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Huffy Panama Jack Womens Beach Cruiser Bike Review

Huffy Corporation is a big and reliable name in the market. The brand is one of the major producers and suppliers of motorbikes, bicycles, and their accessories. The dedicated team at Huffy conducts timely researches to stay fully aware of the new and upcoming trends. This enables the brand to fulfill its aims of providing satisfaction to its customers and improving their lifestyles.

One bike that we’ve looked at, the Huffy Panama Jack Beach Cruiser, makes the most out of every part it utilizes, frame and up. This bike is designed for comfort and aesthetic. If you’re looking for a quality beach cruiser that rides well and supports your experience on it, then this is a fantastic option. The features included in the Huffy Panama Jack bike go a long way to make your ride enjoyable and simple. This bike understands that you’re looking for comfort and relaxation in a beach cruiser and is able to provide just that.

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Exciting features to be ready for

The Huffy Panama Jack beach cruiser offers a wide host of features that look to bring comfort and simplicity to your biking experience. Many of the features they’ve added make no difference to how the bike rides – some do – but work more towards providing you with comfort and relaxation while you bike down the boardwalk.

  • Twist to shift – With the six speeds on this bike, shifting between each level is made simple. All you have to do is twist the shifter on the handle to the speed you like, and the bike does the rest of the adjusting. Many beach cruisers either come with one speed or a difficult method of switching between whereas this one makes your ride simple and enjoyable.
  • Beach style cruiser – This is the ultimate cruiser, designed for relaxation. It takes in the aesthetic of your typical beach cruiser with a couple of small additions to make your experience that much better. The wicker basket in the front, cup holders on the side, and a bottle opener on the back.
  • Perfect Fit frame –  The structure of the bike offers great comfort due to its Perfect Fit Frame. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and designed for easier access to the pedals. No frames or bars will get in your way as you continue to pedal on. The Perfect Fit Frame keeps the seat a little towards the back to create enough space between the paddle and the seat for you to extend your legs and drive comfortably.
  • Linear pull brakes – The lightweight alloy of this pull break makes braking simple. The rear coaster brakes allow you to stop the bike by simply moving your paddles backward. The pressure mechanism that is attached to the brakes on the front and back wheels enables you to come to a complete stop in as much or as little time as you need.
  • Lower center of gravity – The positioning of the seat on this bike is interesting. It is pushed further back in order to provide a lower center of gravity on the bike. The handles are higher up for the purpose of supporting better riding posture. This combines for a comfortable ride.


  • Available in a variety of colors, designs, and wheel-sizes
  • Weight: around 50 lbs. (24-inch bike), 47.7 lbs. (26-inch bike)
  • Perfect Fit Frame construction
  • Dual spring and padded seat with attractive piping and classic Huffy logo
  • High-quality tires
  • Efficient brakes
  • Comfortable and soft handles and pedals
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Provided instructions and tools for assembling process

Why customers enjoy this bike

A majority of customers absolutely loved this bike it seems, offering compliments about the hidden features and small additions that look to provide and all-in-one experience to the riders. Those who have purchased the bike enjoy the smooth ride it offers and cannot recommend it enough for anyone looking for a relaxing biking experience.

  • The Classic and Comfy Seat-The superior-quality padding of the seat grants a comfy and smooth ride. The base, stitching, piping, and the print are all well-coordinated for a lavish look. The Huffy logo embroidered at the back of the seat further gives it a classy look. The seat can be adjusted to various heights.
  • Comfortable Pedals and Handles-Crayton handles offer a soft touch and exceptional grip. The pedals are also soft and do not hurt upon paddling long distances.
  • Color-Coordinated Chain Guard and Fenders-The chain guard is also designed and colored to match the overall appearance. The splash-proof fenders also add to the stylish look of the cruiser bike.
  • Quality Tires-Their superior quality tires let you paddle on various terrains easily, absorbing the bumps and dips, which improves your balance during the ride. The bike has extensive storage with its handlebar basket, rear rack, and beverage holder.
  • Extra Offerings-The bike comes with all the required tools to assemble the parts. The instructions provided make the assembling process easier. The framework of the bicycle is covered in the warranty by the manufacturer. So you can contact them in case of inconvenience.
  • Purchasing Options-These amazing Cruiser Bikes are available in different wheel sizes designed for various groups. The designs and colors also vary depending upon target customers. There you also get the assembling option. You can either order ‘quick assembly’ or ‘regular assembly’. In each case, the manufacturer provides the required tools in the delivered package.
Huffy Panama Jack Women's Beach Cruiser Bike 26 inch 6-Speed, Lightweight, Pearl White
  • Just twist to shift - that's it; 6 speeds get you wherever you need to go with the smooth-shifting indexed Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur
  • Ideal for ages 13 and up and a minimum rider height of 5 feet; This beach-style women's cruiser is one comfortable bike; it's loaded with accessories - a roomy wicker basket, beverage holder, rear rack and bottle opener

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Customers who have purchased the bike claim it is a simple build that can be completed within a matter of minutes. The aesthetic of the bike seems to be a popular aspect as well with many good reviews citing the color or the design as their favorite part. Most of the reviews done by customers leaned towards the positive side.

Others, however, had less exciting remarks about the bike. Some of the reviews about the bike that are more negative cited a poor construction practice in the design of the parts. Many people claimed that the spokes had been cut too long and even punctured the tires on the bike. Others had difficulty mounting the basket to the front of the bike or in the build process as a whole.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable ride with easy speed transitions
  • Sturdy construction with comfortable seats
  • Well-pressured breaks
  • Hidden features designed to enhance your experience
  • Available in various wheel sizes


  • The shaft might come out during the ride
  • The fenders paint might come off

Final Call

This bike seems to be a well-constructed bike that tends to focus on your comfort and biking experience above all else. For this purpose, it holds added features like cup holders, a wicker basket, and a bottle opener throughout. It matches the aesthetic design desired from most beach cruiser types and provides retro additions based on the paint color you choose.

Most customers who have purchased the bike enjoy the feel of its ride as well as the style of its design. The hidden features seem to be the selling point of this bike. The reviews that cited structural issues were concerning, but also common for many self-assembly bikes. Overall, this seems to be a fantastic bike that enhances your biking experience. If you’re looking for a quality ride with exciting features designed for you, the Huffy Panama Jack Beach Cruiser might be a perfect fit for you.

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