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Can Apple Watch Track Stationary Bikes?

Apple watches are convenient devices for people who are into fitness and exercise. Although there are many different variations of Apple Watches, the basic functionality of each one is essentially the same.

How do Apple Watches track movement?

Apple watches are installed with sensors such as an accelerometer to track the wearer’s movement; a heart rate sensor at the back of the watch touches your wrist. These sensors are made of a combination of infrared and visible LED lights and photodiodes that sends data collected from your body to the watch.

The activity app on your phone and your watch monitor each activity you do throughout the day. It uses these sensors to record all the data accurately and or them in a chart to make it easier for you to understand and track your activity progress.

The watch’s gyroscope and accelerometer measure all your body movements while the GPS tracks the distance of your movements. The heart rate sensor works to measure the intensity of your workout. All the data is displayed on the screen, making it easy for you to check each aspect of your activity throughout the day.

The good thing about the watch and its features is that it will suggest new targets and goals directed towards improving your activity progress. It also sends reminders and pushes notifications to your phone if you have been stationary and unmoving for long durations.

How does the workout app work?

A workout app within the Apple Watch enables you to pick any exercise that you want from the list. The list contains some of the basic exercises common to all, such as running, cardio, cycling or walking.

You can also set a specific time limit and calorie burning goals for your chosen activity. Throughout your workout or exercise duration, you will track your progress, and you will get an overall summary when the timer goes off. The app awards you will receive achievement badges when you reach certain milestones in your workout routine.

The activity app works together with the fitness app you have on your phone so that both devices are in sync with your workout progress. There is also an option for you to share these details with other apps you have downloaded on your phone, usually other fitness apps.

Indoor cycling/Stationery bike tracking on Apple Watch:

The workout app on your Apple Watch tracks all kinds of movements, including cycling outdoors and indoors. There is an option to choose “indoor cycle”, which will track the movement of your stationery bikes. The activity results are summarized and displayed on your watch by taking the data collected through the heart rate sensor.

How to track stationary bike distance on Apple Watch?

To track the indoor cycling distance on your Apple Watch, go to the option that says “exercise” and go to “spinning.” Once you’re here, press the shortcut button to start the recording. After doing your exercise, tap on the same button once to stop recording data.

How can your Apple watch track indoor exercise distance?

When the exercise is indoors, it is most likely that the exercise is stationery such as a treadmill or an exercise bike. When this is the case, your Apple Watch will use the heart rate sensor to calculate your activity level based on the intensity of your workout. If you are doing indoor running, the device will use an accelerometer to track your speed and estimate the distance.

How can you choose the cycling option on your Apple Watch?

When doing indoor cycling, you can choose the “indoor cycle” option. The Apple Watch Series 2 or larger versions have built-in GPS that tracks all your activity metrics for outdoor exercise. In contrast, for an indoor workout, the device uses the heart rate sensor to calculate distance through the intensity of the workout.

Can your Apple watch track exercise on a stationary bike?

The “indoor cycle” option available in the workout app on your Apple Watch is used to track workout progress on stationary bikes.

How to add indoor cycling to your Apple Watch?

On your Apple Watch, tap the workout app and launch it. Scroll down the list until you find the “add workout” option. Then you can choose “indoor cycling” from the options given and start your workout. When you start cycling, your Apple Watch will send you notifications for every 5 miles that you complete. This data will be recorded and estimated to give you the final overall calories burnt and distanced covered.

How can you track your workout progress on your Apple Watch?

  • Launch the workout app on your Apple Watch
  • Rotate the crown to choose the workout that you wish to do
  • Set a goal for yourself, such as the number of calories you want to burn in this session or the distance you want to cover
  • And tap on start
  • Don’t forget to stop the recording after you are done with the workout session. This will give you a summarised view of your workout session.

Accuracy of Apple watch indoor cycling:

On an average of 0.3mph, Apple Watch can track within 0.1 of one mile.

How does the Apple watch record your activity data?

The “indoor cycle” activity option is specifically meant to track distance in stationary bikes. This type of tracking does not use GPS since the bikes do not move. Therefore you must choose your activity as closely related as possible to the options on your Apple Watch.

Doing so will ensure that the device uses suitable sensors for your data record. If you choose outdoor cycling and start your indoor cycling exercise, the app will not record your movement since the bike is not moving, and the GPS cannot track your movement. If the type of exercise you want to do is not included in the list, you can choose the “other” option.

How can you track your stationary bike on your iPhone?

  • Go to your workout app on your phone
  • Tap on “Exercise”
  • Select the “Spinning” option
  • Long-press the short cut button to start recording
  • After you are done with the exercise, tap on the same button once to stop recording.

Why your Apple Watch may not be recording your exercise session:

One of the most common reasons your Apple Watch is not recording your workout is that your watch is locked. Don’t forget to unlock your Apple Watch every time you record your workouts. If you think that you’ll forget to unlock it, you can go to your settings to set it in such a way that your watch unlocks every time you unlock your phone.

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