Best Womens Electric Bikes Reviews 2021

If you are riding a bike that is not meant for you or if you are not comfortable with it, then it can cause serious injuries. This is the reason why bikes of many different sizes are available in the market. Men’s bikes are not meant to be used by women. They do not have the features needed by the women’s bodies, so women should not be using them. Thanks to this evolving world of cycling, manufacturers are now making bikes specifically for women as well.

Should a woman use a bike? Yes, definitely. As mentioned above, the physical structure of a women’s body is different from men, so they will find it easier to ride a bike made for women.

Womens Step Through Electric Bikes

Top Five Women’s Electric Bikes Reviews

  1. Best women’s electric bike overall: RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike

There is a reason why this beautiful silver-colored Rad Runner e-bike is first on our list of recommendations. Rad Runner has mind-blowing efficient customer support in place, which makes your buying experience a treat from the first to the last. The e-bike comes fully loaded with all new upgrades and accessories to give a wholesome experience to the rider.


  • It comes with a powerful 750W geared motor that can go up to 45 miles per single charge
  • The battery is made with lithium-ion that has a capacity of 48 volts
  • The e-bike can easily support 300 pounds of weight
  • The bike is great for climbing as well as riding on flat surfaces and all adventure trails.
  • It comes with a well backlit LCD Display to track speed and distance.
  • It also has a 1 amp USB port for charging your phone or other smart devices
  • The tires that are made with aramid and ceramic are virtually punctured proof.


  • 7 different speed levels
  • Elevated seat
  • Comes with footpegs for protection
  • Covered wheels
  • Has a wonderful suspension fork
  • Premium headlights


  • It may sound a little costly

Editor’s opinion:

If you are used to a low-step bike frame and think biking is akin to living your free-spirited life, this Rad Runner is the one for you. Don’t look beyond its retro style and deep brown color scheme. We bet you cannot!

  1. Best women’s commuting electric bike: Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru

For those of you who loved an e-bike but sulked at its costly price tag, we have some great news from Townie Go! The e-bike is a great combination of fun and functionality; both rolled into one. Available locally in the US, it comes with 26 inches tires to help you go fast and far. 


  • Exciting Mint Mojito color
  • The bike is medium-sized and is great for anyone who wants to get back on the wheels
  • Affordable
  • The e-bike has three modes of power, including the rear motor featuring 750 watts and high quality LED display
  • Mechanical disc brakes ensure smooth and efficient stopping
  • The saddle and the grips are comfortable and stylish
  • The pedals are made with resin and come with a non-slip rubber tread


  • Made with lightweight aluminum
  • Patented Flatfoot Technology for complete control
  • Hydrive rear hub motor
  • LED displays battery charge
  • Comes with a sturdy front basket
  • The fork and the rear hub come with 36 inches high alloy disc


  • Nothing that can be complained about

Editor’s opinion:

The Townie GO! 7D is the kind of bike you would go for no matter your age, height, and experience level! It is ergonomic and comes with shock-absorbing elastomers. It is the perfect example of quality and comfort.

  1. Best women’s city electric bike: Charge City Electric Bike

Are you tired of choosing between two colors of an e-bike or often told to choose the only color in a brand? Hurray because with Charge City e-bikes, you can choose some of the lovely colors under the sun. The e-bike comes in two variations, the low step frame and the standard frame with a higher tube. Both the bikes are suitable for riders up to 6 feet in height.


  • Easy to store away because it is lightweight and comes with foldable handles.
  • It comes with great quality Goodyear tires that have pedal assist
  • The throttle is easy to use push button type
  • The e-bike has powerful built-in lights for added safety after twilight
  • A single charge can navigate you to a minimum of the 50-mile distance


  • Fast and efficient
  • Features 20mph speed
  • Has thumb push button throttle
  • Easy to store and space-saving
  • Requires minimum effort even when climbing hills


  • We only wish this stayed in stock always!

Editor’s opinion:

This easy-to-control e-bike comes with five-speed levels making it the right choice for anyone that loves zipping through the city at the drop of a hat. The e-bike has the best rear lights.

