Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike Review

There are various types of bikes, like adventure bikes and comfort bikes. The adventure bikes are made to cater to the adventurous and highly competitive needs. However, comfort bikes are those who pronounce comfort in every aspect. They are desired and used by more people as they are easy to use and ride. One of the best bikes in this range is the Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike.

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This bike is a wonderful product from the brand called Raleigh. It has some lovely features which ease out the stress of riding. Some of them are listed below.

  • The wise use of aluminium: Aluminum is one of the best materials to be used if you wish to impart sturdiness yet keep the weight light. Even in the Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike, the frame is made from aluminium. It is a sturdy metal and has resilience and anti-rust properties. The use of this material has decreased the weight of this bike considerably. The owner can find it way easier to transport the bike from one place to another or tag it along while going somewhere. Also, this material requires lesser maintenance than iron and steel. It increases its durability and usability.
  • Smooth gear shifting: In adventure bikes, the aspect of gear shifting is of prime importance. In the Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike, there is a large array of 21 gears. These gears provide a sufficient change in speed which is the most important feature of such bikes. The presence of the Shimano Revo Shift twist shifters enables this. One can change gears simply by twisting the control in the handle of the bike. This ease and simplicity have become the identification mark of this bike. When operated correctly, these gears are almost magical. The speed enhancement and the momentum they impart are brilliant.
  • Application of True Comfort Geometry: This is one of the most innovative and exclusive features introduced by Raleigh. It involves the designing of the frame of the bike to maximize the comfort of the rider. The ‘True Comfort Geometry’ is responsible for the positioning of all the bars in the bike in such a way that they do not cause any discomfort while riding. Along with comfort, this bike has a traditional vintage look due to the double diamond frame. This frame helps the rider sit upright and cause no stress to the body parts like arms and back while riding.
  • Presence of suspension fork: We all know it for the fact that there is no road without bumps. Leaving the metamorphic hints aside, it is very true concerning biking as well. No rider would love to face shocks and jolts while riding. Owing to this reason, there is an SR Sun tour suspension fork in the Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike. It absorbs the shocks before they reach the rider. It promises a smooth and comfortable ride even in uneven and difficult terrains.
  • Stable tires: The soul of any vehicle is the wheels and the tires. In the Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike, this is well taken care of. This bike has two wheels of size 27.5*1.95. They offer exceptional stability and firmness while riding. Even while speeding up or changing the gears, the larger wheelbase helps the rider maintain momentum and balance. These tires can easily roll over bumps and potholes without causing any harm to the bike or the rider. Also, in the cases of changing directions or taking acute turns, these sturdy tires add stability and ease to riding.
Venture 2 Step Thru Comfort Bike, 17"/MD Frame, Grey
  • Aluminum frame features Raleigh “True Comfort” geometry and step thru design for easy on/off
  • SR Suntour suspension fork absorbs the bumps

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Why Do People Prefer Raleigh Bikes Venture?

This bike is the best example of comfort, even after being blended with adventure. Raleigh stays true to its promise of the utmost comfort by imbibing the ‘True Comfort Geometry’. This design helps the structure be sturdier, lighter in weight and more comfortable. The rider can maintain an upright position on this bike. It reduces the possibility of body pain or health issues owing to the rising stress on the wrists, arms, back and shoulders.

The pedals of this bike are located in a manner which promotes easy and almost effortless pedalling. The bike can be sped up, and the high speed can be maintained easily through pedalling. The pedals are covered with grips which are made from no-slip materials. They ensure safety and firm grip of the rider even in adverse weather conditions.


  • This bike has a frame made up of aluminium. This metal is best known for being light in weight and resilient. The decreased weight of the bike enables the owner to carry it around or tag it along while going on an excursion or a picnic.
  • The outer appearance of the Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike is attractive and interesting. The double diamond frame gives a vintage old-school look. Also, the classy graphics on the body add a tinge of fun to it.
  • This bike is available in two main types called the Venture 2 and Venture 2 Step-Through. The Venture 2 has a step-over style whereas the Venture 2 Step-Through has a step-through style as the name rightly suggests.
  • This bike is available in 3 colours, namely grey, red and black. Additionally, it is available in 3 distinct sizes, viz. small, medium and extra-large.
  • The seat of this bike is made from comfortable materials and is generously padded to offer absolute luxury while riding.
  • The handles and the pedals are covered with firm grips which make it easier to ride especially for long distances when palms get sweaty or during monsoons.


  • The only thing this bike lacks is the facility of proper storage. It might be a reason for inconvenience.


The Raleigh Bikes Venture Comfort Bike is one of the best choices while choosing a comfort bike which can fulfil all your desires and requirements of adventure.  

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