Sixthreezero Womens Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

Sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle is one of the most sophisticated bicycles we’ve ever seen. This bike is beautifully designed and it is a perfect choice for a woman who likes to cease the day with a nice ride to the beach.

This, a one-speed piece of art is an outstanding substitute for any other vehicle. If you had enough of all those traffic jams and crowded public transportation, this bicycle will give you the freedom you long for.

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Features of sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Sixthreezero really did a good job making this the ultimate cruiser bicycle for the ladies. The overall design is outstanding and all features can be easily listed as advantages. But, the line must be set. We will cover the most notable and the most important features that one, high-quality cruiser bicycle must have. And we assure you, this one really does.

  • Design – When looking at the design of the frame, it is easy to see that style and comfort can be combined. The Sixthreezero surely know how to do that. The frame is made out of steel, which provides its rider with a strong and durable bicycle, but still low on weight for easier control and maneuverability. There really can’t be anything worse than a heavy bike with an unpleasant design. On the other hand, the ergonomically placed seat and handle won’t put too much strain on your body. So feel free to go on a longer ride, with no fear of tiring too much.
  • Wheels – The wheels are 26 inches, which is really good news. If you didn’t know, the bigger the wheels the more speed you get with less effort. Since this bicycle has only one speed, it is only natural to have a bit bigger wheels. Now, regarding the rims, they are made from a specially crafted alloy, which boosts this bike’s overall capacity to handle more weight. They are recognizable due to the orange lining, which we think is really nice touch other models do not have. The tires are Kenda and the brand speaks for itself, but let us just say that these tires will go over anything for a long time and still survive.
  • Classic fenders – Since this is a beach cruiser, it is only logical to assume you’ll go through the sand with it. In that case, these classic fenders really come to save the day. If you want to avoid getting sand all over yourself you can count on these fenders. They fit nicely into the overall design of the cruiser, and additionally have a really important role. And that is to keep you dry and clean.

Advantages of sixthreezero Women’s 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Some people might say that these, one speed, no brake bicycles aren’t worth your time. But it seems that the most of the time, all those words come from someone who doesn’t know how to enjoy the ride. It’s not all about fast traveling and getting somewhere.

Sometimes you need to relax and enjoy the nice and warm summer breeze. When you start to think like that you’ll be able to see great advantages of this bicycle. Until that time comes we will mention a few of them to paint a picture for you.

  • The seat – When it comes to a great seat, it’s all about the comfort and enjoying the ride. The one thing that makes this possible is the specially designed seat. Made out of a high-quality, anti-shock foam, that will adapt to the rider, and covered with a nice thin layer of leather to give that stylish look. Additionally, the seat has a pair of steel springs underneath for extra comfort.
  • Style – When talking about this bicycle it all comes down to the looks. With everything said about this bike, we can all agree that this bicycle is the style and comfort all put in one. From what we’ve seen, the majority of customers and owners will agree with us. As long as you know the reason why you are buying this bicycle, you will simply love it. Let everyone feast their eyes on this beauty at the beach this summer, when you show up with it.
  • Lightweight – We can’t emphasize more its lightweight. It’s the most crucial thing when choosing the right bike. No one wants to own a heavy bicycle! If it takes more effort to move your bike than it takes for you to move a kitchen sink, then we have a bad news. It’s all about mobility, maneuverability, and control. And, this bike provides you with all three.

Bottom line

If you want to shine this summer, and enjoy it to its fullest, don’t waste your precious time. This bicycle will provide you with everything you ever wanted in a cruiser bike and more. With a great combination of a style, comfort, durability, and price, this will definitely be one of the best investments in your life. So, look no further and choose this bicycle right now.

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