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Best Lightweight Womens Folding Bikes 2021 (UPDATED Reviews)

When it comes to the bike, you have several options to choose. Women who are trying to ride a bike for the first time looking for a lightweight bike. The lightweight folding bike is the best option for the women who are looking for a lightweight bike. These bikes are pretty much prevalent during the last few years. A folding bike or a bicycle is a bike which is design in such a way that you can fold and unfold it according to your need. It is blessings for them who have small apartments and limited storage place.

According to its name, it is foldable and maybe a versatile option for you. You can fold this bike and take with you while going for traveling. You can easily pack it with your luggage. You can take it with you onto a plane, or a train or a bus like anywhere you want. These folding bikes have become popular among youth nowadays. They are ready to pay a significant amount for this.

These bikes are very compact because you can fold them, especially on public transportation. It takes a small space, and it is shorter than regular bicycles. The best thing about this bike is you can adjust it according to your height. There are many types of folding bikes available on the market as well as in the online stores. If you want to buy one, then, make sure it has all the best features among it. Most of the women love to buy Lightweight folding bikes instead of a regular bike. 

Top Lightweight Folding Bikes Reviews

When you are going to buy foldable bikes, the main reason for getting your hand on it is for versatile features. These bikes, no doubt, can be used in different terrains the other areas as well. But what makes it difficult for you all is to get the best bike for yourself. There are many folding bikes which are light in weight and readily available in shops as well. But what makes it difficult for you is to choose the best one from the list of several bikes. To make it easy for you all, here is the list of top 10 bikes that you can have in your backyard for different purposes.

  1. Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike (25 pounds)

The most popular folding bike among the riders is Schwinn Loop Adult bike. It is a seven-speed bike and is compact as well. The bike is foldable, and it is small in size as well. If you are looking for the budget bike, then it is the right bike for you all and as it is small so it will not take any space as well in your house.

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Carry Rack, Carrying Bag, White
  • Lightweight step-through frame folds for easy storage; Folding frame with 20-inch wheels fit riders 56 to 74 inches tall
  • 7-speed twist shifter provides smooth gear changes

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The bike is very much compact, and you can make it anywhere and to any place easily. Apart from that all, you can see that the bike has got many top features in it. So, if you are wondering about why the bike is most popular among the riders and why many riders love to go for such bikes, then you can get it quickly from below features.


  • The size of the bike is 16 inch X 32.5 inch X 26 inch.
  • It got 20-inch alloy rims.
  • It comes with 7-speed gear settings for you all.
  • It has got both fronts as well as rear linear-pull brakes.
  • It has got a built-in carrier in it.
  • It can carry a maximum weight of nearly 230 lbs.


  • It has got a beautiful design on it.
  • It is straightforward to fold.
  • The brakes work efficiently.
  • It comes with the adjustable seat.
  • The body material is very much sturdy and functional.
  • It comes within the budget.


  • There is no locking mechanism in it.
  • The height of the handlebar is not adjustable.
  • If it is folded, then also it gets heavy and bulky.
  • The overall material is not so durable.
  • The bike may get scratch quickly.

If you are planning to go for the Schwinn bike, then it is the best bike that you can have in your home. The bike is having highest quality materials in it and is value for money bike as well. The bike is an excellent choice for all of you if you are searching for a good ride in different places.

  1. (28 pounds)

For all the people, who all are looking for a good commuting bike, then you can go for the EuroMini Campo. The bike is cost around $500 and is one of the best bikes for you all, and it comes within the budget as well. You all can go for the commuting every day without any issue on it. The reason for riders choosing the bike over others is due to the lightweight. It is much accessible, and it is enjoyable as well. All the features and other specifications come with the functional features in it. When you ride the bike, it will give you a good experience in it.

When you take a look at the design of the bike, then you can see that these bike is state to be the best one and the quality of the bike is also good. Apart from that all, the specifications of the bike are outstanding. Many people love to go for it due to the specifications and for that all you can for the Euro Minibike.


  • The bike is light in weight and compact as well.
  • The brakes of the bike are there in both the front and rear wheel.
  • The body quality of the bike is best and sturdy.
  • It comes with the seven-speed gear system.
  • It is foldable and can be taken anywhere quickly.
  • The tires are multi-terrain tires.


