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Buying Guide For Womens Cruiser Bikes With Gear

Cruiser bikes are simpler to ride and easier to maintain. They are heavy, durable bicycles. Their popularity is increasing since the late 90s. Initially, these bikes were designed with just one gear or speed, more commonly known as a single speed. But eventually, more gears were added to these bikes. Specific bikes were designed for women.

It was done concerning the fact that women are shorter and lighter. It does not apply to everyone, but soon womens cruiser bikes with gears were introduced. These bikes have gained quite some popularity and are high on demand. These have proved to be a considerable improvement over the traditional single speed cruiser bikes.

womens cruiser bikes with gear

Do cruiser bikes have gears?

Cruiser bikes were first designed during the early 1930s as a sturdy and affordable mode of transportation. They were introduced as an attempt to encourage people to buy bicycles. These cruiser bikes were designed after the motorbikes, without the engine. These bikes were sturdy, durable and heavy compared to the other more sophisticated bikes of that time.

These bikes had a single-speed drive terrain, meaning they had just one gear. It was because these bikes focused mainly on affordability. But later as the disadvantages of this system came more into focus, for its weight and sturdiness and primarily, more gears were added to the cruiser bikes. Now cruiser bikes have one, three or even seven speeds. It gives the rider more freedom to go uphill and downhill according to their wishes by adjusting different gears.

How do you shift gears on a cruiser bike?

Gears on a bike are meant to increase the inertia of the bike when the energy input from the rider reduces. It, in turn, helps in making the journey efficient. Five main components function in the working of a gear. These are:

  • the crankset, the front chainings
  • rear cassette, gears mounted on the rear wheel
  • a chain that connects to teeth on the chainring and gears
  • shifters, to move the chain between front chainrings and gears
  • derailleurs to shift the chain between front chainrings or between rear gears.

To shift gears, you need to change the chain between the rear cassette gears to make small changes in the ride. To make significant changes, the front chainrings can be shifted. If both are shifted simultaneously, it might jam the chain or make it slip off the chainrings or cassette.

Different gears comparison

Cruiser bikes were initially available with only one speed. But eventually, as the designs were updated and new variations were made, different gears were added to womens cruiser bikes. Now a variety of these is available in the market. They have many gears, including single-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed and 21-speed.

  • Single-speed

As the name suggests, this bike has only one gear ratio available. Only the pedals give the bike its speed. A derailleur is not available. Horizontal dropouts or chain tensioner is used to maintain the chain tension in these bikes. These bikes are perfect for strolls on flat surfaces.

  • 3-speed

It provides three different speeds to the users, which are, of course, entirely controlled by him or her during the ride. It uses a spring-loaded arm to keep the tension on the chain. A derailleur is available, and a cable is attached to the shifter that pulls the derailleur arm away from or closer to the bike for shifting of gears. These bikes are great for riding on different terrains and hilly landscapes.

  • 7-speed

It provides seven gears to the user. It has a different design from the single and three-speed bikes. Different sized cogs are placed externally, and the gears are shifted by moving the chain through a derailleur in this case. It is designed to deal with inclines bumps and rough conditions. Thus it is excellent for riding tricky terrains.

  • 21-speed

This bike has a seven gear rear hub along with three different chainrings on the crank. It results in 21 different speeds. There will be some noticeable overlap in the gear ratios when shifting to a different chainring.

The advantages of gears on cruiser bikes

There are many advantages of gears on a cruiser bike. Cruiser bikes are mostly used for long-distance rides so having gears makes them a better option, especially the women’s cruiser bikes with gear. It becomes more convenient for the rider to commute longer distances and smoothly handle the change of terrains. The different advantages of having gears on cruiser bikes are given below.

  • Adaptability: Different riders have different specific needs when it comes to riding a bike. Some of them can even be more specific about these things than others. One particular type, style and speed might not work for all the riders. When there are many gears available on a cruiser, it offers more flexibility and adaptability according to the user’s need with minimum effort from the rider. In case of women’s cruiser bikes with gear, this feature is paid special attention to.
  • Safe and easy to use: In the case of single-speed cruiser bikes, it puts a lot of strain on the rider and thus increases the chances of road accidents as well as freak accidents. It becomes even more plausible since cruiser bikes are made to commute long distances. Therefore, with gears’ presence, the riders can maintain their energy and be safer while riding, especially on busy roads or steep terrains. Keeping this in mind, the women’s cruiser bikes with gear were designed.


The women’s cruiser bikes with gear are an excellent option for women who prefer the outdoors and biking and those who simply like commuting on a bike. A gear system is the best form of energy transmission with maximum output and minimum input. These bikes are comfortable, versatile, stylish, and overall great for women.

They are available in four different gear ranges, single-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed. Every rider has unique requirements and comfort needs. Based on yours, you can choose a cruiser bike that will be perfect for you.

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