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Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike Review

Modern technology has also made its way to easing up our lives with its entry into modern transportation. E-bikes or otherwise called Electric bikes are bikes that run on electricity. That isn’t to say that they are different from traditional bikes.

The ease, convenience, and comfort of riding through long distances without fighting a sweat are what makes E-bikes so popular. Are you wondering which electric bike to look out for, along with performance specifications? Fret not. This article brings out our honest review of one of our top favorite Electric bikes- the Heybike’s Cityscape Electric bike for you.

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Cityscape Electric bike

The Cityscape Electric bike is an exclusive cruiser bike developed and marketed by Heybike.

About Heybike

  • Heybike, as a company for Electric bikes, results from two reasons – love for cycling and passion and enthusiasm for technology.
  • It aims at providing energy-efficient modern transportation that is accessible to everyone.

Product description

Do you fancy traveling around town without having to worry about fuel and its related emissions? Think about open bike rides – enjoying the view, feeling the breeze and warmth of the weather. Well, there is an ideal transportation means for those requirements – the Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike.

  • Powerful motor and a long-lasting battery

It comes with a 36V and a 10Ah battery capacity. In addition, the motor offers a powerful 350 W capacity.

Therefore, within a single charge of this bike, it’ll take you to about 40 miles on utilizing the pedal assist. It also gives an efficient ride performance of up to a top speed of 19mph.

It means this powerful combination of motor and battery ensures a safe, easy and smooth ride performance across long distances.

  • Ultimate cruiser and commuter bike

Cruise through the city/neighborhood – skip the traffic and say goodbye to oil-related pollutions. Heybike Cityscape electric bike is the ultimate cruiser and commuter bike.

You don’t need the criteria to be fit and be of the right shape and age to ride a Heybike cityscape electric bike.

That is because it’s an electric bike. As simple as that!

It comes with a battery-operated assisted pedaling option. There is less exhaustion and strain on your knees even when riding long distances. Hence, even older people can use the Heybike cityscape e-bike.

  • Designed for comfort to take you anywhere

The Heykey cityscape electric bike comes loaded with features and a comfort-oriented design.

One distinctive aspect of its design is its mobility –puncture-resistant tires and shock absorbers. Thus, riding a bike for long distances in comfort is no longer a dream.

Another critical aspect of its comfort is the inclusion of a front suspension fork. It makes it ideal for riding in an urban landscape as well as challenging terrains.

Unique features

Some unique features are incorporated in the Heybike Cityscape Electric bike, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Let’s take a look at each of the unique features –

  1. 3 biking modes

Yes! You heard that right. Heybike Cityscape electric bike comes in 3 biking working modes to give you the smoothest ride.

The 3 modes are –

  • Electric mode

Here, it is a purely electrical mode. Meaning, the primary energy for pedaling the bike is derived from the battery. Thus, in the electric mode, you need to give your least effort in pedaling.

  • Manual mode

Manual mode, as the name suggests, means you’d have to pedal the bike manually. This way, you can save the battery and energy for your trip back or ride back from your destination.

  • 3 level pedal assist mode

In the pedal-assist mode, there is a unique feature of an intelligent 3 level assist mode. It helps you choose the mode ideal for the road conditions that you are riding on.

  1. Low frame design with Shimano 7 speed gear

The Heybike Cityscape Electric bike is the epitome of riding a bike with comfort. It is made possible with a soft and comfy e-bike saddle designed to equip a low frame design. And the handlebar is also swept back for compatibility with the seating position.

When riding your bike across the city or the neighborhood, unexpected terrains and uphill come in the way. To ensure that the riding experience is kept at maximum comfort, Heybike Cityscape comes with a Shimano speed gear. It provides complete pedal control and authority even when at high speed in challenging roadways.

  1. Removable battery

The 36V/10AH lithium battery system for the Heybike Cityscape Electric bike comes with a detachable feature.