  • It is foldable.
  • The bike is reliable.
  • The seat is comfortable.
  • It comes with the adjustable stem.
  • It has got good effective brakes.


  • The overall body quality is not up to mark.
  • The shifting of gears is not so smooth.

So, if you are in plan to go for it, then you can easily buy it from online stores as well. It will be the best all-terrain bike for you all.

  1. (27 pounds)

The next bike that you can have while going for the ride anywhere is EuroMini Zizzo bike. The bike is considered as one of the top compact bikes that a user can have in the garage. The folding of the bike is easy as well as it gives good experience as well.

If you look at the bike folding time, then it takes less than 30 seconds to fold it and keep in its place. The seat is in a low position, and you can easily adjust it as well.

Furthermore, the bike comes with the seven-speed gear system, and it has got the stable in the upright position as well. The unique feature that you all will find in the bike is for the stability and magnetic catch. It is there in its wheels, and it is activated when you fold the bike to make it small.


  • The body of the bike is made with a sturdy material which is Aluminium Alloy.
  • If you look at the gear system, then it comes with the seven-speed gear system, and it gives a good grip as well.
  • It comes with the adjustable stem, and it adapts to the riders as well of different heights easily.
  • The bike has got an adjustable stem as well, which helps the riders of small height to ride it comfortably.
  • The tire quality is best and comes with multi-terrain tires in it.
  • The bike is light in weight and can easily carry from one place to another.


  • The bike is light in weight.
  • To keep the folded bike in position, it got a magnetic strip near the wheel.
  • The gear shift is smooth and easy.
  • It comes with a V shape brake system.


  • It is expensive for many people.
  • The body quality may not at par.

So, if you want the bike, then you can go for it without any issue and can enjoy the ride peacefully.

  1. KESPOR K7 Folding Bike for Women and Adult (30 pounds)

KESPOR K7 Folding Bike for Adults, Women, Men, Rear Carry Rack, Front and Rear Fenders, Shimano 7 Speed Aluminum Easy Folding City Bicycle 20-inch Wheels, Disc Brake (Blue)
  • The KESPOR K7 folding bike is designed with more durable aluminum frame, disc brake, an easy folding mechanism system, Keep sport easy
  • 7 Speed folding city bicycle with Shimano Twist Shifter, Shimano rear derailleur TZ-50, Shimano freewheel. A foldable bike with quality gear system that rides smooth

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If you need going for a multi-purpose bike, then Kespor K7 is the best bike for you all. The bike design is such that it can ride by both women and adults comfortably without any issue. The bike is the best one in here, and it comes with the best features in it for you all. The bike has got a seven-speed gear system, and it can help you in different terrains for a smooth ride. Furthermore, the bike is popular as it is light in weight and is compact as well.

When you are on a camping, adventure trip or travelling to any place, then you can go for it without any doubt. The bike is very much ready to ride, and the quality is good as well. To make it easy for you all, here is the list of features that you must keep in mind.


  • It comes with the 7-speed gear system.
  • The bike is foldable and is light in weight as well.
  • It comes with a rear carrier for carrying things without difficulty.
  • The bike can handle weights as well.
  • The body of the bike is sturdy and is made of the aluminium frame.
  • It is durable and robust.
  • It is good in design.


  • It comes with the disc brake.
  • It can support a maximum of 230 pounds on it.
  • The carrier of the bike can support 31 pounds of weight.
  • It got folding pedals in it.


  • It is expensive for you some riders.
  • The gear system may show issues after a brief period.
  • The handle can’t get adjusted.

The riders who all are in plan to go for the bike which is suitable for both men and women can go for it. Here in the bike, you can get all excellent features as well as it makes the ride comfortable under challenging terrains as well.

  1. GoPlus 20-inch Folding Bike (32 Pounds)

The next best bike that you all can have for yourself for the ride on city roads is GoPlus 20 inch bike. The best feature in the bike is that it is foldable and it can quickly be taken with you to different places. Moreover, the bike comes with a 7-speed gear system, and the handle shift is easy as well. The gear shifts smooth and helps in difficult terrains with anti-slip tires.

