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How To Choose Cycling Bib Shorts For Women

Cycling can be much fun in addition to all those health benefits. It can help you focus, get away from your thoughts and the world for a few minutes. Getting the right bike is the essential part of cycling, but bib shorts can seal the deal for you if you want to look the part.

So, how are the bib shorts for women different from those for men? Do you need them? Here are all the details –

What Are Cycling Bib Shorts

These are shorts specifically designed for cycling. Unlike your regular shorts or even sports clothing, the bib shorts do not have seams. They are made with extra padding and breathable fabric that is soft on the skin and avoids chaffing.

When you cycle for long hours or go the distance on that bike, you need clothing that will keep you comfortable and safe – throughout the ride and after too. Good bib shorts have the following components adding to their design, comfort, and functionality.

  • Chamois – This is the crotch area of the shorts, which is padded, unlike regular shorts. This padding helps in absorbing the shock and vibrations caused by cycling. When you sit on the saddle and cycle for long, your crotch area is where most of your body weight rests. When you hit a bumpy road or cycle for too long, this area of your body takes the hit, and it is necessary to protect it accordingly.

This padding is made of foam, and the breadth and density vary from brand to brand, model to model.

  • Gripper – Have you noticed how your shorts tend to ride up when you run or cycle for long? Even those shorts designed specifically for sporting activities. You might have to keep pulling the hem back into place every time it rides up your thigh.

The hem alone made with elastic and silicon is the gripper, which prevents the shorts from riding up. This is an important element in a good pair of bib shorts. If the silicon used is not of the right quality and thickness, it can irritate and cause your skin to chafe, which is not something any rider would want!

Many manufacturers use broad elastic fabric to hold the shorts in place. This reduces the need for silicon, thus improving comfort.

  • Suspenders – These help to hold the shorts in place. When you cycle for long or need to get off and move around, the suspenders help hold the shorts in place. You won’t need to keep tugging at your shorts to hold them in place.

Good quality suspenders are made from elasticized material but are breathable and firm at the same time.

  • Material – Lycra is the favorite go-to material for many, especially when it comes to tight or fitting shorts, exercise tights, etc. Lycra is light, breathable, and offers good elasticity these shorts need. Though one can cycle in daily clothes or regular shorts, this material offers many comfort and benefits.

Different models use lycra in various combinations. The lower-cost shorts tend to have lesser lycra composition in them.

BALEAF Women's Cycling Bib Shorts Padded Road Bike Mountain Biking Shorts Pockets Better Fit Breathable UPF50+ Black Purple XS
  • Upgrade Fabric- Women cycling bib shorts padded are made of high performance breathable and quickly dry fabric. The back mesh fabric perfectly fits different body types.
  • 4D Gel Chamois- Upgraded gel padding is designed for female riders. The front panel is doubled over and protects the sit-bones in the right place, reducing the chafing from long distance rides

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Bib Shorts For Men Vs. Bib Shorts For Women

Now, when it comes to gender, how do these cycling bib shorts vary for men and women?

The chamois is narrow and thickerThe chamois is broader to accommodate a woman’s wider pelvic area. The center channel is also absent
The front area of the chamois is thinner than rest of the padded areasThe front area is thick and shaped for better protection
Men’s shorts have straight suspendersThe suspenders are curved to suit the female chest.
The shorts are broad andThe hip area is broader when compared to the waist area, to suit a female body’s proportions

How To Choose The Best Women’s Cycling Bib Shorts

When you are out to buy the perfect bib shorts for women, here are a few tips you can follow:

  1. Check the breadth and thickness of the chamois. If you go cycling regularly and for long distances, you may want to pick a pair of bib shorts that are well padded but not too firm at the same time.
  2. The chamois should not be too broad, as it might irritate your joints when your thighs come in contact with the chamois’s end as you pedal away.
  3. The elasticized gripper should not be a thin strip of silicon lining. This will cause much irritation and might cut into the skin too.
  4. Broad elasticized fabric for grippers will help the shorts stay in place, longer without chaffing your skin.
  5. You can choose suspenders with an extra curve to accommodate your breast size.
  6. If you are not too keen on the suspenders going all over your breasts, you can opt for the single spenders that come in the front.
  7. The size differs for men and women. When you refer to a size chart, ensure you refer to a size chart for women. These measurements differ from brand to brand too. Hence it is advisable to check the size properly before you buy it.
  8. The longer the shorts, the longer the gripper will be. This will reduce your skin’s breathing space.
  9. If the shorts are long and extend below the knees, they can bunch up behind the knee area when you cycle. This will not only be uncomfortable but can also bruise your skin.
  10. The shorts should not be very tight as they will restrict the blood flow, causing numbness.