  1. Best women’s hybrid electric bike: Verve+ 2 Lowstep

Want to get more from your e-bike? Verve+ 2 e-bike with Lowstep may be the right one for you!

Associated with the prestigious Bosch brand, its pedal-assist system is a clear winner. The parts and accessories on this bike are chosen with your safety in mind. The suspension fork in the front tire, the comfortable saddle, the powerful front and rear lights indicate the kind of quality and comfort that you can expect from it.


  • Made with high-quality aluminum
  • Bosch Active Line 250 Watts motor
  • Can give up to 20mph speed
  • Boasts of a 9-speed drivetrain


  • Lightweight & Ergonomic
  • Comes with a kickstand and tough fenders


  • May be out of budget for some, but the best products are always pricey

Editor’s opinion:

Now you don’t have to think two times when you have an errand at hand. The powerful Bosch hub motor and 9 speed drivetrain make riding a fun activity at any time of the day.

  1. Best women’s electric bike with removable battery: ANCHEER Aluminum Electric Bike

Are you looking for a lightweight e-bike especially suitable for adults but falls in the affordable bracket? Let us suggest Ancheer to you. This electric bike comes with a removable 12.5 AH battery and boasts 6 speeds. It is one of the ideal e-bikes for city roads. It has been well-received on all platforms.


  • Comes in two classic colors of black and white
  • It is suitable for adults only
  • The wheels are 26 inches in height
  • Front wheels have suspension
  • Made from lightweight aluminum


  • Performance par excellence on city roads
  • Luxuriously smooth
  • 5 AH lithium-ion battery
  • Motor is 250 Watts
  • It can go up to 16mph and up to 35 miles.
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Low watt motor means that the bike is not good for climbing mountains

Editor’s opinion:

The light aluminum frame makes it easy to maneuver. It is also a very durable bike and comes with a high tensile suspension fork in the front wheels.

  1. Best women’s Comfort Electric Bike: Charge Comfort Electric Bike

If you are looking for a one-step low-step e-bike, your search will effectively end on a Comfort e-bike. Priced reasonably, it comes in several colors like red, yellow, white, and blue. Comfort has an awesome customer support desk that is very forthcoming with all information you will want to know before and after your booking.


  • It is an everyday bike that has no technical fuss about it
  • It keeps the posture correctly and gives a relaxed ride
  • Has a comfortable soft seat, shock absorbers and is very easy to maneuver throttle.
  • Has a low step frame for people who are heavier or older
  • Comfort lets you pedal whenever you feel like it. rest of the time, you can turn on the throttle and coast off


  • A single charge can run a maximum of 50 miles
  • Easy to store away when not in use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to ride
  • Powerful engine
  • Comes with flat handlebars and petals that can be folded up


  • We wish there were some more colors

Editor’s opinion:

The comfort e-bike is very well-equipped with fenders, racks, LED, lights, sensors, and tires that are puncture resistant. Want to go biking? Go, don’t worry; comfort e-bike has your back.

  1. Best women’s folding electric bike: RadMini Step-Thru 2

People who are low on storage space or have no place to park their vehicle will promptly recommend that you go in for the Rad Mini foldable e-bike. It comes in a beautiful white color and has won many awards already for the best folding electric bike of the year. The Rad Mini is the best combination of comfort and style. It has a streamlined throttle design and handlebars that ensure an ergonomic ride.


  • Comes with a 750 Watts geared hub motor
  • One single charge gives you a minimum of 45 miles
  • The battery power is 48 Volts and is therefore suitable for mountain climbing too!
  • The battery is made with lithium-ion
  • Can take a maximum capacity of 275 pounds


  • It is the best space-saving e-bike
  • Lowest height
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Puncture-Resistant Tires
  • Comes with whopping 7 speeds


  • The bike is very popular among riders. Pre-ordering is a must.

Editor’s opinion:

The Rad Mini is a class in itself. Its fenders are made with stainless steel hardware, and that is why it is considered the most durable e-bike in its category.