Moreover the design is eye-catching, and it can go for the best bike on you. It has got many other features in it as well, which all help you in the right way.

When you take a look at the braking system of the cycle, then it comes with a V-Style brake for you all. The brake is effective and stops the bike immediately. You can find the brake with front and rear side of the tire. The assembly process is best in it, and anyone can easily install it without any external help of experts.


  • The bike has got a stylish design and a unique look.
  • The body of the bike is made with aluminium and is durable as well.
  • It is best for the mountain rides as the tire are anti-slippery.
  • It comes with a seven speed gear system for a comfortable ride.
  • The height of the handle is adjustable as well as seats.
  • It has got reflectors in it for safety purpose.


  • It has an excellent braking system.
  • The seats are adjustable.
  • You can adjust the height of handle as per your height.
  • It comes with full safety features for riders.


  • The bike seat is not very comfortable for a long journey.
  • The bike does not come with ready to ride.

If you are in plan to go for a stylish and unique bike, then you can go for it. It comes with the best features and is readily available in stores as well with the best price.

  1. SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike (37 pounds)

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric Bike with Pedals, White, 58cm/Medium
  • Pre-assembled; the electric bike already comes pre-assembled so you won't have to waste time with complicated assembly and foreign bike parts
  • Height adjustable for adults and teens; easily adjust the bicycle seat and handlebar to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride

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If you need going for the boost, then you can get it quickly from the Swagcycle EB5 electric bike. It is an electric bike, and it comes with the best materials on it. It comes with the long-lasting things on it, and you can ride from one place to other at a reasonable speed. The bike can reach a maximum of 15 MPH, and it needs to be charge as well to run on that speed.

Apart from that all, you can pedal the bike to your destination as well if you love to do some good cardio workouts. The best feature in it is that you can use the battery power as well as pedal power as per your need and there is no fear of stuck in the middle of the road due to run out of battery. Apart from that all, the bike too comes with many features in it.


  • It comes with many limitless riding facilities.
  • The body of the bike is made with good quality material and is durable.
  • The bike needs less maintenance.
  • It has got an auto guard as well in it.
  • It is light in weight and is foldable.
  • The height of the bike is adjustable as well.


  • The height of the bike is flexible, and it is suitable for all height people.
  • The bike runs on the battery as well as on pedal power as well.
  • It comes with the air-filled tires and is anti-slippery as well.
  • On a single charge, you can go for 15.5 miles


  • The bike is expensive.
  • It needs a full charge to go nearly 15.5 miles.
  • The handlebar is not adjustable.

So, if you are in plan to get any good electric bike with great features in it, then you all can go for it. It is available for you all in online stores at best offers.

How to choose folding bikes?

There are thousands of bikes available in the market then how can you choose the best bike for yourself. You have to research before buying a bike according to its size, weight, foldability, performance, electric options etc. Here are some factors which help you to choose the best folding bike:

1. Size & Weight: 

It depends upon the distance you want to travel on your bike. It comes with a different size range .so you have to fit them according to your need. If you're going for a long-distance, then fit the size of the cycle according to your comfortability. It is suggested that if you are tall or heavy then bike Friday is the company which will be the best option for you.

2. Foldability: 

The folding speed varies on the bike. Some bikes take only 10 seconds to fold while some take up to 10 minutes. The folding speed is important for the people who fold or unfold his bike multiple times a day. But the best thing is you can over your bike and can take with you onto public transport no matter what the size is. The size of a folding bike is proportional to its diameter of the wheel.

3. Performance:

The performance of your bike depends upon the position of you sit on the bike. It depends upon the ratio of gear the stiffness in the handles and the wheel size. The higher-performing bikes are laterally stiff in comparison to regular bikes. So whenever you were going to buy a bike for yourself, then you should always take a test drive before purchasing a bike.

4. Tyres: 

Try something to choose which has a puncture-resistant feature in it so that you can enjoy a maintenance-free trip around the world. Folding bikes have fewer gears than regular bike gear. We can measure it by gear inches.

5. Price: 

As you know, a Lightweight folding bike has more features than a regular bike. So it is obvious that it has more cost than regular bikes. There are different types of bikes available in every budget. So, you can buy your bike according to your budget easily.

