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Retrospec Chatham Womens 26″ Step-Thru Beach Cruiser Review

You want simple and functional? Easy and elegant? Minimal maintenance and a ton of charm? We’ve got the bike for you. Available in Single, Three, and Seven-Speeds, Chatham is built for cruising and commuting with comfort at its core.

It features a hand-built and shock-absorbent steel frame, cushy grips on high handlebars for a comfortable upright riding position, and a paint job inspired by classic surfer charm, transforming every ride into a head-turning, envy-inducing, easy-riding cruise.

Features of Critical Cycles Chatham Womens 26″ Step-Thru Beach Cruiser

  • Drive Train- Chatham is available in three gear options: Single, Three, and Seven-Speeds. With three gears, riding around town, up and through hilly areas is a breeze. It’s up to you how you ride across campus, along the boardwalk, by the beach, up and over hilly areas, and through and around your city.
  • Single-Speed- Chatham-1 is the simplest and most straightforward bicycle. With one gear and a coaster brake, this bike was designed for effortless riding and ultimate merrymaking, and there are no wires and nothing to adjust. This cruiser requires minimal maintenance, making it a great, long-lasting choice for short daily commutes. It’s equipped with single-speed gearing, a foot operated coaster brake, and a kickstand for your ease of use.
  • Three-Speed- Chatham-3 sports a Sturmey Archer three-speed internal rear hub. The drivetrain is protected against muck and grime and rattling, ultimately extending the lifetime of your bike. It’s adorned with wide tires, a wide saddle, and soft foam grips for a comfortable ride. This beach cruiser is equipped with a three-speed internal hub and foot operated coaster brake for effortless riding. The straightforward but efficient design is ideal for any excursion.
  • Seven-Speed- Chatham-7 has a Shimano derailleur and RevoShift grip shifter. The seven-speed drivetrain is accurate, timely, and will take you more places with less effort. Promax alloy V-brakes are dependable and reactive to keep you in control of your ride at all times. Chatham-7 Ladies’ seven-speed beach cruiser is equipped with wide tires, a wide saddle, and soft foam grips for a comfortable ride.
  • Step-Thru Frame – The step-thru steel frame is hand-built and shock absorbent for comfortable and reliable riding, regardless of what you ride over. Made out of high-tensile strength steel, this shock-absorbent frame is virtually indestructible. With a lower standover height, the step-thru Dutch style makes it easier to get on and off the bike.
  • High Handlebars – Cruiser handlebars are high to encourage a more upright riding position, reducing pressure on your back and shoulders. Sitting up straight on your bike is easier on your back, especially during longer lasting excursions.
  • Wanda Tires – The tires on these cruisers are extra wide for stability, grip, and shock-absorption. Measuring 26×2.25 inches Wanda tires are reliable, resilient, and responsive.
  • Double-Wall Rims Chatham is designed to be stronger and more durable than its competitors. The rims are double-walled to be stronger and protect the tubes in your tires from the spokes on your wheels, extending the life of your bike and its components.

Advantages of Critical Cycles Chatham Womens 26″ Step-Thru Beach Cruiser

  • Comfort Ride – Critical Cycles takes rider comfort and safety very seriously. The classically styled cruiser frame lets you get on and off the bike with ease. A plush saddle, cushy grips, and high handlebars transform your daily commute into a luxuriously comfy ride. The wide Wanda tires grip the road really well. They’re also thicker, which means they’ll better absorb vibrations reverberating through the bike.
  • Simple Design– Chatham-1 is straightforward to ride and maintain without cables. When you need to stop, simply pedal backwards to engage the coaster brake.
  • Grip-twist shifter – It simplifies switching gears with a twist of the wrist. Never sacrifice your safety or control over your ride by keeping your hands on your handlebars at all times. This style of shifting in conjunction with the internal rear hub means accuracy and efficiency.
  • Lightweight – This bicycle weighs around 40 pounds, which is really light for a bicycle of these great features. Additionally, even though it’s lightweight it can carry around 220 pounds.

Bottom line

Is there anything to say more about this great bicycle? Simple and reliable, the Chatham cruiser is always ready for fun. Ride confidently and comfortably on Chatham-1 step-thru beach cruiser as you commute from home to work, from work to class, and from class to home.

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