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Bluetooth Bike Helmet Buying Guide

Are you someone that finds life dull without music? Do you love listening to music when you are riding your bike and have to don a helmet? Do you think it would be a swell idea if you could listen to your favorite songs, take a call or listen to live navigation without removing your helmet every time? You know what, you got it! A Bluetooth bike helmet is one of the best things to gift yourself today or someone you care for.

What is a Bluetooth bike helmet?

A helmet can cut the rider’s connection to the outside world. A Bluetooth bike helmet is the answer if you want to stay connected with your biker friends on the trail. You can also listen to music or take or drop calls without having to tip off your helmet each time. They work the same way that any other Bluetooth devices do. They form a network with the smart devices without using any wires at all. The Bluetooth is battery-powered.

There are essentially two types of Bluetooth helmets:

  • The Bluetooth-Ready Helmets have built-in Bluetooth features, and they are usable as soon as you unbox and wear them. They usually come with single-touch technology.
  • Bluetooth-enabled helmets have attachments where the user can choose a Bluetooth device to affix in them. The attachment does not cause any discomfort.

Bluetooth bike helmet benefits for riders:

  • They help to speak with other passengers or co-bikers
  • They entertain you while away alone by listening to music or connecting to a friend or family
  • It can give you updates on traffic and help you plan your route and time
  • GPS directions on Bluetooth are a godsend. Imagine the amount of distraction a biker saves by not having to look constantly at his tracker.

How to choose bike helmets with Bluetooth?

Here are three essential factors to consider before you zero in on the best Bluetooth bike helmet for your use.

  1. The cost of the helmet:

It is an excellent idea to predetermine how much you can afford to pay for your Bluetooth helmet. There is a wide range on the market. Take some time to read customer reviews and objectively analyze all its features to understand if the Bluetooth helmet you are choosing will justify its price.

  1. Compliance with safety protocols:

It often happens that people adopt a very careless approach to safety standards and protocols when it comes to impulsive buying. Many bikers are now procuring Bluetooth bike helmets because it is new on the market, and it has a cool quotient to it.

Recheck if the Bluetooth helmet that you are considering has your protection as its mainstay. Technology is good, but it cannot override safety precautions. The helmet must, in essence, comply with the ECE, DOT, and Snell standards. In the UK, it has to follow the ACU safety rules.

  1. The language that you are comfortable in:

There is one crucial thing to ensure before you click on Pay or sign the dotted line. Your Bluetooth helmet must be compatible and pair with your mobile phone and other smart gadgets. This compatibility with your devices is essential to optimize all its functions and justify its price.

How to set up your Bluetooth bike helmet?

  1. When you are using a Bluetooth-ready helmet, all you need to do is pair it with your smartphone or any other smart device by pushing the Bluetooth button on the helmet. The Bluetooth scanner will start searching and locate the smartphone’s Bluetooth to connect the two eventually.
  2. If you have bought a Bluetooth-enabled helmet, follow these simple steps to set up the Bluetooth in it:
  3. Purchase a Bluetooth receiver and good quality headphones
  4. Attach small speakers inside the headphones
  5. Attach the speakers with the Bluetooth receiver and connect with your smart device.

Top Bluetooth bike helmets review

  1. Best Value for your Money- Smart Communications Cycling Helmets - Sena R1

If you are looking for a Bluetooth bike helmet that will become the cynosure of all eyes in your bike trailing groups, we strongly suggest that you go for the Sena R1 from Smart Communication Helmet.

Sena Unisex-Adult Smart Cycling Helmet (Matte White, Medium)
  • Built-in speakers and mic enable you to listen to your music and your surroundings
  • Group Intercom allows you to communicate with up to three other riders

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The helmet comes in some cute colors, including white, which is a classic color and much preferred by bikers worldwide. The speakers are inbuilt and the microphone allows you to listen to your favorite music as you make your favorite trails. Now, keeping in touch with your mate is quite easy with the group intercom feature that allows you to talk with three of your companions. The Bluetooth pairs with your phone to use it hands-free when you are on the go.


  • It has a built-in microphone
  • Intercom feature for a group of four bikers up to a maximum of a half-mile
  • It utilizes Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Boasts of advanced noise control technology that cancels unwanted outside noise.


  • Comes in vibrant colors.
  • Superior design.
  • Padding, straps, and the locking mechanism are all removable and washable.
  • Mobile application to optimize features.
  • Complies with safety protocols such as 16 CFR Part 1203 certification

Editor’s Opinion:

The Sena Bluetooth bike helmet sits comfortably on the head and gives a minimum of 12 hours of talk time if charged for about two and half hours.

