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Best Women’s Electric Cruiser Bikes 2022 (UPDATED Reviews)

Electric bikes have been the latest trend in modern transportation because of their convenient and efficient features. Whether men or women, E-bikes have now become the go-to preference for everyone.

Although E-bikes have changed how we presume conventional bike pedaling, choosing one can be tricky, especially if you consider a cruiser E-bike for women. You have to consider various aspects, such as handlebars and saddles, before picking your perfect match.

So which are the best electric cruiser bikes for women? What are the benefits of electric cruiser bikes for women? If you seek answers to these questions and have an urge to try an electric way of biking, you have landed on the right page. This article will help you understand the concept of cruiser E-bikes for women and help you pick the right one.

So without further ado, let’s get electric.

What is an electric cruiser bike?

Electric bikes are no longer limited to city riding, and many manufacturers have extended this limitation to a whole new level – aka electric cruiser bikes. Unlike conventional E-bikes, electric cruiser bikes pack in more features to provide comfort and convenience for long rides.

So what extra features do you get in an electric cruiser bike? Electric cruiser bikes are the perfect option if you want to take them for a backpacking trip. These bikes come with a bigger battery pack to ensure that you scale your trip without interruptions.

Here are the additional features that you get in an electric cruiser bike:

  • A bigger battery pack
  • Excellent lumbar support throughout your journey
  • Wide handlebars
  • Upright seating position

These features make an electric bike more suitable for long-distance trips. The upright sitting position and wide handlebars allow you to relax and enjoy the ride without any discomfort to your body. Additionally, the excellent lumbar support ensures that you stay comfortable throughout your trip.

Can you ride E-bikes on the beach?

Yes, you can! Provided you follow the rules and ensure that you have the right E-bike for the job. For Instance, the United States federal law considers E-bikes as conventional bikes, making them legally eligible for riding on beaches.

However, not all E-bikes are sand-friendly, and you might have to read the manufacturer’s manuals before heading to the beach. You will also have to check your E-bike’s specification, or you might end up stuck on the sandy shores.

Here are some of the things you to check before heading to the beach:

  • Check whether your E-bike comes with fat tires – These tires work efficiently on different terrains, including snow and sand.
  • Check the beach surface – Most beaches have soft-packed or hard-packed sand, so your ride quality will differ for each condition. Soft-packed sand is more challenging as they don’t provide enough traction for your tires. Additionally, loose sand may find its way into your motor section, which is not ideal for your E-bike.

It would be best to take your E-bike to a beach that has hard-packed sand.

  • Motor damage – Since you will be riding on a beach, water spills may wet your motor and damage it. It would be best to install a motor guard before heading to the beach.

Pro Tip: While cleaning your E-bike of pieces of sand, use an air compressor to get more precise removal. Additionally, you can use a nozzle to get close to the motor, chain, and other hard-to-reach areas.

The benefit of electric cruiser bikes for women

Although E-bikes come with an electric motor that assists you while riding, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything. They can be more beneficial than conventional bikes if you use them the right way.

Here are the benefits of electric cruiser bikes for women:

  • Assisted biking – E-bikes have a similar mechanism as conventional bikes, such as chains and pedals. However, the primary difference is the addition of an electric motor that reduces stress on your thighs and knees while pedaling. And while this feature doesn’t make you a strong woman, it will undoubtedly help you conquer inclines or hills.
  • Less effort – Backpacking trips can run for miles, which can be challenging for women. However, electric cruiser bikes can help you scale the distance with little effort. An electric cruiser bike designed for women also features a comfortable and upright riding position that ensures you stay comfortable throughout your journey.
  • Improves fitness – Although E-bikes come with an electric motor, they are similar to conventional bikes at improving fitness. Many experts believe that the pedaling motion of an E-bike improves physical and mental health.
  • Comfort – Since electric cruiser bikes have excellent lumbar support, upright riding position, and broader handlebars, they score high on comfort and convenience.
  • Fast and reliable – Apart from being a quicker option to your workstation, E-bikes are also reliable. E-bikes are cost-effective and will save you money. Additionally, you can get additional battery packs to increase your range as per your requirements.

Top-five cruiser E-bikes review

  1. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

If you are looking for an electric cruiser bike with a classic appearance, the Heybike Cityscape is worth considering. Its wide swept-back handlebar and low-step frame will give you a relaxed and comfortable riding experience.

With a 350W brushless geared motor, you will have all the torque required to conquer inclines. Its smooth acceleration ensures that you will have no issues while riding through the city, and while we did find the hum to be a bit louder than other E-bikes, it didn’t bother other riders on the road.

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike 350W Electric City Cruiser Bicycle-Up to 40 Miles- Removable Battery, Shimano 7-Speed and Dual Shock Absorber, 26" Electric Commuter Bike for Adults (Black)
  • LONG RANGE BATTERY & POWERFUL MOTOR – With modular 36V, 10Ah battery, the Cityscape allows riders to travel up to 40 miles per charge using pedal assist. 350w rear-drive motor provides reliable support and 19mph top speed.
  • UPGRADE YOUR COMMUTING- Better improved materials Step-Through geometry frame and wide swept-back handlebar, With all the benefits of the Cityscape,, this is the true comfort cruiser you've been searching for.

