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Why Women Need Bike Helmet With Visors

Are you planning on investing in a bike but want to ensure you have the best safety gear first? Would you like to particularly protect your face, especially your eyes, when biking? Do you have sensitive skin that you don’t want to expose to the scorching heat of the sun? For someone dilly dallying on helmets with visors or no visors, we tell you today why helmets with visors will stand you in better stead, especially if you are planning dirt and sand tracks.

Types of helmet visors

  • Built-in

Built-in visors are those that come sealed to the helmet itself! They cannot be detached at all. They are streamlined and do not stretch out from the helmet. However, their protection is unparalleled from elements of nature such as sun, heat, and rain. The built-in helmet visor is suitable for biking on standard trails and not the best option for mountain bikers and single trail bikers.

The built-in visors are short in size, and they cover the face completely in case of eventualities like a crash landing on the head or the face. Hypothetically, if the visor was kept longer, it could break on impact and damage the skull or pierce in the eyes instead of being a protective gear per se.

  • Detachable

Detachable visors on helmets are the best thing to happen to the biker community in general. They come in various shapes and forms, but their ultimate aim is to make sure that the rider’s head and face are completely safe at all times.

What is amazing about these helmet visors is that they can be removed and attached how the biker wants to. They are much wider than the built-in ones and give extra protection against tree branches, rain, shine, or snow. Detachable visors are a better alternative to built-in visors when it comes to riding in tough weather.

Additionally, suppose the biker wants to ride in the urban neighborhood and unfortunately meets an accident and falls off the bike. In that case, the detachable visor will come off due to the impact keeping the head and delicate parts such as the eyes and the ears safe.

Why women need bike helmets with visors?

  1. Riding in the day

For women that enjoy biking in the morning or just before the sun sets, the struggles with the sun at eye level are particularly challenging. The sunlight can also interfere with their view in the front and cause imbalance and accidental fall. However, consider that the woman is wearing a helmet with a visor; it can considerably help in blocking the sun from going into her eyes. This way, she can be one hundred percent confident riding even if she is riding in the direction of the sun.

  1. Biking on narrower, single tracks

If you are adventurous and love to make single tracks that are only meant for one rider at a time, you could do great with a helmet with a visor. When the biking trails are too narrow, it becomes complicated to navigate them. There is dirt and uneven surface apart from fallen tree branches that can sometimes snap under the tires and hit the bikers on the face, especially hurting the eyes. Strong winds can also split up a lot of dirt and throw them towards the women bikers, making it difficult to see their way.

  1. Protection from low branches

The visor on the helmet is also good protection for the eyes and face, generally against the low hanging branches of trees on the mountain biking trails. When the woman rider is at very high speeds, the branches can act like a catapult putting equally high pressure back on her face, causing injury on the delicate areas or making her lose balance. It has been seen that 8 out of 10 times, a visor helps to keep the branches out of their way and from obstructing their view.

  1. Protection in harsh weather

Women bikers who love to challenge their daily limits also love to bike during harsh weather conditions. To them, it would hardly matter if it was raining heavily or snowing. Biking can be very tough in inclement weather because rain and snow can get into her eyes and hinder sight.

Yet another reason why a helmet with a visor can help the woman biker is that continuous soaking in the rain and snow can damage their hair and even ruin their makeup. A visor can effectively help control the damage. The visor protects the eyes from cold winds even when the rider is at high speeds and not allowing the rain to interfere with her sight. It can also prevent a severe headache waiting to happen if you did not take adequate care and caution.

A helmet with a visor is essential for a racing enthusiast

Women bikers with an adventurous side will not stop at having their daily dose of adrenaline. If you are one of them, it is strongly recommended that you prefer a helmet with visors. This is mainly because

  • If the weather is very hot, then the rider that is ahead of you will throw a lot of dirt with his tires at your face level
  • In case it is raining or snowing, then in all likelihood, there is going to be a lot of mud and snow flying to your face.
  • If other bikers do not have mudguards installed on the rear tires of their bikes, it becomes all the more important for you to go in for a helmet that comes with a visor.

You cannot afford to stop each time to clear your eyes and face off the mud and then continue in a race. You have a lot at stake. That is why a visor will protect your face from all the dirt, mud, water, and snow that comes flying from the other bikers’ tires. It works like a safety wall allowing you to surpass your competing riders and come first at the finishing line.

What is the best way to wear your helmet with a visor?

Wear the helmet and keep it at an optimum angle so that the visor extends at least one inch away from the nose. If you wear the visor on the forehead, it will decrease your sight and even hinder your performance, increasing your chances of an accident.


Women bikers mostly pose this question to themselves if they need to use a visor on their helmets all the time. The easiest answer to this is yes! It will keep your face and head protected. It may narrow down your vision, but it will save your face in countless unfortunate accidents.

You can remove the visor if you are in a calmer neighborhood, especially if you feel it hinders your sight and makes it difficult for you to look at traffic lights or car lights coming from the opposite direction.

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