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How Can Cycling Help to Lose Weight

Cycling is no longer just a means of transportation, but also a good way to lose fat. It accelerates blood circulation, helps the brain to take in more oxygen, makes people feel free and happy. Cycling not only helps you lose weight, but it also helps you in good shape. It can also strengthen the heart, prevents high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs.

The benefit of cycling

1. Reduce the burden on the body

Race walking will instantly give the body more than 1.2 times the weight of the impact of the landing. Running is nearly 3 times the impact. As for cycling, the impact on the ground is smaller than the bodyweight, which does not increase the burden on the ankle, knee, and wrist joints. Because cycling is less fatiguing, it is conducive to daily adherence.

2. Freely control according to your own rhythm

One of the advantages of cycling for weight loss is that the strength of the exercise can be controlled by yourself. The key is the weight and speed of the gears, which can be controlled according to the physical state and fitness of the day. Beginners can set the gears lighter and pedal slowly. Conversely, you can increase the speed by adding more weight to the gears, thus increasing the amount of exercise.

3. Exercise the whole body muscles

Riding a bicycle seems simple, but in fact, it is exercising the muscles of the whole body. When pedaling, you can exercise the quadriceps on the surface of the thigh and the gluteus maximus of the hip. The force transmitted by the pedals can play a role in exercising the calf triceps. Hands holding the handle can make the back muscles exercise, while the wrists of both hands on the upper wrist triceps and the upper body muscles can be exercised.

4. Easier to persist for a long time

The continuous movement of the body for a long time will make the body temperature rise or fall, resulting in sweating. When sweat evaporates and is deposited, the body temperature rises, which can make people feel fatigued and want to stop exercising. This is when cycling shows an advantage over running, as the wind dries up the sweat left behind. When you keep cycling, it is difficult for the body temperature to rise, so you can stick to the exercise for a long time.

How does cycling help to lose weight?

Whether you ride a bike or pedal a stationary bike at the gym, it is a good exercise for fat loss. Cycling for weight loss consumes 480 calories per hour, about the same as running at the same intensity, and with less impact on the feet. The optimal time for this type of exercise is 40 to 60 minutes. Less than 40 minutes will not ensure fat loss, and more than 1 hour will cause physical damage.

When people exercise to lose weight by cycling, within the first 20 to 30 minutes of exercise, what is consumed is the glycogen converted from food in the body. It is only after 30 minutes of exercise that the body starts to break down the body fat. Cycling for less than 40 minutes can have a certain effect on the heart and lungs, but it does not burn more fat.

There are some differences in the number of calories consumed by people of different weights and body types. In any case, the faster you go, the more calories you will burn. If you want to see weight loss results, you need to stick to cycling for at least one month, for half an hour a day. If you want to not bounce back, you have to be persistent and stick to it every day.

Note: If you want to ride a bicycle to lose weight, your legs should not be muscular, so it is better not to ride a bicycle for more than half an hour, and the speed should not exceed 10 km/h. If you ride a bicycle for more than an hour, the body will metabolize more muscle than the fat that the bodybuilder wants to lose. In addition, prolonged cycling, like sedentary cycling, will cause local congestion in the “lower body”. We need to do other exercises after cycling to soothe our muscles and bones and get the blood flowing!

The correct posture of cycling

  • Cushion angle

Generally speaking, the saddle of a bicycle should be installed horizontally, or the front section should be slightly lower, but try not to cock the front section. Some people often complain of crotch pain after cycling, which may be caused by excessive pressure on the hip or inner thighs at the front of the saddle. This is when you need to check if your saddle is level, or even adjust the nose of the saddle slightly downward to reduce the wear and tear on the lower crotch area.

  • Cushion height

If the height of the bicycle cushion is not appropriate, long-distance riding will be knee pain, and most of the time, knee injury is not recoverable, doctors can only help you to maintain the status quo situation will not deteriorate, we need to pay attention to the height of the cushion settings, the correct posture will not damage our joints. I recommend riding a bicycle to lose weight the most appropriate height of the seat: when the foot pedal to the lowest point, the leg can not be bothered to straighten, the knee can not have to bend, but the leg is slightly harder to straighten, the knee can have a trace of bending, just fine. This allows the blood to pass through the knee during the ride. Of course, if you are not yet accustomed to the new bike, not used to adjusting the saddle too high, you can first lower some and slowly raise it again, all to safety first.

  • Back and neck posture

Cycling for weight loss requires the back to be straight, but not vertically, is leaning forward and straight, to lean forward from the hips, not the waist or back chest, otherwise, it becomes a rosette or shrimp, not just to look good, it is necessary to make the spine as straight as possible, otherwise after a long ride, it will be back pain unbearable. In addition, the neck should also be straight, not too low or too straight, or the neck will be sore, if you feel that your neck is lower, drooping head to be comfortable, then this time you need to rest.

  • Aerobic cycling method

Aerobic cycling method requires at least 30 minutes of continuous cycling, medium speed can be, while paying attention to deepen breathing, this method is very good for the improvement of cardiorespiratory function, and help to lose weight. This is because the human body in the first 30 minutes of exercise metabolism is mainly sugar metabolism, 30 minutes later began to consume fat, so friends who want to lose weight should not be “halfway”.

  • Intermittent cycling method

This is a training method that relies on the alternation of fast and slow speed to effectively exercise the human heart function, in the process of cycling first slow ride for a few minutes, and then fast ride for a few minutes, and running training “run and walk alternately” has a similar role. However, the “fast” referred to here is not arbitrary speed, only to achieve the intensity of the exercise heart rate is really effective, otherwise, it is a futile effort.

What to do before cycling?

1. Choose a good bike

To ride a bike to lose weight requires a certain investment, to choose a bike that you like and comfortable seat, the right height, some people like to choose a mountain bike, these are completely based on their own preferences.

2. Check the bike before going

Be sure to keep the bike running properly, don’t have some malfunction in the middle, it will affect the effect of exercise.

3. Choose a good cycling route

Cycling exercises must have a fairly long stretch of distance, so it’s important to plan the route according to the need to lose weight. Each bicycle ride should last no less than 40 minutes. Try to avoid big roads with lots of vehicles, because too many cars will produce a lot of car exhaust, inhaling exhaust is bad for your health. Also try not to choose hilly roads or dirt roads, which can affect the results of the exercise.

4. Determine the cycling frequency

Cycling exercise does not need to be carried out every day, but at least 2 to 3 times a week, you can choose to exercise every other day. Of course, if you can choose the distance from home to the company, and this distance in line with the exercise requirements that is best, so that you can ride twice a day to exercise, the effect of weight loss will be better. If 2 times a day, at least 30 minutes of riding.

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