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Best Tandem Bikes 2021- Two Seater Bikes Buying Guide

If you are a cycling enthusiast, then you would definitely agree to the thrills and excitement of riding a bicycle. Now let us double it up. If you are passionate about riding, then tandem bikes will give an entirely new dimension to it. You can now ride together, enjoy the thrill together, and experience so much more fun. Nothing can be more rewarding than sharing a beautiful ride with your partner.

Best Tandem Bikes 2021

Tandem Bikes Buying Guide

Tandem bikes are probably the best way couples can enjoy the city. You can ride with your partner, friend, or even your kids. You learn the importance of teamwork, putting efforts together, and build an everlasting bond with your partner. Couples who ride together stays together!

Before you rush to get your new tandem bike, you need to know certain information. We will help you choose the best one.

Benefits of Tandem Bikes

  • Teamwork – Riding tandem bikes involves partnership. It gives you the joy and excitement of coordinating with a fellow rider. The best part is that no one needs to wait for the other. You both go together as one team. The captain (front-rider) is responsible for brakes, steering, and pedaling. The stoker (rear-rider) has the sole responsibility of sitting and driving correctly. Occasionally he/she might think of taking pictures, waving at others, and enjoying the sceneries.
  • High Speed – You might be surprised to know that on flat roads, tandems are faster than solo bikes. Though it carries the weight of two people, the aerodynamic drag is slightly more than a solo bicycle. On descents and flats, they are faster than solo bikes. If you are thrilled by high-speed cycling, then this is going to be the ultimate experience.
  • Visually Impaired people – Tandem bikes give visually impaired people or people with eyesight difficult a great chance to experience a ride. They can be teamed up wholesome riders while they can sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Socialize better – Tandem bikes help you to build relationships and socialize in a better manner. Two people, having different abilities and capacities working together in sync, promotes togetherness. You realize the importance of a combined effort. You are not only sharing the ride, but you are also sharing your passion and connecting better. It is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your bonds with your partner, kids, friends, and loved ones.

Now that you have realized the immense benefits of tandem riding let us inform you about the things that you must consider before purchasing your first tandem bike.

Things to Consider

  • Frame – You must always go for a lightweight frame. Aluminum frames will make your bike light and give you the best performance. Also, ensure that the frame is stiff enough, and there is no unwanted flexibility.
  • Wheels – Wheels are essential because they are carrying the weight of two people on a bike. It is said that the more the number of spokes, the better is the wheel. But do not compromise the material quality of the spokes. Wheels made from top-quality materials with spokes in-between 36 to 44 would be an excellent choice.
  • Transmission – For your tandem bikes, you would want the best quality gears. Ensure you have both the higher and lower gears, with a triple chainset, and a wide range for the maneuvering.
  • Brakes – You can go for both disc and rim brakes for your tandem. In most cases, we would suggest a well-adjusted disc brake. It would help you to ride and maneuver flawlessly. In case you choose a rim, ensure it is well-designed to endure the enormous pressure coming through the fork.
  • Other specifics – Check the suspension at the rear. It would help the stoker during the rough and bumpy rides. Additionally, you can consider a third brake for easy parking purposes. It will also supplement the main while riding.

Top Tandem Bikes Review

With all the above information, you now have a sound idea about tandem bikes, their benefits and things that you must consider before a purchase. Now you are left with the final part; checking the models and selecting the best one. There are a lot of options in the marketplace. It can be a challenging task surfing through all the models and then selecting the best option. To make your life easy, we have compiled a list of the top five best bikes. Let us look at our top five picks on tandem bikes.

  1. Schwinn Twinn Adult Tandem Bicycle

One of the best tandem bikes that give you complete control and unmatched comfort. For over a century, Schwinn has been crafted some of the best bicycles. Their bikes are known for being lightweight and easy to control. This bike can comfortably accommodate riders of any height. It has an adjustable seat with an extra-low step-through at the rear.

