Huffy Womens Lightweight Comfort Commuter Bike Review

In the past few decades, urban areas have expanded from small working townships into tremendous cosmopolitan cities. Huge factories and companies are all over now and so have the population increased ultimately breeding mayhem causing congestion.

As a result, commuting to work has never in the entire history of humanity been more difficult and mind-numbing especially if you are reliant on vehicle transportation. Fortunately, today we are glad to present you an incredible women’s commuter bike that will blow you off your feet. Meet the Huffy Women’s Comfort Commuter Bike!

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Unique Features Offered

If you are looking for a quality commute to work, Huffy Women’s Comfort Commuter Bike would be a great option. It is a top-notch machine designed with an aesthetically appealing look complete with tons of advanced features intended to give you timeless adventure and optimum comfort when navigating the city.

Built for both endurance and strength, this stylish women’s bike is a pocket-friendly package that offers to take you to work in confidence and style. Huffy is not only an affordable commuter bike but also a convenient option ideal for both lengthy field excursions and short errands to the grocery.

One of Amazon’s most prolific outdoor and sports sellers rank, Huffy Women’s commuter bicycle boasts of dozens of incredible features which include:

  1. A state of the art design

Huffy is one of the comfiest bikes you will find in the market. This women’s bike is meticulously crafted a stylish design and accurate frame geometry to ensure that riders achieve the most comfortable position while on the track.

An engineering masterpiece by all standards, Huffy features a low center of gravity geometry complete with back-swept saddle and slightly elevated handlebars which ensure full leg extensions and an upright riding angle. In addition to that, it’s 17″ reinforced aluminum frame produces a more durable and resilient cycle with a ten-year warranty in case structural weaknesses.  A perfect fit outline with a low swooping frame not only allows an easy mount and dismount but also accommodates riders with varying heights (5 feet and above).

  1. A resilient aluminum structure

At around 40 pounds, honestly speaking Huffy Women’s Commuter Bike is not one of the lightest comfort bikes in the market. However, considering that fact that this is a one-time upfront investment; mostly the manufacturers focus more on structural strength and mechanical resilience rather than the weight of the package.

But with a heavy duty aluminum frame that can support 350+ pounds for as long as it takes, Huffy is a comparatively lightweight machine and a perfect option for the big girls.

  1. An effective braking system

When we talk of commuter bikes, most people envision a swift machine complete with an excellent aerodynamic design capable of reaching incredible speeds and quickly get us to our destination right on schedule.

Inclusive of a high-performance low maintenance 3-speed gear system and wide 27.5″ hybrid tires, Huffy is a speedy and an easy to accelerate the bike. While hitting 30m/h on a bike may seem too good to be true, a perfect machine always keeps its riders safe even at great speeds. And Huffy Women’s Commuter Bike is one of those good machines.

This women’s bike comes with a customized superior braking system. Designed with pull brakes complete with alloy pads and machined alloy rims, the mechanism ensures improved contact which increases the braking power thus bringing you to an almost instant steady halt.

In addition to that, this incredible comfort bike includes other outstanding features like

  • A low maintenance 3-speed gear system complete with a lowered internal hub for improved stability and effortless pedaling
  • Beautiful grips featuring an ergonomic design to perfectly mesh in with your hand’s outlines thus giving a strong comfortable hold
  • Wide alloy wheels perfect for all-terrain performance
  • Double spring saddle reinforced with proper padding and quality needlework ensures a comfortable and durable seat
  • A self-retracting kickstand for easy parking especially when resting
  • Front and back fenders to protect riders from debris and splashing
  • Chain cover to keep the power train intact and prevent foreign material hooking
Huffy Womens Commuter Bike, Hyde Park 27.5 inch 3-Speed, Lightweight
  • The ideal inseam is 27-30 inches - Recommended height 5’3” - 5’10”; Perfect Fit frame's design, a Huffy exclusive, makes this the most comfortable bike you'll ever ride
  • Incredibly smooth twist shifting comes from an all-Shimano drivetrain - a 3-speed Shimano Nexus with a low-maintenance, low-profile internal hub; each grip is ergonomically designed to fit the contour of your hand for an amazingly comfortable feel

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Why most Customers Love this women’s Commuter Bike

As a matter of fact, Huffy Women’s Commuter is one of the most fashionable comfort bikes. Its curvy girlish design is pretty impressive and any anyone can confess that. Although this bike may lack sophistication, it complements that with simplicity and durability.

Boasting of a resilient and sturdy aluminum structure, Huffy offers a maximum carrying capacity of 350 pounds and is considered the Heraclius of the bicycle world. In addition to that, it also features a perfect design that allows cyclists of all heights to ride in comfort and style. It is a durable and reliable bicycle that provides you with dozens of benefits and advantages. Some of the most common paybacks include:

  1. Multifunctionality

Actually, there are uncountable options for women bikes in the market. But very few designs will allow you to engage them for more than two tasks. If you are looking for a bike that you can use both for leisure rides and commuting to work, Huffy would be a great option. This machine is designed with all-weather wheels that will allow you to seamlessly ride to work even during rainy days as well as proper wideness to quickly pick up momentum for pleasure rides.

  1. Safety

Featuring a fully optimized brake system, this bicycle offers an instant steady stoppage thus keeping you safe while on the track

  1. Its low center of gravity offers improved maneuverability making huffy a great option for the city cyclist
  2. Encourages an upright pedaling position which saves you an aching body after extensive filed excursions


  • Durable
  • Powerful brakes
  • Higher carrying capacity


  • Slightly heavier
  • Lacks rear luggage currier


While traffic jam is the main cause and obviously imminent, bicycles are now playing a vital role when it comes to urban commuting. Besides being agile and far more convenient than cars, bikes are eco-friendly low maintenance machines and a perfect option for both men and women.

Whether cycling for fun or commuting to work you need a maneuverable and light bike more so if you are a woman. The Huffy Women’s Commuter Bike is a low maintenance bike designed to offer timeless adventure and comfort.

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