These are the factors which you should know before buying a bike for yourself. As you see there are several folding bikes around your city then maybe you think that why people choose this over regular bikes? Is it right to invest money on lightweight folding bikes? Yes, it is worth to invest your money on the folding bike over regular bikes. It has a lot of features, and that's why it is popular among the people of your city.

The benefits of Lightweight folding bikes

  • Easy to transport: 

Folding bikes are easy to take anywhere onto public transport. This is one of the best reason behind its popularity. You can make it virtually anytime and anywhere with you. It fits in the buses and trains or a boat also.

  • Secure storage: 

The second best functionality of a folding bike is it takes less space in comparison to regular bikes. Everyone has not a big house. Some have a small home or small space, and for them, it is the best option. You can easily slide it under your bed or can keep it in your wardrobe if you don't have any space.

  • Security: 

Because it is easy to fold so you can easily keep it anywhere under your table etc. So it is safe also. You don't have to worry about any risk. It has a fewer chance to get stolen by the thief.

  • Good for the environment: 

It is right for your health as well as for the environment because you are going to use it more often and rely less on fossil fuels.

  • It looks cool: 

When you ride a lightweight folding bike, you look cool and trendy because of its popularity.

  • Maintenance cost: 

It has a low maintenance cost. You don't need to pay for parking, insurance and also you don't need to buy gas. So in comparison to regular bikes, it costs low.

  • Easy to use: 

There is nothing special if you want to ride on a folding bicycle. If you are a beginner, then you can quickly learn it in half an hour only.

  • Easy to operate:

Maybe you think it will take more time for folding and unfolding, but you are wrong you can fold and unfold it quickly in a couple of minutes.

  • Good for your health: 

It is suitable for your health. It removes your body fat or helpful to get in shape. It is the reason it is popular among athletes.

  • A large number of collections:  

There are a large number of selections of the lightweight folding bike with different colours and different designs available in the market. So it will be easy for you to choose one according to your preference.

So, according to the above features and functionality, you can say that Folding bikes are convenient, easy to use, save your money and allow you to take them anywhere you want. It is the first choice for women who have a small space to store it specially. Now a day more and more people love to ride in the weekdays so it will be the best choice for them. If you also have a small apartment or house and you are looking for a bike, or you love travelling then it is suggested to purchase a lightweight folding bike.

Folding Bikes FAQ

  1. What are folding bikes good for?

Folding bikes are suitable for travelling across the city. You can easily fold it and take it along with you or onto public transportation easily. It is suitable for people who love travelling and exploring new things.

  1. Can folding bikes go fast?

Yes. The speed of folding bike depends upon your legs. But yes it is faster than the regular bikes. Apart from this, a folding bike has its advantage, and it is superior to regular bikes.

  1. Are fold up bikes hard to ride?

No, not at all. It is easy to ride a fold-up bike compare to a regular bike. If you are a beginner and you want to ride on a fold-up bicycle, then you can learn it within 30 minutes or an hour.

  1. Are folding bikes good for long rides?

Yes, folding bikes are suitable for long rides, as compare to regular bikes. It is tested that a folding bike can cover over 125 miles per day. So, it is the best option for a long ride also.

  1. Are folding bikes good for exercise?

Yes. Of course, it is best for exercise. It helps you with the weight loss or to get in shape. It is the perfect option for athletes. It balances your health and your work life simultaneously.

  1. Are folding bikes good for commuting?

Yes, of course, it is suitable for commuting. It is a great choice, especially for commuters or those who have less space.

  1. Can you take a folding bike on a plane?

Yes. You can easily take a folding bike on a plane. There are some specially designed folding bikes which you can take it on a flight.

  1. Can you take a folding bike on a bus?

Yes, you can take it on a bus by folding it. Infect you can take it on a train or any public transportation as well.

Final verdict

The riders who all are in plan to go for the eco-friendly bike can now get a whole idea about different top bikes. As there are several bikes which all are there in the market, so it is confusing for all of you to go for the best bike. So to make it easy for you all and to provide great detail about each bike, you can go through the above list.

Here you can find all the top bikes which are popular among the riders who all love to go on a trip to different terrains.

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