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Top Bike Helmet Accessories to Improve Your Ride

A bike helmet is an important accessory when you ride a bike. It reduces the chances of a head or brain injury. It keeps the rifer safe protecting the head, which is the most important part of a human body. Wearing a helmet has other benefits as well. It protects the rider from unpredicted weather conditions.

For example, if it starts raining while riding a bike, the helmet would protect the rider from the rain or getting wet. If it is too sunny, it protects your eyes. It also makes you look more visible on the road so the other riders or people traveling in different vehicles can see you. They will know that someone is riding a bike. There are a few accessories for the helmets which can improve your ride and provide better protection. Investing in bike accessories is always beneficial and ensures more safety.

Top bike helmet accessories to improve your ride

  1. Bike helmet visors

The bike helmet visors are an accessory to provide better protection. The main purpose is to protect from sun and help you see the road keeping the sun out of your eyes. It also keeps the wind, rain, and other extraneous factors out of your eyes, providing better protection and giving a safe ride. The visors can either be long or short.

The short visors are not heavy; they are weightless. They are prominent and also provide an easy ride because of their weight. Short visors would be perfects for a road bike. Long visors are preferable on a mountain bike as they provide better protection and do a visor’s job. It protects the rider from branches, spider webs, or any other such hurdles. It also provides better sun protection than a short visor.

There is no requirement to wear sunglasses when you ride a bike if you have a helmet visor. It keeps the sun and rain off your face as these extreme weather conditions can distort your view of the road.

Crashes or falling are obvious events that occur while riding a bike. A visor can protect your face during those situations.

  1. Bike helmet lights

Many riders enjoy the thrill of riding bikes at night. The bike helmet lights play an important role and act as a crucial bike helmet accessory. Using lights on the handlebar and the helmets combined would support a smooth ride at night. The light on the helmets is concentrated and focused. The measure of the light output is called a Lumen. If you are a person who likes to ride alone, the power of the lumen should be bigger. It is always recommended to have a higher lumen to have a better vision and clarity of the trail at night.

Using a helmet light gives the rider a better vision and helps the other riders or people know that there is a rider around. The light is attached to your head, and therefore it helps illuminate the area where the head is facing. It helps the rider have a better focus on the trail. If the main light of the bike faces a malfunction or stops working, these helmet lights are a good backup and help you through your night ride journey.

A few bike helmet lights that come out these days do not require batteries but have a built-in USB port for charging. But most of these lights are easy to install. There is no need to worry about the hassle of installation in that case.

  1. Bike helmet replacement pads

Pads are very important for a helmet. You want the helmets to fit perfectly on your head, touching your head all the way around. It should fit so perfectly that hard winds or any violent shakes don’t carry away the helmet. The helmet should be able to resist all this and stay in place perfectly. Like trying on the fit of a dress before purchasing it. It is always recommended to try on a helmet too. The pads on the helmets are mostly made of foams.

These pads are customizable and replaceable as well. The top pad inside the helmet can be removed and replaced. Some people would find a thick foam pad on the top to be very heavy and uncomfortable. It can be replaced with thinner materials in that case.

For the sides, thicker pads are always better. You can adjust these pads, too, according to your comfortability level. You can adjust the side pads so that it provides enough cooling and improves the airflow around the corners. The pads should be adjusted perfectly so that the helmet fits perfectly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. In the long run or overtime, the pads of the helmets will compress, but it does not mean that it will loosen the fit.

Pads are one of the accessories that get worn out over some time. Replacing the pads is always an option in such a situation. It is easy to replace the pads and make the helmet look and feel fresh as new.

  1. Bike helmet mirrors

Installing a bike helmet mirror is one of the best investments to make on safety. Mirrors on the bikes are helpful and help you keep track of what’s behind you. The addition of bike helmet mirrors is also a great option to help you get a wider view of the field. Sometimes having a mirror on the bike alone will not suffice the purpose of knowing what is happening behind you or what is approaching you. This is where the bike helmet mirrors come in handy.

If you are a rider, who wears eyeglasses. You may have to keep turning to know who is behind you and if your fellow cyclists are keeping track with you. A helmet mirror is easy to install and sits well outside your helmet. If you are a person with long hair or big shoulders, it might obstruct your view when wearing a bike helmet mirror.