Last update on 2022-01-25 at 04:14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

One of the highlights of this E-bike has to its 360w modular battery. It gives you the option of charging the battery on or off the frame. We found this feature convenient as you can carry the battery anywhere for charging. Additionally, you can also use the battery pack to charge other mobile devices, which is a convenient feature to have, especially on a backpacking trip.

Other features that we like:

  • 7-speed gearing for additional torque
  • 3 working modes for efficient riding
  • Dual shock absorber
  • Integrated rear rack
  • Dual-disc brakes


  • It comes with a powerful 350W brushless geared motor
  • Modular battery pack
  • The battery can provide up to 40 miles in pedal-assisted mode
  • The low-step frame and a comfy saddle offers excellent comfort
  • 7-speed gearing options
  • Excellent braking system
  • Excellent suspension system


  • Some users may find the motor’s hum a bit loud

The Heybike Cityscape is an excellent electric bike for all conditions. Whether you are riding it down your neighborhood, to the office, or around the city, this bike will make your cruising experience delightful.

  1. SOHOO Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

After reviewing hundreds of bikes best-suited for the beach, we landed on the SOHOO E-bike, and needless to say, it impressed us. This E-bike sports a robust frame and excellent tires to offer comfort and control on all surfaces. We loved its laid-back riding position as we cruised through the beach, which is identical for lengthy trips as well.

Its high-quality aluminum alloy frame also inspires confidence, and you will have a stable riding experience even at 25mph. Since the frame uses a one-piece aluminum alloy construction, it can withstand up to 325 pounds, convenient if you are on a backpacking trip.

SOHOO 48V500W13Ah 26" Beach Cruiser Step-Thru Electric Bicycle City E-Bike Mountain Electric Bike (Green)
  • 🚴‍♀️ Inspired by those long rides up and down the coast, this electric beach cruiser design will make your trip a breeze while riding in style. Whether you are out for a short cruise to the beach or a long trip, the relaxed and laid-back riding position is all about comfort and ease allowing you to enjoy the scene you love.
  • 🚴‍♀️ One-piece high-quality Step-Thru aluminum alloy frame + enhanced Shock front fork + Seat post Shock, Detachable And Sturdy Luggage Rack, 30.8mm aluminum high-end belt clip saddle can withstand 325 pounds. It will give you a great experience!

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Apart from a sturdy frame and upright riding position, the removable battery pack also helps the cause. The option to charge the battery on or off the bike is convenient as you can carry the battery pack anywhere you want.

Other features that we like:

  • It comes with four working modes, making this E-bike versatile
  • M5 LCD with different information
  • 7-speed gearing options
  • Dual-disc brakes
  • LED head and rear lights
  • Anti-theft battery feature


  • Laid-back riding position
  • High-quality aluminum alloy frame
  • Detachable luggage rack
  • It comes with an LCD that indicates battery life, temperature gauge, voltage, etc.
  • Four working modes ensure versatility
  • Excellent braking system


  • Shorter riders may face some issues

The SOHOO beach cruiser is an excellent option for all terrains and is undoubtedly one of the best electric bikes for women.

  1. ECOTRIC Adult Cruiser Electric Bicycles

The ECOTRIC cruiser is eye candy, and any woman setting her sight on this elegant E-bike will fall for it instantly. It has all the ingredients to become your perfect travel partner. The retro design combined with modern technology makes this E-bike a delightful option for women.

Don’t let the design fool you! The ECOTRIC cruiser packs in power, and you will be surprised when its powerful 350W motor eases your trip. The pedal-assist mode will help you conquer any terrain with ease, and while we didn’t like the default maximum speed, you can get through it with some tweaks.

ECOTRIC 26" Electric Bike Bicycle EBike Powerful 350W Motor 36V/10AH Moped Throttle & Pedal Assist W/Basket - You Will Receive (2) Packages (White)
  • STRONG 350W GEAR MOTOR- Rear hub 350W motor, providing strong driving force, provide enough energy for your daily commute, cruise in the mountains, or ride along your favorite trails. The default factory maximum speed:21 Mph. (If you need higher speed, please adjust according to the instruction.) Power: Pedal assist on-demand and throttle. Rear Derailleur: 7 Speed SHIMANO.
  • POWERFUL REMOVABLE BATTERY- 36V 10AH Lithium Cell. Charging time: 6-8 hours. Display: 36V LED Display, Distance per charge: 21-40 miles. With battery lock and power lock function. One key repair function, plug SM-5Y, 36V dedicated (rated voltage not universal)

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The bike’s design is a throwback to the past, and you get everything from a rear luggage rack to a basket at the front. These additions make it convenient for carrying your stuff, and you will have enough space for everything.

