Diamondback Lux Womens Hardtail Mountain Bike Review

As biking is gaining more popularity, many sports and events regarding it have become prevalent as well. There are about five to seven known types of bike racing, and regular events are conducted for these. One such outdoor activity that is fun and adventurous is mountain biking. Specifically designed bikes are used for this purpose. One such bike is a hardtail mountain bike. This bike is designed in such a way that it caters to all the terrains. It is very versatile, comparatively cost-effective and low maintenance. Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail bike is one such bike designed specifically for women.

Diamondback Lux Unique Features

The Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain bike has features designed in a way that they are perfect for women who are interested in mountain biking. They can make the most out of it through this bike. Given below are the product specifications of this bike.

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame

The Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain bike has a frame made of an alloy of aluminium – 6061-T6 Aluminum. It makes the frame lightweight yet strong, durable and tough. It also gives anti-corrosive properties. It is an important feature and highly beneficial. Mountain biking always takes place on off-road trails and thus a variety of weather, and environmental conditions can be experienced.

As a result, a strong, resistant and durable bike will be perfect for this purpose. It is also designed so that it is fit for women and provides them comfort while riding, improving the ride’s quality. It has a lower standover, which ensures the rider’s safety to a great extent and provides them with more effective control. Without this feature, the rider risks falling and getting hurt, especially with mountain biking where the surface is very uneven. But with this lower standover feature, that risk is minimized to a great extent.

  • Easy to use Gear System

Gears are important for a biking sport that requires a lot of energy and is vigorous. It includes everything from long-distance commutes to bike racing and hardtail mountain biking. They help maintain the pedalling speed for the rider irrespective of the terrain gradient.

It must have a hardtail mountain bike because it is a major component of the versatility feature. It makes the ride effortless, and the rider can relax and enjoy the ride more. The Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain bike has an SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain gear system with various speeds.

  • Good Suspension Fork

Hardtail mountain bikes have partial suspension forks, that is they have suspension forks only at the front and none at the rear. So this will absorb bumps and shocks on the way to some extent but not completely as a full-suspension bike will. When using a hardtail bike for mountain biking, it is all about the rider’s technique and body position. It will help the rider properly learn the sport and be perfect at it so, later on, they can ride any bike on any terrain.

The Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain bike has a 120 mm fork. It provides some comfort to the rider as far as the arms and handlebar area is concerned. The rider can develop the technique and be good at mountain biking using a hardtail bike.

  • Disc Brakes

Braking systems are of two types in bikes – rim brakes and disc brakes. Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail mountain bike has a disc brake system that uses hydraulics to stop it. It provides a much stronger and effective stopping power to the rider. The mechanism of disc brakes is much similar to that of motorcycle brakes. It is a very important feature for mountain biking, ensures the safety of the rider to a great extent.

It is also quite resistant and helpful in these areas’ trail conditions as it is less likely to catch mud than rim brakes. Thus, the friction will not be compromised and in turn, the safety of the rider. It also has 27.5 inches wheel, which is the medium and average size and will fit most of the riders and provide them comfortable and easy riding.

Pros and Cons of Diamondback Lux

The Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail Mountain Bike is perfect for women who love adventure sports and wish to explore mountain biking. It is very versatile and will help the rider learn mountain biking and get better and better at it purely through their tricks and techniques. This bike will provide the rider with scope to use their techniques and body positions to a maximum which will make the rider an expert in this sport.

It is designed for women specifically with a lightweight yet strong and durable frame, well-functioning gear system and effective and powerful disc brakes. This bike also looks very stylish. Thus, it is most desired by the users.


  • It is durable and resistant to all harsh weather, environment and riding conditions of mountain biking.
  • It has a well-designed gear and brake system that is advantageous to the rider.
  • It has a front suspension fork that provides some comfort to the user while helping them fully embrace and learn the sport effectively.
  • The bike has a low standover which ensures the safety of the rider to a great extent


  • The saddle and handlebars of this bike are not very comfortable, and depending on the convenience might need replacement in some cases.


The Diamondback Lux Women’s Hardtail mountain bike is designed for women to make the most out of fun and adventurous sport like mountain biking. It is great for learning and experiencing the same, and its versatility is very advantageous and can benefit the rider a lot.

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