  1. Feature-rich Bluetooth bike helmet – LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet

Do you fancy buying a smart bike helmet that comes with the latest in technology? Are you confused about which brand you should put your money in? Livall could be the one that you have been looking out for. It has auto-sensing LEDs and taillights too. You can use your phone hands-free to talk, make calls, and send SOS alerts, and all of this by connecting your helmet with Bluetooth.

LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet with Turn Signal Tail Lights and Warning Lights, Bluetooth Connection for Music and One-Touch Phone Calls, Ultra-Light Comfortable Adult Cycling Helmet, BH51M
  • 【Smart Lighting】The smart helmet built-in LED lights with 270-degree angle can indicate as flashing lights or as stopping and warning lights – helping cyclists communicate effectively with other road users. These helmet turning lights are controlled using the Remote Controller attached to the handlebars.
  • 【Bluetooth Helmet Speakers】The Built-in high-quality speakers in the helmet allow cyclists to hear the sounds of traffic while on the phone, follow the GPS navigation system and listen to music, podcasts or an audio book during the long and lonely ride trip. The riders can switch the songs by using the remote controllers attached on the handlebars.

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  • Very light and comfortable, weighing only about 2 pounds.
  • It meets the CE protocol for safety and comes with auto lighting and taillights when the bike turns 270 degrees.
  • Microphone is strategically placed over the ears to make the rider conscious of traffic sounds around him.
  • Comes with a group intercom feature that allows the rider to converse with other companions.
  • Internal material is breathable
  • Adjustable straps for snug fit


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Well rated on the internet
  • Affordable
  • One size fits all
  • Comes in a classic black color only

Editor’s Opinion:

The SOS alert is a peculiar feature in the Livall helmet. It auto connects the helmet to the Livall app whenever it suspects an emergency. SOS signals are immediately sent to all emergency contacts that are stored in its database.

  1. Most economical choice – Smart4u Smart Helmet

Sometimes, you feel that you don’t want to invest in an expensive product because you are unsure if you will do justice to its price. We perfectly understand, and that is why we decided to include this Bluetooth helmet in our list.

Smart4u Smart Helmet with LED Taillight & Turn Indicators, SOS Alert, Bluetooth Phone One Button Answer Bike Helmet, Certified Comfortable Cycling Helmet-SH55M
  • 【Bluetooth Music】The bike helmet has a built-in bluetooth speaker, which allows you to enjoy the ambience of your high-quality music and the clarity of your surrounding environment. Connected up to your smartphone and the LIVALL APP, you can also listen to the radio, audio books, podcasts etc.
  • 【Answer Phone Calls】Answer calls through the bicycle helmet in-built bluetooth speaker and windproof microphone at the push of a button on your handlebar remote control, while retaining full control and stability of your vehicle.

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The bluetooth helmet has a high sensitivity wireless system so that the wind resistance does not cancel the sound from the call or the music station. The module is so efficient that you could be navigating your trail at a high speed of 25 kilometers per hour but still be able to hear and talk comfortably without straining. Now that is what we call value for every dollar spent!


  1. The material on the inside is very durable and breathable.
  2. Pairs with Bluetooth version 4.1
  3. Wind resistant microphone
  4. The one-click button for taking and dropping calls is on the handlebar
  5. Two high-quality stereo speakers placed strategically on the two sides of the helmet


  • Comes with LED taillights
  • Indicators blink when taking a turn
  • The helmet raises an SOS Alert when there is an emergency and even alerts emergency contacts when an impact happens to it
  • One-touch button to answer calls
  • Very popular with buyers
  • Comes in two classic colors, black and white

Editor’s Opinion:

The Smart4U helmet has 6 LED lights and has a patented design. The light is effective for a whopping 150 meters, making it the best companion after sunset. The adjustable strap makes sure that the fit on the head is reassuring and comfortable. It has excellent impact resistance because the body of the helmet is polycarbonate, and the inside is lined with polystyrene foam that gives s snug fit.

Your takeaway

Technology can make adventure look so much better and safe. Bluetooth bike helmets are not a luxury anymore. They can prove life-saving in a lot of cases. Imagine losing your way on a trail and being able to speak to your companions in crystal clear audio. That is the kind of assurance that a Bluetooth helmet gives. It can connect you to the local music stations, and you can even take that very urgent call even if both your hands are holding the cycle’s handlebar.

Say bye to the dangerously dangling headphone wires and say hello to the Bluetooth helmet. You will never regret this investment forever.

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