The load capacity is excellent, and full-grown adults will have no issues while riding this electric cruiser bike. This bike comes with a 10AH lithium battery, and while the cell provided enough juice for our trip, it took about eight hours to recharge. It can be a letdown for some users, and we recommend that you check the battery before planning long-distance trips.

Other features that we like:

  • Smart LED display
  • 7-speed gearing options
  • Throttle speed control
  • Battery lock function
  • One key repair function


  • Comfortable riding position
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Rear and front luggage space
  • Exceptional load capacity up to 198 pounds
  • Durable carbon steel frame
  • Rear disc brake
  • Retro design


  • It can take up to 8 hours to recharge the battery
  • No dual-disc brakes
  1. sixthreezero Electric-Bicycles Around The Block

If wide handlebars excite you, our next electric cruiser will take it to a whole new level. This E-bike offers an ergonomic upright riding position with wide handlebars that will allow your joints to be tension-free and relaxed. The bike combines retro styling with modern features, and we had no issues while we tested this bike on multiple surfaces.

For starters, this E-bike comes with a powerful 250W motor that can help you attain speeds of up to 60mph in pedal-assist mode. Its 7-speed rear derailleur ensures smooth shifts, and you can choose between any of them without breaking a sweat.

sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Electric Bicycle, 7-Speed Beach Cruiser eBike, 500 Watt Motor, 26" Wheels, Teal Blue with Black Seat and Grips
  • 500-watt rear hub motor functions in pedal-assist or full-electric eBike mode
  • eBike has a 500-watt battery will take you 18 to 40 miles (at up to 14 mph) in full-electric mode and 20 to 60 miles (at up to 28 mph) in pedal-assist mode

Last update on 2022-01-24 at 14:29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The 26-inch wheels offer stability and excellent bump-absorption, and while we had no issues while riding through flat surfaces, beach riding would require you to change tires. The brakes are excellent, ensuring safety even at higher speeds which is a staple for this E-bike.

Other features that we like:

  • Controller display
  • Full throttle options
  • Dual-spring saddle
  • Dual-disc brakes
  • Rear luggage rack


  • Ergonomic upright riding position
  • Easy-to-use controls for pedal-assist and throttle input
  • Excellent braking system
  • Durable frame
  • Excellent lumbar support


  • The Controller display could have been bigger
  1. VIVI Electric Cruiser Bike

If you are looking for a super sturdy and durable E-bike, the VIVI electric cruiser bike is undoubtedly worth considering. This bike features a carbon steel frame with a double-layer aluminum alloy wheel to provide excellent durability and stability even at higher speeds.

However, the primary highlight of this E-bikes frame is its low step-through design. It allows you to get on and off the bike without breaking a sweat. This feature allows female riders to wear anything they want – a well-thought design element from the manufacturer.

VIVI Electric Bike, 26" Electric Cruiser Bike 350W Ebike 20MPH Electric Bike for Adults, Up to 50 Miles, Removable Battery, Professional 7 Speed, Electric City Commuter Bicycle
  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL】The 26" electric bike is made of light and sturdy carbon steel frame. The front and rear wheels are double layer aluminum alloy wheel, greater durability as well as faster ride with less drag. This cruiser bike's low step-through frame makes getting on and off the bike a breeze. The wide swept-back handlebar helps you ride in a natural, comfortable position even on long rides. Ideal for casual and comfortable riding.
  • 【ELECTRIC SYSTEM】Equipped with 350W high speed brushless motor, with speeds up to 20mph, it will get you there swiftly. Easily adapt to various terrains, taking you to enjoy the outdoor fun. In addition, removable 36V 8AH battery supports 22-25mile ( E-Bike Mode ) to 44-50 mile ( Assisted Mode ) ridding. You can charge on or off the ebike by your convenience. Fast charging only need 4-6 hours.

Last update on 2022-01-24 at 14:29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

We loved its performance, and the powerful 350W brushless motor provides adequate power in all road conditions. You can adapt to different terrains, and the 26-inch tires ensure stability and comfort even on uneven surfaces.

Other features that we like:

  • 7-speed transmission system
  • 3 working modes
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • LED headlight
  • Rear luggage rack


  • It comes with a convenient step-through design
  • Fast-charging support
  • Excellent braking system
  • Durable carbon steel frame
  • Removable battery pack


  • No LCD or LED display

Although it misses out on an intelligent LCD/LED display, this E-bike has all the ingredients to offer a comfortable riding experience. Overall, the VIVI E-bike is one of the best electric cruiser bikes for women.


The electric cruiser bike offers a number of advantages over the traditional bicycle. You can get to the park easily and enjoy a ride home without hassle. The ride can be as long or as short as you wish. An electric cruiser can also increase a person’s level of fitness. By utilizing its low-maintenance features, an electric cruiser can also improve a rider’s ability to stay on the road longer.

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