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Kent Springdale Womens Hybrid Bicycle Review

Biking is one of the most attractive and intriguing luxuries of humanity. Bikes have been designed and developed since long ago. It is an invention that triggered the enhancement of travelling and moving around with much more ease. Men and women have different and distinct requirements when it comes to choosing a good bike. But, some bikes happily cater to both the genders’ needs and these bikes are called hybrid bikes. Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle is one of those. It has got rave reviews from bike riding lovers.

Kent Springdale Key Features

The bike called Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle has features that will attract any passionate biker. It has comfort and style pronounced distinctly on this bike.

  • Light in weight: The frame of this bike is made from aluminium. It has the properties of being durable and sturdy. It is instrumental in reducing the importance of this bike. As the body of the bike is made of aluminium, it can be carried around very quickly. It also helps one in tagging the bike along while going on trips or excursions. This bike is easily portable.
  • Sturdy wheels: The purpose of any vehicle is facilitating movement, and hence the soul of a suitable vehicle is the wheels attached to it. This bike has wheels that have double alloyed rims. It enhances the sturdiness of the bike from the perspective of safety. Each wheel has 36 spokes. Even these spokes are made from the alloy increasing the durability of these wheels.
  • Effective gear mechanism: The efficiency of a bike can be best measured in terms of the gear mechanism and braking system. In Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle, 21 different gears enable change of speed to 21 different levels. It can be done to have a smooth ride on various types of terrains. One can comfortably ride uphill or downhill with safety ensured.
  • Prompt braking system: The safety of riding a bike is often rightly tagged with the urgency with which the brakes can be applied. The braking system is that which works towards stopping the vehicle when and where needed as deemed right by the rider. In the Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle, there are linear-pull brakes. They have an immediate stopping effect on this bike.
  • Comfortable riding: The most crucial aspect of travelling, which is the most desired among the various other ones is undoubtedly comfort. This bike ensures comfort and smooth riding. To achieve this, there is a 60mm travel front suspension fork. It reduces the shocks and jolts that the rider may face while riding on rough and uneven surfaces. Also, the wheels of these bikes have fenders attached to them. These fenders restrict dirt, dust, and splash of dirty waters during monsoons from causing discomfort to the rider.

Main Advantages Of Kent Springdale

This bike called the Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle is available in white colour. The colour representing freedom, purity, and sanity leaves a lasting impression on the free-spirited soul that every woman is bestowed with. The clear white colour of this bike has hints of brown colour on the saddle and handle grips.

The braking and gear changing mechanisms of this bike are highly efficient and prompt. The gears have 21-speed levels. On the other hand, the linear-pull brakes offer immediate braking while going uphill or downhill. This enhances the safety that is provided to the rider. The Shimano Tourney rear derailleur also increases the safety quotient of this bike.

Women can easily use this bike while going to their jobs or for hopping around the city. Also, it can be used for going on small excursions or picnics. It is a fact that women carry a lot of stuff with them. They always need to carry the entire world with them for cases of need, convenience, urgency or emergency. Therefore, in this bike, there is an option for storage as well. There is a strong rear rack which facilitates safe and secured carriage of stuff.

The weight of this bike is as less as 43.2 pounds. This lightweight can be accredited to the use of aluminium in the frame of the bike. Hence, it can be easily tagged along while going on a trip or excursion.


  • This bike is made from the sturdy and durable material called aluminium. It offers properties of resilience and being light in weight to the bike.
  • The resplendent and clear white colour of the bike will attract any women who love to ride a bike. The brown colour of the seat is a beautiful contrast to the body of the bike.
  • The wheels of this bike are made from alloys which are strong and safe. They ensure that speed is supplemented with the safety of the rider. The 36 spokes of the wheels make them even stronger.
  • The quick-release seat clamp, the front suspension fork and the fenders on the wheels make riding of this bike more comfortable.
  • This bike can be ridden on various types of terrains. The grip of the wheels, gear and brake system and the suspension mechanism makes this possible.


  • The storage space on this bike is less than that of some other bikes which have a front basket and a beverage holder. This bike has only the rear carrier rack.


The Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle is a great choice for women who love to roam around the city on a bike or even go on small picnics and excursions to explore the wonders and joy of riding a bike.

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