Bike helmet mirrors are not very expensive. They are easy to attach and also cheap. You must be careful while placing your helmets down when you have a mirror installed on your helmet. As it is easy for people to not pay attention to it and end up breaking the mirror. The helmet must be of perfect fit to install a mirror onto it. If the helmet tends to move around without staying in one exact position, there is no use in attaching a helmet mirror. If the helmet is a perfect fit, then using a helmet mirror would be useful because there is a tendency for these mirrors to have more vibration than those on the handlebars of the bikes.

  1. Bike helmet cameras

If you are a person who loves to capture the adventure ride that you are taking up and love to keep memories of them, then a bike helmet camera would be the go-to option. It is difficult to ride with one hand holding a camera to capture the footage of the ride or take any photographs. It is easier to attach a camera to the helmet and record the events. This is not helpful just for the sake of vlogging or keeping recorded memories. Accidents tend to happen on the road. Having a helmet camera would help record all those events, provide a clear picture, and take legal actions if the fault is on the other person.

If you use a good camera, then it is assured that you can take high-quality footage. Recording your trail and keeping track of the routes you’ve been to helps you share or explain your experiences to people in a more detailed manner. It also helps in improving your riding skills. If you are a person who wants to improve your skills, a helmet camera would be of great use to analyze your strategy and improve your performance. You don’t have to stop the bike each time you want to record something. The helmet cameras have voice control and remote-control technology. You can capture photographs as you are moving with the help of these features.

  1. Bike helmet noise reducer

The noise tolerance of people varies from person to person. Some people prefer less noise and less disturbance while riding a bike. It is better to have a noise reducer because too much noise is not good and damages the ear and health. Hearing loss is irreversible damage. Taking precautions is always better than cure. Noise reducers for helmets are not just one specific accessory. There are different ways and different methods for noise reduction in a helmet. It is always important to use a helmet that fits properly. Using a perfect fitting helmet itself reduces the noise to a great extent.

Other methods of noise reducers include wearing earplugs or earmuffs. This is a simple, effective, and cheap way to reduce the noise around. Using a silicone or wax earplug or earmuffs would be more useful for this purpose. It is also possible that noise can access through the neck even if the helmet perfectly fits you. Protecting the ears alone doesn’t help here. It is important to protect the neck as well for more noise reduction. Using a neck roll or padding around the neck is the best way to protect your neck.

The next best option is to stuff the helmet. You can use some extra foam and stuff it into your helmet or the earholes of the helmet particularly. Keeping the visors closed also helps to reduce the noise. Some helmets are quieter than others. Purchasing a quieter helmet would also serve the purpose of reducing the noise around.

  1. Bike helmet covers

Bike helmet covers are a different type of accessory that would help protect the lid of the helmets. Helmets are generally expensive, and protecting them from scratches or any other damages should be our priority. This is a very unique accessory compared to all the other accessories we’ve seen before. Apart from the purpose of protection, it gives a funky look to the rider, makes you look cool, and stand out from the crowd.

The helmet covers provide good visibility for the children and adults using them. Helmet covers are of different types. Some helmet covers are funky and customized to give the helmets a decorative look. A few helmet covers are made of flexible fabric for a perfect fit on the helmets. Helmet covers are also used to protect the helmet covers from rain and any such extreme weather. It is waterproof and therefore helps to resist rain.

It protects against snow, dust, rain, water, etc. The bike helmet covers are lightweight, and therefore it is easy to carry around. You can fold it and keep it in your bag or any spot and use it when required. There is no trouble carrying this accessory around. It has drawstrings and is adjustable. Bike helmet covers have a standard size, and it fits almost every helmet as it is made from flexible and high-quality fabric that doesn’t tear up while being stretched out.


Bike riders must use a helmet regardless of what their preference is. Some people do not like wearing helmets. It is important to change that attitude. Using a helmet is necessary to protect yourself from any injuries that might be life-threatening. The accessories that are mentioned would provide extra protection and helps the rider to have a safe ride.

Some factors we miss out on and are not considered a big deal are things like sunlight, rain, wind, dust, etc., whereas these same factors could lead to a fatal accident in some cases. Using the bike helmet accessories would help to overcome and fight these factors. Protecting ourselves from weather conditions, protecting our eyes, and cutting out the wind are a few uses with these accessories.

You can cherish the memories and routes you have taken with the help of a few accessories like bike helmet cameras. Every accessory has its benefits. It adds up to the style of the helmet and, most importantly, provides extra protection. It keeps you from injuring yourself badly in case of any accidents. Some bike helmet accessories also help reduce the noise and help to keep you safe from any possible hearing loss.

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