Dynacraft Women’s 26″ 21 Speed Air Blast Mountain Bike Review

Womens mountain bikes are made to be able to fulfill the active lifestyle needs of every woman. The ideal mountain bike for women should be specially designed to match with the shapes of women in order to provide them with comfort when they are riding a bike.

Dynacraft Women’s Air Blast bike is exactly designed for women who like commuting and exercise. It comes in a shiny pink color, Dual suspension forks and 21-speed grip shifters, making it perfect for off-road or long distance riding.

Features of Dynacraft Women’s 26″ 21 Speed Air Blast Bike

This women’s full suspension mountain bike is especially designed for kids and teenage girls who like to experience the awesome ride. The bike is built around a sturdy steel frame, 26” all-terrain tires, front and rear V-brakes, as well as 21 speed Shimano Revo Shifters and Index Derailleur.

Dual suspension frame- The dual-suspension bike have suspension in both the front fork and in the rear of the frame. It makes the bike durable and powerful to handle the smooth, hilly or rough trails and give the rider better handling even in extremely tough terrain.

Design-This bike has pink/white color that’s perfectly suitable for young girls. It has deluxe paint with Dynacraft logo on the bike. The 26″ size big wheels make you get more speed with less effort, while the solid steel frame withstand rough conditions without wearing out.

21 Speed gears-The multiple gearing system of this bike allow girls to deal with different terrain: hilly, wet, dry, steep slope, rough, stone filled, etc.

Advantages of Dynacraft Women’s 26″ 21 Speed Air Blast Bike

Color-The shark pink color obviously catch peoples eyes and make you stand out from the other riders.

Multiple gearing system-The 21-speed grip shifters are awesome and just perfect as they make it possible for the rider to cycle uphill and flat areas.

Simple Assembly-The assemble is easy to do for girls within 30 minutes. The front wheel is detachable so that you can easily fit it into your car and drive anywhere on the outside.

Affordable price-This bike is inexpensive compare to the other full suspension mountain bike

Bottom line

The Dynacraft Women’s 26″ 21 Speed Air Blast Bike is a perfect multi speed mountain bike for young girls (not for little girls) with beautiful color, dual suspension frame and 26″ big tiers.

It gives you smooth and comfort riding performance whatever you like short distance trailing or long-distance cycling. With affordable price and smart design, this bike is ideal for women looking for style.

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