Never wear your cycling bib shorts with your underwear. The chamois is designed to take the shock and reduce friction between your crotch area and the shorts. Wearing underwear might cause your skin to bruise, resulting in a saddle sore.

The Good and the Bad of Cycling Bib Shorts

When searching for the perfect cycling shorts, many factors help you make the decision. However, the most important thing is to decide between normal shorts and bib shorts. Let us look at some of the pros and cons of cycling bibs.


  • Bibs can hold the chamois exactly where they should be. This minimizes any abrasions and sores. Sometimes the chamois can bunch or wrinkle and cause irritation and discomfort. Bibs are great for keeping everything fitting perfectly.
  • Sometimes while riding, the shorts may slide down and expose your back, but this will not happen with bib shorts. This kind of thing can happen in a low riding position.
  • For women, it is essential to look good off the bike as well. Bib shorts give a leaner look and keep the butt looking taut. Normal shorts can sag and make your butt look bigger.


  • Bib shorts can make your body hotter because they cover the midsection and hold more body heat.
  • The shoulder straps on bib shorts can irritate some women’s skin. If it is not the right size, it may cause pain in the back.
  • Taking a bathroom break becomes a bit difficult. First, you need to take off the jersey, lower the shoulder straps, and only take care of the business.

Double Safety & Comfort With Cycling Jersey Bib Set

A jersey bib set is a combination of bib shorts and a matching jersey to go with them. The sign of a good jersey bib set is that, when you wear it, no one can tell that you are wearing a bib. From the outside, it looks like a normal jersey short set. You don’t have to worry about shorts sliding down or the waistband pinching at the waist. However, they are a bit inconvenient for a quick bathroom break.

Uriah Women's Cycling Jersey Bib Shorts Sets Short Sleeve Reflective Blue Purple Size XXXL(CN)
  • Size Notice: This is not standard US Size, size may run smaller than US size, please check the size chart on the product image and product description before placing the order; If you're not sure about the size, please feel free to contact Uriah Customer Service
  • Material: Jersey 100% Polyester Fabric; Black Bib Shorts: 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra; Strong moisture wicking ability,anti-UV rays and quick drying function

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Buying the right biking jersey bib set is as important as choosing the right cycle. There are some tips which can help you make the right choice.

The jersey & bib fit: the fit is the most important thing, and an ill-fitting jersey bib set can spoil the look and make you uncomfortable. It should be well-fitted, not too tight or loose. It must not restrict any movement of your body. Many jerseys for women have a drop tail. This ensures that it does not ride up too much when they are in the riding position.

Type of Ride: while choosing a jersey, it is good to know where you plan to wear it. If you are biking on the road, then your speed will be much more than mountain biking. So for road biking, you need a perfectly fitting jersey while you can wear loose-fitting gear for mountain biking.

Sleeve lengths: this will depend mainly on the rider’s preference and the temperature. If it is too hot and sunny, you want to protect your arms from tanning and sunburn. In extremely cold weather again, you will need full sleeves and even additional arm warmers.

Material of the jersey bib set: experienced cyclists know how crucial the material is. Most often, nylon, polyester, and merino wool are used for the jerseys. You can select either of these depending on the weather conditions and temperature. It is important to use fabric that can wick away moisture and keep your body parts clean and dry.

Quality of the jersey bib set: while choosing a jersey bib set, you must pay attention to the quality of the product. The materials used in the making of the gear must be of high quality. Look at the zips and buttons closely to make sure they don’t come off easily. The quality of stitching and materials is important because otherwise, you may have a bad experience right in the middle of a ride.

Extra features: any added features in a product make it all the more attractive. Pockets with easy zippers, length of the zipper, fasteners to secure some items that you may need, etc., are some of the features you may look at.

Colors and designs: we all like to wear something that truly represents us. Find a color and design that makes you feel happy while riding. Apart from aesthetics, another important aspect is visibility. Fluorescent colors increase a rider’s visibility even in darkness.


Choosing the right bib short for women is very important if you are a regular rider. Different brands have different fits. The features differ based on the price. Do not hesitate to spend some time and money on the right bib shorts, specifically designed for women.

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