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Kent Pomona 26-Inch Womens Dual Suspension Comfort Bike Review

Biking is an activity undertaken for fun, as a sport as well as a necessary means of transport. That makes it a business that can be taken by both men and women. In the yesteryears, only men used to go biking. But, now is the era of equality and women doing it all. So, why not biking? Women have grown to love this medium of transport. Biking gives a feeling of freedom and just pure joy. That is why it is so loved and desired.

As the number of women bikers and women’s love for bikes began growing, the designing and development of women’s bikes also became. Today, there are several models of bikes which are designed especially for women. One of them is the Kent Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike.

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Northwoods Pomona Key Features

Boasting of a stylish and sturdy street outline complete with an ergonomic geometry, Northwoods Pomona is an invaluable asset built to hit the track from dawn to dusk. Some of the most distinguishable specks include:

  • A full suspension frame

If you are in the process of picking the best bicycle for yourself, you must’ve come across the term full suspension bike. In simple words, the full suspension means that bicycle has front and rear suspensors system that will provide with a high level of comfort while riding it. Northwoods Pomona is crafted with a 18″ lightweight dual suspension aluminum frame that soaks up bumps on the most uneven roads and smooths out your ride all day long. Plus, the 26 inch alloy rims combined with easy rolling tires add to comfort cycling experience.

  • A stylish design

Northwoods Pomona is a bicycle worth taking in consideration when looking for a great, affordable and durable bicycle. The lines and curves are well composed so that gives that sports like look, but still keeps in a nice lady like dosage. Boasting of a maximum carrying capacity of 250 pounds, this bicycle will give you the best experience in a long city ride or a bumpy ride through nature.

  • Wheels

A good women’s bicycle should not only deliver a comfortable steady ride but also feature quality components fully customized to provide timeless services. Pomona is designed with elegant 26″alloy wheels properly treated such that they are both corrosion resistant and lightweight. Inclusive of super tough spokes arranged in a singular order, the overall wheel structure is strong and properly balanced therefore offering a steady rolling effect perfect for leisure rides.

  • Tiers

For an even more improved cruise, the bike features a pair of 26 x 1.95 comfort tires complete with rubberized threads for enhanced traction, especially when cycling on smooth terrains like pavements.

  • Seat

The seat on Northwoods Pomona Women’s Cruiser Bike was made from specially constructed foam, which has an exceptional anti-shock feature. For more comfortable rides across the difficult terrain, this is a must! Also, it is coated with high-quality leather to protect the foam from any dirt, water or similar sources that might ruin the material while you aren’t sitting on it.

Other Notable Features Include

  • Fully covered chain guard
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Powerful front and rear linear pull brakes
  • More lightweight parts like alloy rims, stem and quick release seat clamp
  • The steel handlebars have twist shifters offering proper control and balancing
Kent Pomona Dual Suspension Comfort Bike
  • Full Suspension Frame- 6061 front, high tensile steel rear
  • Steel Crown Suspension Fork

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Why most Customers prefer this women’s Comfort Bike

Now we come to the best part! As we said before, this bicycle has so many good qualities that we could talk about. But, we decided to keep it short and simple. In these few moments, we will share with you, our top choices that must be noted when comparing this bicycle with other models. And we assure you, this model comes on top, each and every time.

  • Lightweight – As we said before, the frame is made from Aluminum which provides with high-level of durability, but still preserves bicycles overall weight. This bicycle weighs around 45 pounds, which is really light for a bicycle of these great features. Additionally, even though it’s lightweight it can carry over 250 pounds, so if you need to transport something with it, feel free to do that.
  • Affordable – It is a well-known fact that full suspension bicycles cost a lot of money. But, is it really necessary? Yes, the full suspension bicycles offer much more comfort and enjoyment during the rides, but do they really have to cost so much? As it seems, the Northwoods thinks, they don’t. They offer a really affordable, full suspension bicycle that is no different from the expensive ones.
  • Adjustable seat – The majority of the ladies’ bicycles tend not to have an adjustable seat. It makes us think that all manufacturers have “one size fits all” policy. Fortunately, the Northwoods provided all the ladies with an adjustable seat. With this feature, Northwoods covers more audience and, therefore, more women will find this to be the best choice. Definitely, something that must be pointed out for everyone to see.
  • Accurate gear shifters – Whether scaling the hills or cruising the streets the last thing you want is that sluggish effect when transiting between gears. While this can cause speed and power loss, Northwoods Pomona is a revolutionary machine fully optimized to mitigate this effect. This 7-speed bike includes a reliable Shimano rear derailleur finely tuned such that upon shifting the system almost instantly picks up without affecting the overall power output.


  • The quick and easy assembling procedure
  • The braking system is highly accurate and responsive
  • The saddles and handlebars are adjustable ensuring you comfortably enjoy your ride
  • The dual suspension provides excellent shock absorption capabilities giving you exceptional comfort


  • The bike colors quickly pee off
  • Assembling the bike is somehow complex due to the complex instruction on the manual

Bottom line

A good road bike should offer optimal maneuverability and control which means it should not only be light but also very agile. It is obvious that is a bicycle of a great value but still won’t cost you a fortune. We warmly recommend, as all other satisfied customers. And there are many. If we need to put it in one sentence; Outstanding price-to-service ratio!

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