Now, this feature adds up to three advantages –

  • You can remove the battery and take the weight off the cycle when going out for shorter rides.
  • It allows you to charge the battery either while attached/detached from the bike frame.
  • The battery assemblage system comes with a key and lock system, ensuring the safety of your battery.
  1. Dual Light system, strong kickstand and dual disc brakes

We agree that the comfort and ease of riding the Cityscape e-bike come with a combination of various technical aspects. Nevertheless, some additional specifications make the Heybike Citycruise a perfect e-bike.

It comes with a dual lighting system – one headlight (270 lumens and LED light) and one brake light.

The Heybike E-bike comes with a robust kickstand that carries the load of the bike when parked.

You cannot miss the dual disc brakes that you can use according to your ride requirement.

  1. Additional amenities

There are a couple of other additional amenities of the Heybike that you won’t want to miss.

For all those travel and bike ride enthusiasts, this one’s for you. There is a wide-base cargo bed to accommodate all your travel accessories and packed foods. In addition, you can attach platforms or panniers too for more space utilization.

The dual light system makes it ideal for evening rides too. The E-bike’s headlight comes with a bright 270-lumen light display with a unique LED in circular form to keep you seen.

Riding on into a new location and need to navigate through the GPS, and your device battery is running out? Not a problem! With the Heybike’s USB charging port, your mobile devices are not running out of battery anymore.

What do most people comment about it?

The above-mentioned unique features make up for the overall popularity and demand for Heybike’s Cityscape electric bike. However, some additional features grab the consumer’s attention.

Let’s find out all about the hype and what most people are commenting about the Cityscape E-Bike –

  1. Performance efficiency

Heybike’s exceptional performance efficiency amongst most electric bikes is at the top of people’s favorite features.

The pure electric mode of the Heybike Cityscape E-bike offers a run capacity of over 25 miles. At the same time, the pedal-assisted way can take a ride travel range of over 40 miles.

And the charging capacity allows you to charge in-between breaks or stoppages.

Hence, long, hassle-free rides are now possible with Heybike Cityscape.

  1. Multifunction display

A backlight multifunction display is a feature that proves to be an advantage for bike riders. Hence, people are commenting a lot about it.

The display offers a wide range of primary and essential information.

It includes – Speedometer, Wattmeter, mileage, battery capacity and odometer.

With all the vital information displayed on a wide-multifunction screen, riding is safer and trouble-free. You can navigate, ride, stop and charge your battery, etc., according to your e-bike display screen report.

  1. Ready to go

What is that one thing that we dread doing when ordering heavy bulk items online? For most, it is the assemblage of the parts.

Heybike Cityscape hybrid electric bike, like any other electric bike, also needs a little assemblage before using it.

However, its almost ready-to-go feature is what people and consumers love most about it. The Cityscape e-bike comes almost pre-assembled that is ready to go.

You only have to assemble the pedals, front wheel, and seat. It means you won’t have to run through tutorial manuals and waste time fixing/setting the bike up.


  • Easy assemblage, ready-to-go design packaging.
  • Great battery and powerful motor performance.
  • Noise-free bike ride.
  • Comfort, style and aesthetic are on point.
  • Value for money.
  • Lots of features make riding a bike comfortable and fun.
  • Assisted pedal riding makes it Ideal for older people/people with joint and knee pains.


  • The Cityscape bike is slightly heavy and quite oversized in its design frame. But that shouldn’t be a problem considering its study built and comfort level.
  • Only ideal for soft terrains and cruising. Not ideal for trails.
  • Charging the battery takes quite some time.
  • The rear suspension is not present.


If you are looking for a powerful and efficient performing electric bike under a budget, Heybike’s Cityscape E-bike is amongst the top options. The mechanical and design aspects of this bike cater to comfort, flexible and hassle-free bike ride experience.

And while all of that is appealing, it is important to note how energy-efficient it is. It is not only nature-friendly but also helps you cut down costs on taking fuel-derived rides. Hence, it is safe to say – e-bikes could be the future of transportation.

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