The disc brakes ensure you have complete control, while the superior quality gears allow for a wide range and smooth shifting.

Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike, Double Seater, Steel Low Step Frame, 7-Speed, 650c Urban Tires, Alloy Caliper Brakes, Medium Frame, Grey
  • Twinn Tandem Medium has a 20-inch frame (Front) with a 16-inch frame Stoker (Rear)
  • Schwinn aluminum tandem frame features an extra low step-thru rear bar to comfortably fit smaller riders with 26-inch wheels

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  • The bike comes with an aluminum frame, which makes it lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Thus, you can easily take it around the city with your partner.
  • The extra low step-through feature in the rear part makes it comfortable for riders of all heights. You can easily take your kids to the park on this bike. Additionally, the suspension fork ensures that you are always in complete control.
  • The 26-inch long wheels ensure that you have a comfortable ride each time.
  • The Shimano 21-speed gear lever and derailleur allows you to set the gear ratio and control the gear mechanism. This ensures ultimate comfort and smoothness. You need not worry about a sore back after a long adventure.
  • You can ride without any worry with the disc brakes. These high-quality brakes give you rigid stopping power under all circumstances. You can now cruise through the sturdy rails and tight ends with perfect ease.
  • Finally, the handles and grips are ergonomically designed. They just add to your comfort and make your ride even better.


  • Well suited for riders of different heights
  • 21 different levels of speed
  • High-quality disc brakes on both wheels
  • Shimano derailleur in the rear portion
  • Ergonomic seats and handlebars to ensure utmost comfort
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • Not suited for making fast turns
  • The pedals being low might touch the ground on uneven surfaces
  • Bearings might need frequent servicing

Final verdict

We understand that it is not well suited for professional riders, who usually rides on fast tracks. But it is an excellent model for people riding across the city. Schwinn has crafted one of the most fantastic tandem bikes for you. Enjoy riding this bike with your partner and create some everlasting memories.

  1. Kulana Lua Single Speed Tandem Cruiser Bike

Take the fun of riding to the next level with this fantastic bike from Kulana. This is the perfect model that you gift to your family members. The cruiser bike comes in a bright yellow steel frame with stylish palm tree graphics. The bike comes with a single steady speed, so you need not worry about the kid pedaling behind. The well-equipped brakes give you complete control all year long.

You can enjoy a pleasant ride with comfortable saddles and handlebar. You just need to sit, pedal, and relax. The white-coated tires give it almost a vintage look. You cannot pass your next summers without a ride on this bike. Hurry up! Some stores are also offering complimentary assemble services in specific locations.

Kulana Lua Single Speed Tandem Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, Yellow
  • Designed with 26-inch wheels, this bike fits riders 5'4" to 6'2" in height
  • Hi-Ten steel Kulana tandem frame with oversized fork

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This is one of the best leisure tandem bikes you can have.

  • The bike has 26-inch wheels, which means you can ride on the trails with comfort and ease. This bike is well suited for all riders, having a height between 5’4″ to 6’2″.
  • The cruiser seat has a shock absorber spring. It gives you comfort all day long. The handlebars are comfortable to reach so you can sit upright and straight with riding. You can smoothly ride through the neighborhood and cruise the city without any back sore.
  • The single-speed feature makes sure that your kids need not worry about changing the gears. The bike ensures complete balance and safety for your kids as well.
  • Since it is a cruiser bike, the frame is a bit heavier than the other models. But you can quickly assemble the parts in no time.
  • The body is sturdy and durable. It is a perfect choice for first-timers and people riding with kids and family members.


  • Single-speed feature
  • A heavy-duty model with high sturdiness
  • Stylish color and graphic palm tree imprints
  • Ergonomic saddles and handlebars to give you complete comfort
  • Attached back fenders for extra control


  • Slightly bulky than other similar models
  • Not suitable for off-road rides

Final verdict

Very difficult to find negatives points for this bike. This is an excellent bike for your city or neighborhood tour. It gives you great value for money. The bike is affordable, comes with amazing features topped with an excellent customer support service from Kulana.

