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Huffy Nel Lusso Vs. Panama Jack Women’s Cruiser Bike

Cruiser bikes are gaining insane popularity among women. At this age where people are constantly trying to stay fit while conserving time and energy, cruiser bikes just seem to be the perfect fit. Cruiser bikes are not only a convenient source of exercise but also of transportation.

These bikes have wider padded seats that make them comfortable for the users, even during long rides. Along with comfort, it brings in style and an effortlessly smooth ride. It is the perfect company for cruising anywhere.

The Huffy Nel Lusso and Panama jack are two of the best beginner-level cruiser bikes in the market; however, it might be tickling your brain to know the exact differences between these two bikes.

This article is going to draw out the comparisons between the Huffy Nel Lusso and the Huffy Panama jack women’s cruiser bike. It’s a guide comparing both the similarities and differences between them so that you have a better understanding of how these cruiser bikes are at the top of the market. If this excites you, keep reading to know more about these bikes. Let’s get started!

Nel Lusso vs. Panama jack History

Both the Huffy Nel Lusso and Panama jack cruiser bikes were released in the year 2019, and they are both new models in the cruiser bike community.

Huffy Nel Lusso is an original huffy corporation cruiser bike. It has a vintage look making it stand out. And the Huffy Panama jack is a reinvented model taken from the original Panama jack. It was formed after the partnership of the Huffy Corporation and the Panama jack brand.

Huffy is a brand that is most recognized among consumers in the bicycle industry. When the Panama Jack was introduced as a Huffy product, it quickly gained recognition. Earlier, the Panama jack was known as beach cruisers, as they were very popular on the beach.

Nel Lusso vs. Panama Jack design

Nel Lusso has a vintage design. It has steel rims that make the bike stand out. The handlebars are swept back to provide a better posture while riding. The fenders in the bike ensure that there are no splashes. The clean aesthetic of the bike makes it stand out.

Panama Jack has floral and woodgrain details on the bike. It is a beautiful beach cruiser bike to allow riding at the beach to be more fun and practical. Although the handlebars are not as sweptback as the Nel Lusso, it has flexible comfort grips. It also has two-color dual-density pedals, and this makes the bike look premium and adds additional comfort.

Nel Lusso vs. Panama Jack specifications

  1. Nel Lusso

  • It has a perfect fit frame design making the bike stand out.

The perfect fit frame design has a steel frame. It provides better comfort, confidence and a smoother ride.

  • Sweptback handlebars

The Nel Lusso has sweptback handlebars. These handlebars are equipped with dual-density grips for a better riding position. And this helps bid goodbye to a slouching back while riding.

  • Padded saddle

For a more convenient and comfortable riding position, the saddle is strategically kept at a lower center of gravity. It is padded and wider to ensure comfort.

  • Efficient fenders

The fenders of the Nel Lusso will always make sure that you stay clean and dry while riding this bike. It redirects any splashes during a rainy day or when u ride on potholes.

  • Adjustable seat

It is frustrating when you love the bike, but the seat is unadjustable. Nel Lusso has a quick-release binder clip that can adjust the height of your seat as required. These binder clips are easy to operate.

  • Brakes

The brakes on the Huffy Nel Lusso are conveniently easy to use. You only have to paddle back to make the bike stop.

  • Pedals

The pedals of the Nel Lusso are made of dual-density Krayton, ensuring durability, strength, and comfort.

  • Wheel

The Nel Lusso comes in two-wheel variants: 24″ and 26″

  • 1 gear
  • It comes in three color variants
  1. Panama Jack

  • Aluminum frame

This beach cruiser has a lightweight aluminum body. It ensures that the bike is durable.

  • Handlebars

The handlebars of the Panama jack have comfort grips so that the user feels comfortable throughout the ride.

  • Fenders

The fenders ensure that no splashing happens. It helps to redirect all the splashes so that your clothes are dry.

  • Seat

The seat is well padded to provide comfort. It is also wide enough to appeal to women of all sizes. Despite a long cruise, you will be comfortable, thanks to its spring saddle.

  • Pedals

The pedals are dual-density pedals. This means you will be comfortable paddling for a long time.

  • Brake

It has a coaster brake and a V-brake. Easy to use brakes will help you stop at ease even while climbing down a hill.

  • Pretty design

This bike has floral designs subtly added to beautify it. It makes the bike stand out and adds a touch of femininity.

  • 26″ wheel size
  • It comes in various pastel colors
  • 6 types of gears.

Nel Lusso vs. Panama Jack Accessories

Accessories are practical and add so much beauty to a dull canvas. Many bikes do not come with attached accessories, but both the Nel Lusso and Panama Jack come with accessories. This makes the bike so loved among the biker community.

Nel Lusso: This bike comes with a good size basket that can hold your bag, jackets, groceries, etc. It also comes with a cup holder to make sure you don’t spill your drink. Additionally, it comes with a phone holder. It is placed below the handlebars so that you can track your route using the GPS without any issue.

Panama Jack: This bike also comes with a good size basket for all your carry-on items. It additionally comes with a handlebar beverage, removable bag, bottle opener and rear rack. The rear rack is adjustable. The handlebar beverage holder looks effortless and cool.

Nel Lusso vs. Panama Jack Performance

While both the bikes offer great performance, they stand out in different areas.

  1. The Nel Lusso 

It is a cheaper alternative to the Panama Jack, yet it still gives head-on competition. There is no denying that the Nel Lusso is one of the best sellers, and rightly so. Although it has one gear, it runs smoothly. The wide side and padded saddles provide so much comfort to the rider. Its sweptback handlebars received tons of positive feedback from the users. The fenders of the bike also do a great job in keeping away the splashes. Its brake is smooth and stops immediately when paddled back-easy for a first-time user. The steel frame body provides strength to the bike. Among its accessories, the phone holder plays a vital role and wins over the Panama jack. Its pastel colors draw in a lot of customers.

  1. The Panama Jack

It is slightly more expensive than the Nel Lusso but has so much more to offer. The Panama Jack has 6 gears options. This makes uphill, downhill, rough surface, smooth surface, beach cruise and long rides so much more comfortable. The agility and strength of this bike can beat any high-end model. It runs smoothly and stops even smoothly, thanks to its two brake system. Being a beach cruiser, The additional bottle opener and handlebar drink holder provides so much utility while en route. It can be a little heavy for a first-timer, but once you get the hang of it, there is no turning back. The minimal design of this bike gives it a retro look.


Cruiser bikes will always live up to your expectations and needs. Especially if you are looking for an affordable cruiser with good quality features, the Huffy bikes are your best friend. No matter if it’s the Nel Lusso or the Panama Jack, both the bikes are manufactured by Huffy, and Huffy believes in quality.

If you want a bike for short-term use to run errands and as a source of a daily commute, The Nel Lusso will perfectly do the job. If you are looking for a sturdier bike to take cruiser, beach trips, and as a source of exercise, the Panama Jack is a better choice. However, both the bikes are aesthetically pleasing with a vintage look that makes them classy for all-purpose.

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