Small cook for littler riders. Here and there these are the small sizes of the men’s/unisex bicycle, different occasions it’s a devoted ladies’ casing with an exceptional geometry.
  • Brought down top cylinder: This, for the most part, applies to crossover or worker bicycles. They have a lower or slanting high cylinder, which permits lower standover tallness, making it more straightforward to jump on and off.
  • A shorter reach to the ground: This alludes to the right ways from the seat to the handlebars. Bicycles with an edge intended for female riders will, in some cases, have this when contrasted with comparable men’s or unisex models. This occasionally implies, joined with other casing components, for example, a higher front end, the outcome is an increasingly upstanding situation for the rider.
  • Shorter wrench arms: For riders with shorter legs, shorter wrench arms (the part connecting the pedals to the shaft around which they move) decrease the stretch that the leg needs around the pedal stroke, which lessens strain and makes accelerating simpler. Shorter wrenches can likewise be accelerated quicker.
  • Smaller handlebars, shallower drops on street handlebars: Narrower handlebars are intended to suit smaller shoulders, and the shallower drop on street handlebars implies a shorter reach from the seat to the bars.
  • The limited range available: Women’s bicycle extends ordinarily and has three or four models, though a unisex range can have more. This regularly implies less decision for ladies if they are searching for a ladies’ particular bicycle, yet numerous ladies find unisex bikes suits them fine.
  • Lighter shock tune: Mountain bicycles that highlight suspension will have this set up to suit the on-normal lighter load of female riders.
  • Ladies’ seat: Women’s bicycles, as a rule, accompany a seat intended to be agreeable for female riders. Nonetheless, because seats are an individual thing, you may at present need to take a stab at something other than what’s expected. Our purchaser’s manual for ladies’ seats is an incredible spot to begin your quest for the ideal roost.

A few women have a superior fit on ladies’ particular models, while others discover no contrast among ladies’ and unisex bicycles, or favor unisex bikes. It merits trying out a couple of bicycles, if you can, to think about how various brands of various sizes fit because there are always slight contrasts in the manner brands size up their bicycles. Having a bicycle fit will guarantee your bike is directly for you, whatever type you go for.

A bicycle fit is a place an accomplished bicycle fitter takes estimations, including leg length, adaptability, and how far you reach forward when situated. They will likewise see as you ride the bicycle on a static coach. From this, they can modify components of the bicycle, for example, saddle stature, handlebar reach, and so forth, to give you the ideal fit. This may require trading out specific parts for other people, for example, handlebars with a profound drop to a couple with a shallower drop, or a long stem to one that is marginally shorter.

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