  1. Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike

If you are apprehensive about whether a new tandem bike would be the right choice or not, then this is a perfect model for you. The Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike is ideally suited for cruising around the neighborhood. You can precisely train yourself and your partner on this bike before considering the expensive ones.

The steel frame renders durability while the alloy wheels give it strength. It is very lightweight; you can maneuver this bike at lightning speed.

Pacific Dualie Adult Tandem Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 2-Seater, 21-Speed, Linear Pull Brakes, Blue
  • Steel tandem frame gives a comfortable and sturdy ride for you and your partner
  • 21-speed microshifters provide quick, precise gear changes

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It is an excellent tandem bike, offering affordability and splendid features.

  • The 21-speed twist shifters ensure easy and smooth shifting. This makes it well-suited for beginners learning to ride a tandem. You can develop your balance and teamwork with your partner on this tandem model.
  • The wheels are 26-inch wide. This gives you the freedom to ride anywhere across the city and on the trails. They are made of well-crafted aluminum alloy, which renders durability and strength.
  • The aluminum alloy direct-pull brakes enable you to stop smoothly in any alarming situation. You will never lose your control or balance on this bike.
  • The crank is also made of alloy steel, and so are the gears. You get a wide gear range and secure changing options while riding.
  • The bikes feature a bright and stylish blue color


  • It is an excellent choice for rookie riders
  • Light and durable alloy steel frame
  • 21-speed Shimano derailleur and twister
  • Direct pull brakes
  • Crank is made of alloy steel featuring better gear range
  • Easy to put together and assemble


  • The bars are lower than normal levels
  • The box is super heavy
  • Threads on the pedals get easily damaged
  • Not able to hold heavyweights

Final verdict

This model is not a super-star model. It has a lot of shortcomings. The parts are not made from the best materials. That is why we suggest this to be a starter model. You can always practice and build your confidence in a low-budget model before venturing for the best in class ones. This is highly recommended for beginners.

Tandem Bikes FAQ:

  • How to ride a tandem bike?

Tandem bike is all about working together in sync. The captain is responsible for the brakes, steering, and avoiding portholes. The stoker has to pedal in sync with the captain. He must have complete faith in the captain, and the captain must call bumps at the right time. Start with short rides, familiarizing yourself with the frame, body, brakes, and suspensions.

  • How much faster is a tandem bike?

Tandem bikes are faster on a flat and descent as compared to a solo bike. You can easily hit 60mph with a tandem on a flat road. When you are going downhill, be careful because tandem bikes run almost 20 – 30% faster than solo bikes. For uphill, it depends on the ability and teamwork between the riders. If both are pedaling in sync and fast, then even during uphill, tandems would be faster than single-seat ones.

  • Are tandem bikes hard to ride?

The answer is an overwhelming ‘NO.’ If you know how to ride a solo, then this is a cakewalk. Instead, tandem bikes are more comfortable to ride than regular bicycles, because here it is the effort of two. You just need to adapt yourself to the long frame, weight of the bike.

  • Are tandem bikes safe?

Yes, they are safe. You need to take some safety measures, and that’s all. Just ensure that you check your brakes, suspension, steering, and chainsets before starting. Always wear your helmet and, if possible, carry some first aid along. Also, having two people together is much safer than one!

  • Do tandem bikes have gears?

Yes, they do have gears. Since they are faster than solo bikes, they need both the top end and low-end gears. There should be a perfect balance between the two sets of gears.

  • How much weight can a tandem bike hold?

In general, the capacity to hold weights depend on the materials and construction of the bike. Tandems are capable of carrying more loads than solo bikes. On average, you can easily lift more than 550 pounds with tandem bikes.


Tandem Bikes would give you a great experience. It creates a perfect harmony between two people. Your rides would never be so enjoyable and comfortable. With all the information up your sleeve, you are now well-equipped to go ahead and make your next purchase.

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