Women’s Electric Bike Specifications

So you want to buy an electric bike for yourself. That is the right decision. So now, the next step is to find out what specs are essential for you. If you look into an electric bike closely, you will understand that more than the frame and look of the bike, its internal specifications are essential. You should be comfortable with some technical details as provided below:

  • Motor and battery

These two are one of the most important components of your e-bike. They are responsible for giving that boost to your bike. Many technical details can be said about motor and battery, but we will keep it brief and will introduce only those terms that are important for you. As already stated, while buying your e-bike, you should take care of two units of measurement, i.e., watt and watt-hour. Watt tells you how much boost your bike will get, and watt-hour tells you for how long. The bigger the number, the better it is for you.

  • Miles per charge

Depending on the motor and the battery capacity and the average weight of the person running that bike, every manufacturer publishes a number called miles per charge. This number tells you how much distance your bike can cover when fully charged. This number can vary anywhere between 10 miles to 100 miles. According to some opinions, 10 miles is way too less, and 100 miles is almost unachievable. A standard value would be somewhere around 30 and 50 miles per charge.

Think for a moment about how much you are going to use your bike. How long you want to travel before you are in a position to charge it again? Is electricity cheap in your country? These fundamental questions will help you determine the right miles per charge for you. Remember that to charge your battery fully, you would need about 5 to 7 hours, almost overnight.

Most people can charge their bike every day. You plug it into the charger and then go to sleep and then use your e-bike the next day. The fundamental question remains how much distance you want to travel by your bike in one day. It is not expected for you to ride 30 miles daily if you are just doing exercise! That would be a lot! However, if you plan to do so, you should invest money in buying a bike with very high-mile per charge.

  • Tires and Suspensions

An unfortunate fact of today’s society is that many people think that tires are not much essential for your bike, and suspensions are only for a mountain bike.

This is far from being the truth! Tires and suspensions are one of the most important things for your e-bike.

Now it is time for you to find out where you would be riding your bike. By where we mean the type of surfaces it would have to deal with. If you are going to use it on a plain road most of the time, then it is true that any tire will work. However, if you want to use your e-bike across the park, woods, mountains, and the like, you should look for hybrid tires. Hybrid tires are not as strong as mountain tires. You do not need them to be that strong either. They are somewhat between the standard tire and mountain tire. They have a better grip than normal tires.

Wheel suspensions are essential, as well. They make riding your bike more comfortable.

  • Included accessories

An e-bike is not all about battery, motor, miles per charge, tires, and suspensions. There is so much more to it. There are so many accessories that can come with the bike. All of them become important if you want to choose the perfect electric bike for you. Let us talk about each one of them in brief.

An electric bike comes equipped with most of the accessories like mudguard and chainguard. Most of the time, these have a standard fitting. However, if you are going to buy these for yourself, you would have more options and will be able to produce a better bike for yourself. However, you should invest in some suitable accessories like lights, front basket, and pannier.

As already stated, chainguard and mudguard are one of the most essential accessories. Mudguards protect you from the spray of the wheel in wet weather. It also somewhat helps in keeping your bike clean in such weather. Chainguard protects your clothes and other accessories in getting stuck in the chain mechanism of the bike. Both of them are essential for the enjoyable biking experience.

Electric Bike FAQ:

1.How long do electric bikes last?

An electric bike consists of many parts like motor, battery, suspension, tire, and many other accessories. How long an electric bike lasts depends on the cumulative functioning of all these parts. Here is a detailed analysis:

  • The battery: If your e-bike is using a lithium battery, in most cases it would, then it would last for about 1000 charging. For a better understanding, you can take 1000 charging as 3 to 5 years.
  • Motors: Motors are one of the most long-lasting components of an electric bike. However, with proper care and understanding, you can further increase its life.
  • Tires: The longevity of the tires depends on where you are using it. In most cases, it would last for about 3000 miles.
  • Brakes: Much like tires, the brakes’ longevity depends on a lot of things like road conditions, weather, type of component, riding style, etc.
  • Chains: Chains would need to be replaced for every 1000 to 3000 miles.

2. Is an e-bike cheating?

E-bikes have taken the world by a storm. The number of people using e-bikes is rising exponentially. Currently, there are more people using e-bikes than at any point in time in history. However, one frustrating question you would frequently hear is, “Isn’t it cheating?” This is a nonsense question and clearly states how many misconceptions about e-bikes is prevalent in our society.

