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Dynacraft Vertical Equator 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Mountain biking is exhilarating and at the same time a dangerous sport too. It needs equipment that must ensure the safety of the biker. It must be strong and tough to sustain the rugged and bumpy trails. Dynacraft’s Vertical Equator 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike suffices these requirements and is a perfect companion for men mountain bikers.

Dynacraft Vertical Equator Unique Featuers

The Vertical Equator 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike illustrates the features that are listed below:

  • Sturdy steel frame: Mountain biking demands robust and sturdy frames unlike typical bikes as they need to keep up with the constant traverse paths. The Dynacraft Vertical Equator Dual Suspension mountain bike has a steel frame. Steel is an alloy, and therefore, it does not rust. It is durable and resilient to the occasional wear and tear of the bike. Steel makes the frame lightweight due to which it does not add stress on the bikers while going uphill. Moreover, due to its anti-corrosive properties, bikers can ride the bike even in extreme weather condition,
  • Efficient gear system: Gears are at the forefront of speed and acceleration. They are what bikers need when the terrains are long and smooth or when they are bumpy. The gears of the Dynacraft Mountain Bike come with a 21-Speed Shimano derailleur. It helps to give the pinpoint velocity that a biker desires at a given point of time. It facilitates proper speed control. The bike sports a twist gear shifting for a smoother and faster gear shift. They help in making the ride enjoyable and effortless.
  • Dual suspension: Typical mountain bikes usually have one suspension fork at the rear end. A suspension fork helps in absorbing shocks and keeping the structure of the bike intact. But the Vertical Equator by Dynacraft has an extra suspension fork on the front side. It is a bonus, especially for enthusiasts with back ailments. The dual suspension makes those bumpy rides on rough terrains relatively smoother and ensures that the biker does not have to go through the series of jolts. The full suspension bike thus is ideal for not only mountain biking but also for off-road driving.
  • Alloyed v-brakes: Mountain biking is a thrilling and risky sport. It needs highly efficacious bikers who have got the hang of using brakes. Brakes facilitate curbing of acceleration and help to put a stop to the bike motion whenever it is needed. The Dynacraft Vertical Equator 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike has v-brakes that is, linear-pull brakes both on the front and the rear side. They provide stoppage on demand whenever necessary. As they are alloyed, they do not develop rust. They are resilient to damage due to the change in weather conditions. The dual brakes can help in controlling the speed while going downhill during mountain biking.
  • Solid wheels: Wheels of a mountain bike are the crucial component of a mountain bike. Being a dangerous sport, it needs resilient and sturdy wheels that can ensure to put up with the rugged trails. On the other hand, they also need to have low rolling resistance as it may get difficult while riding the bike uphill. The Dynacraft Vertical Equator 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike has the perfect 26″ alloyed wheels that are apt for mountain biking. They have all the necessary features and enable the biker to have a pleasant and enjoyable ride.

Advantages of Dynacraft Vertical Equator Mountain Bike

The highlight of any mountain bike is its frame. The frame of Dynacraft Vertical Equator 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike has a brilliant finish and is visually appealing. The frame is of steel which is a durable alloy and has a tensile strength that supports the weight of the biker. It is also anti-rust, and bikers can use the bike at any time of the year.

The bike is suitable for riders with heights ranging from 5’3″ to 6’2″. Hence, it does not cause a problem for enthusiasts who could not find the right mountain bike due to a shorter height. It is perfect for almost every biker as Dynacraft considered the most suitable height range.

Bikers are weighing up to 275 lbs., can prefer using this bike. That is why people who desire to shred the extra pounds can prefer using the Dual Suspension Mountain Bike by Dynacraft.

Along with this, the feature of dual-suspension helps all those men bikers who had to discontinue mountain biking because of back problems. The Dual Suspension model helps in alleviating the hard jerks that bikers may get while pursuing mountain biking.


  • The frame of the Dynacraft Vertical Equator is resilient and durable. The sturdy steel frame is what makes it bear the load up to nearly 275 lbs. The steel does not rust and is irrepressible against all the damage that might occur during riding.
  • It is suitable for both mountain biking as well as long-distance ride.
  • The bike has a stunning black colour lined with a bright red colour.
  • The precise braking system that enables stoppage on demand due to the front and rear v-brakes make the Dual Suspension model highly preferable by mountain bikers.
  • The one on one suspension forks on the front and rear side act as perfect shock absorbers and make the gliding of the bike smooth.
  • The gear mechanism is highly streamlined and has twist gear shifting mechanism, which is a no brainer for mountain bikers. They can easily change the gears whenever necessary.
  • It comes with an attached stand to support the bike when not in use.


  • The bike supports the features of the most suitable bike for mountain bikers. Hence, there are no drawbacks except for the storage of this bike which may take up a considerable amount of space.


The Dynacraft Vertical Equator 26″ Dual Suspension Mountain Bike exemplifies a well-defined and a thoughtful structure. It is a perfect companion to mountain excursions and can relive your spirit.

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