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Which Type Of Cycling Is Best For Weight Loss?

Trying to lose weight can be pretty challenging but not impossible. There are plenty of ways to reduce unwanted fat effectively if you try and stay focused. Cycling is one of the most practical exercises that can help in cutting down fat without side effects.

Many brands manufacture designs suitable for weight loss exercises. So, those who are interested in cycling can choose from among many models. But not all the designs are efficient or ideal for everybody. Purchasing a model at random can therefore be a waste of time and money.

If you want to take up cycling to get rid of unwanted fat, it is essential to find the ideal equipment. Continue to read this short write-up to learn more about cycling.

Cycling Exercises For Weight Loss

Usually, there are two types of cycling exercises that you can include in your weight loss programs.


Cycling can be refreshing, invigorating and anyone can do it. All you need is the right gear, and you can start any time.

While outdoor cycling can reduce body fat, however, it is essential to have a good plan. According to studies, it doesn’t help much if you cycle at odd hours of the day. You may lose weight a little but will not reach your target as expected.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to achieve your goal within a specific time.

Choosing The Right Bike: You can’t go cycling without a bike. So, if you are keen to take up cycling as part of your workout routine, you have to get one. As stated earlier, there are plenty of bike brands and models on the market. Everybody likes different things, so you can pick a suitable model that can truly help.

When To Go Cycling: Earlier, we learned that the activity can lead to weight loss but only with a good plan. If reports are to go by, cycling is most effective after a night of fast. So, you can go cycling before breakfast as an exercise routine regularly. You may drink some water, black coffee or tea before riding. Carrying a bottle of water can be helpful too. You can also ride your bike whenever you get time to speed up the weight loss process. Go for the fasted rides two or three days a week. During the other times, you can eat an apple or a banana along with some water before riding out.

Duration & Intensity: Everyone likes to do things differently. Some may prefer riding fast but for a shorter time, while it can be the opposite for others. But experts and veteran cyclists say longer duration with moderate intensity show results more quickly. A two-hour ride for at least five days a week can be very effective. If you have more time, you can increase it to two and a half to three hours per day.

Incorporate Other Exercises: Along with a cycling routine, it will also be very beneficial if you add other workout activities. It will help you to burn fat quicker than you expect. There are different routines that you can do like weights, swimming and aerobics.

Keep it Consistent: In the beginning, you may feel some pain and discomfort after riding your bike a few times. But you must not give up. You should continue riding if you want to see positive results fast. The pain and discomfort will go away with regular cycling.

An Effective Diet: If you want to see positive results fast and maintain the same fit physique, it is necessary to follow a good diet. If you indulge in any food as you want, the hard work will be all for nothing.


You can also take up indoor cycling at the gym or home. Gym bikes or stationary bikes are similar to regular bicycles in providing results. The difference is the design.

You will find a variety of stationary bike designs on the market if you want to own one. However, if you have a membership at a gym nearby, you can use the bikes available there.

Regarding a workout routine, you may follow the same steps as outdoor cycling. They will benefit you in the same way. However, there are a few things that you can add.

Change Pace:  You can change the pace and difficulty level from time to time. Go faster and harder sometimes and take down a notch or two other times. The exercise may not produce the desired results if it gets accustomed to the same activity. So, changing the intensity can be quite helpful.

Stay Active: Don’t lie down the rest of the day because you have worked out in the morning. You must try to stay mobile as much as possible throughout the day.

Different Types Of Bicycles/Bikes

There are at least four different kinds of bikes that you can find on the market. All have some unique features, and enthusiasts can choose according to suitability.

Road bike: Also called a touring bike, it is mainly meant for asphalt roads and trails. It is a lightweight bike with narrow tires and is intended for long-distance travel. You can use a road bike for your weight loss program or for commuting to your workplace. You can burn about 270 calories an hour by riding at a moderate pace if you weigh about 150 pounds.

Mountain Bike: Built for dirt roads and rough terrain, a mountain bike is heavier and bigger. It is also suitable for weight loss programs and can burn even more calories if a person weighs the same as above.

Hybrid Bike: It has the fantastic features of both bikes mentioned above. Hence, it is suitable for any surface. Whether you want to ride on rough roads or asphalt, it can help you in burning fat.

Recumbent Bike: It is available in both outdoor and indoor versions. A recumbent bike is ideal for people who have knee joint problems while cycling. It has a wider seat and does not put too much pressure on the knee joints. People who are on the heavier side can use the bike for weight loss exercises. They can get effective results without bringing discomfort to their knees.

Whether you opt for indoor or outdoor cycling activity, you can burn fats. However, you have to ride regularly, as mentioned above. Only consistency can help in delivering the wanted results faster.

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