Here are some reasonings why e-bikes are not cheating:

  • Many people think that e-bikes are like motorcycles or mopeds. But this is not the truth. All e-bikes are pedal-assist. This means that you will have to use the strength of your leg to move it forward.
  • E-bikes make cycling more comfortable. Using a motor and a suspensor, they can ride for long-distance with less effort.
  • E-bikes help you to exercise. They can be used to keep yourself fit and healthy.

3. Can electric bike go up hills?

Like all other means of transport, electric bikes can also go uphill. However, there are some technical things that you need to understand.

First of all, an electric bike is motor-assisted as well as pedal-assisted. This means the work to go uphill has to be done by the motor as well as by your leg. You will have to use the strength of your leg. If you are frequently traveling uphill, then you should invest in a power e-bike. To make things simple for you, we can understand it the easy way. A power e-bike will reduce the gradient for you, as this will make less effort to go uphill.

4. Are e-bikes dangerous?

E-bikes are not at all dangerous, neither for you nor for the environment. E-bikes use electricity to charge their battery. Moreover, they consume far less electricity when compared to a motorcycle or car. This way, it becomes the most environment-friendly means of communication.

As far as its speed is concerned, you should remember that no matter how many motors it has, it still needs you to pedal. So it cannot run very fast. This way, you get a safe speed to travel. You get a better mind and muscle coordination and can easily avoid any accidents which would not have been possible in case of a car or motorcycle. This way, it becomes clear that it is neither dangerous for you nor for the environment.

5. Can you get fit with an electric bike?

Yes, of course. The best thing about an electric bike is that you can get as little or as much exercise as you want. It is a proven claim that e-bikes can be used to get effective exercise. If you use your e-bike without assistance, then it would be good for your body. For example, you should use assistance only when going up hills. You can also decide that you would use the motor as little as possible. This will make your legs work harder to keep the cycle moving.

Moreover, e-bikes are a bit heavy. They can be anywhere between 40 to 80 pounds. To drive this heavy bike only with the strength of your leg can be a difficult task. It will consume many calories. So, yes, you can get fit with an electric bike.

6. Do electric bike charges when you pedal?

The simple answer to this question would be that electric bikes can charge when pedaling, but it depends on the type of bike you are using. Electric bikes that charge when you pedal are called generative pedaling. This feature is not offered by the low-end bikes. However, the good news is that with the recent innovations in technology, the cost of generative pedaling is coming down.

Getting back to the point, basic e-bikes are not equipped with the technology needed to charge them while pedaling. This is offered by only the premium bikes. However, some basic electric bikes do come with dynamos that can produce a small current that would slowly recharge your battery. However, this is not enough to charge it fully.

7. Can you ride an electric bike in the rain?

Yes, you can ride an electric bike in the rain. However, slippery roads, low visibility, and biting wind can make things difficult for you. But generally, a few drops of rain should not stop you from having a fun drive outside.

Imagine it is a Sunday afternoon. You are having a nice lunch in a Thai Restaurant on 34th Avenue and Park Street. You have the best electric bike, just parked outside. The weather looks comfortable for a nice ride.

Just as your Thai dish is about to be served on the table, a few drizzles begin to fall. After lunch, you have two choices. You can abandon your bike and ride to the office using an Uber, or you can use your bike in the rain. You should choose the latter.

Rain should not be able to stop you. If you have taken a considerable amount of time to prepare your bike, you should have more confidence in its abilities than anything else.

8. Is there a weight limit on electric bikes?

Ans. E-bikes are trending these days. They have become the buzz word of the town. Everyone is using it, may it be youngsters, sexagenarian, or middle-aged. Since different categories of people are using it, they would also have different weights. So it is a common question, “Is there a weight limit on electric bikes?”

Yes, electric bikes do have a weight limit. You cannot expect to place anything on top! However, different electric bikes have a different weight limit. On average, most electric bikes can easily carry anywhere between 200-300 pounds. Some bikes are specifically designed to carry more weight, for example, cargo.

E-bikes come under different shapes, sizes, and weight capacity. Moreover, some electric bikes do not look much different than a traditional bike. Here is a list of top e-bikes and how much weight they can carry: Haibike – 150 pounds, Trek Super Commuter – 300 pounds, Volt Pulse – 220 pounds, GoCycle – 220 pounds.

9. How often should I charge my electric bike?

You will need about 5 to 7 hours, almost overnight, to fully charge the battery. Most of the time, you will need to recharge the battery every day or two. A fully charged battery could easily travel for 30 to 50 miles.

Most people can charge their bike every day. You plug it into the charger and then go to sleep, then use your e-bike the next day. So the basic question remains is how much distance you want to travel by your bike in one day, as the average use is not 30 miles a day! However, if you plan to cover a lot of distance, you should invest money in buying a bike with very high-mile miles per charge.

10. Why are e-bikes so expensive?

Electric bikes are a bit expensive as compared to traditional bikes. This additional cost is due to the electric motor, suspensor, charging unit, and many other facilities provided by the e-bike. As these components are electric, e-bikes also have to make them waterproof.

However, some consumers feel that e-bikes are not correctly priced. They feel that they are too expensive compared to the benefits they are providing. This is the reason why e-bikes are still seen less on the street as compared to traditional bikes. However, this mindset is changing quickly.

Most of the cost of the e-bike is for the motor and battery. You can ride a traditional bike for as long as your legs permit. However, if you are going around using an e-bike, then this motor and battery make your work a bit easier.

Benefits Of Electric Bike

Electric bikes are one of the most environment-friendly and cost-effective biking solutions when traveling for a short distance, like 5 to 30 miles. There are various advantages of using an electric bike.

  1. Personal Fitness

Personal fitness is one of the best advantages of using an e-bike, although this depends on how much you are going to use it. According to research, 46% of electric bikes are used only once or twice a week. Moreover, 30% of electric bikes are used only once a fortnight or even less. Buying an expensive e-bike with all the features on it will not make you fit. You will have to use it. You should try to use your e-bike every day for traveling anywhere between 5 to 10 miles. This is enough to keep you fit and healthy.

  1. Safety

This may look counter-intuitive, but the facts are compelling. If you are using a car on a steep and busy road, you are more prone to accidents than an electric bike. With a bike, you will have to limit your speed, and thus you will be in a better mind and muscle coordination.

There is little doubt that an electric bike will keep you out of danger. It will limit your speed, increase your attentiveness, and you will be in better mind-muscle coordination. This is the best it can get!

  1. Environment-friendly

Electric bikes are one of the most energy-efficient means of transportation. They are clean, as well as “green.” They consume far less energy as compared to a motorcycle or a car. Moreover, they do not consume fuel and produce toxic gases. They consume batteries that can be easily recycled when it expires. They are charged using electricity, which is a clean source of energy. An electric bike consumes only 100 to 150 watts of electric energy as compared to 15000 watts or so for a car. The mathematics is simple. E-bikes are far ahead in environment-friendliness as compared to other means of transportation.

  1. No sweat

Sweat may not be a serious issue when you are out for some picnic or other leisure activities. However, if you are cycling to work, then this becomes one of the most important factors to look out for. But, many organizations do respect employees who use cycles as a means of transport. They do provide showers and other mediums to keep them cool. However, if your organization has no intention of doing anything, you should note that e-bikes can eliminate sweat. In hot weather, you can leave most of the work to the motor and save yourself from sweat. In cold weather, when your body needs heat, you can switch off the motor and do all the work by yourself. This way, you will be able to make the best use of the motor as per the weather.

  1. Sustainable

When we are talking about the means of transportation, sustainability becomes a significant factor. Moreover, you will spend a substantial amount of money on buying the best e-bike for yourself. So you would expect a good return on your investment. In simple terms, an e-bike is one of the most sustainable means of transport. They are far better than cars and motorcycle that needs frequent maintenance and servicing. Moreover, servicing for an e-bike is far cheaper as compared to cars and motorcycles.

The bottom line

The investment you make in an e-bike is far less than what you would originally pay for your gas or using public transportation. The batteries are inexpensive to charge, and they last quite some distance. An e-bike will shine when you compare it with any form of transport that guzzles gas. Another bonus is that they use minimum space and you can take them wherever you want without having to worry about parking!

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