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Enhance Riding With LED Lighted Bike Helmets

Helmet lights are useful as they follow your direction. You can flash this light to catch the attention of drivers when they are inattentive. Halogen lights have been used widely. However, led lights are an innovation.

Rechargeable batteries save your cost. LED lights have a hook and loop system, are easy to mount, and last for more than five years.

How does bike helmet light enhance your riding?

Riding a road bike at night without proper lights is highly unsafe. While riding a bike on the road, you may notice traffic on the streets and plenty of cars in the front, back, and at your side. You will see cars coming towards you and some in the same direction as yours. You will notice cars everywhere around you. So you have to be visible while you deal with traffic and ride on the road. You need a helmet with proper lights for a safe ride. Bike lights are the most essential safety measurement, especially while riding at night.

Bikes have additional reflectors like helmets with lights that will increase your chances of being seen at night and will keep you safe. Also, according to the law, it is a legal requirement to wear helmets with lights between sunrise and sunset and in bad weather conditions. It ensures safe, comfortable riding while you are on a bike or a cycle.

During winter, nights are longer than days. This means you have to ride in darkness most of the time. So you have to ensure that your bike is designed with a proper lighting system and equipment. This is required for both obeying the law as well as for your safety measurement.

Lights are required for night rides, and if you disobey this law, you will be charged and imposed a fine by the law enforcement officers. However, this legal and safety requirement is not limited to winters only but for the year-round. Bike lights enhances your riding by increasing your visibility on the road and streets.

LED or light-emitting diode lights require less energy consumption and are extremely bright in color. This will positively impact your batteries as they make them last for a longer period. These lights make your riding experience all more enjoyable, secure, and safe. Often riders are subjected to crash, accidents, and fatal injuries due to invisibility and lack of proper lighting equipped system on their bikes.

Features of bike helmet rear light

Best bike rear light keep you safe and secure. Red lights will light your backside during the night. A red blinker at the rear of your bike makes you an attentive motorist. Lights with a 240-degree wide-angle visual design provide better light than any other helmet lights available in the market.

Reasons to buy the rear light are as follows: 

  • It has a compact design
  • It’s visible up to 2km
  • It has a smart connectivity
  • It keeps you visible
  • It’s smaller in size and don’t take much space on your bike.

Features of bike helmet LED light:

  • These lights will keep you safe while running, walking, cycling, hiking, skateboarding, and riding.
  • Some of these lights are USB rechargeable so that you can save your battery life.
  • Lights having daytime visibility technology keeps you visible both at night as well as in the daytime.
  • They help to prevent accidents and keep you safe all the time.

Characteristics of some good quality bike rear lights:

  • Water-resistant
  • Strong airtight construction
  • Durable and suitable for all weather conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable
  • Fits on any helmet or bike.
  • Fits easily on a motorcycle, boat, stroller, skateboard, and snowblower

Rear bike helmet lights have a simple goal that is to keep you visible on the road. Some of them are equipped with battery saver mode, where you get additional runtime for about thirty minutes. Rear bike lights should be ultra-bright to keep you safe and secure. It should be USB rechargeable so that you can save your battery life. They should be charged by USB cable through power banks, computers, or chargers. With USB rechargeable batteries, you can now save the hassle of replacing batteries. It only takes 2hours to fully charge the lights and can run for almost 10hours.

Dual front and bright rear lights on your helmets have different modes which you can freely switch. One-click of it is front light, and two clicks are for rear lights. You can switch three lighting modes- slow flashing, steady on, and fast flashing. Bike helmet lights should have an adjustable dial to customize the fit. It must provide ample ventilation, which helps in regulating temperature and in reducing resistance.

Best reviews for LED lighted bike helmets

The best bike helmet with integrated lights are:

  1. Schwinn Beam LED lighted bike helmet

This helmet is perfectly fit for cycling sport type and is placed with 18 vents, ensuring a comfortable ride. The LED lights can easily be turned on and off just by pushing the center.

Schwinn Beam LED Lighted Bike Helmet with Reflective Design for Adults, Featuring 360 Degree Comfort System with Dial-Fit Adjustment, Gloss Pink
  • Integrated rear light adds crucial nighttime visibility; easily removable for daytime riding or to change batteries.
  • Reflective strips on the top and sides add even more visibility for added protection.

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It has an adjustable fit. The battery lasts longer as the light is powered by two button cell. With a push, you can turn the light on, off, or make it blink. This helmet provides 360-degree comfort and has different designs.


  • Stylish in appearance
  • Lights are easily removable (for daytime or for changing the batteries)
  • Placed with air vents
  • Adjustable dial fit
  • Reflective strips on the top and back


  • Provides 360degree adjustability for a perfect custom fit
  • Keep your head cool on hot summer days as placed with vents
  • Integrated rear light provides more visibility, especially at night time
  • Provides full protection
  1. Base camp bike helmet

It has built-in detachable rear light, which enhances your visibility at night. It is placed with air vents to keep your head cool and for ventilation. It is also suitable for all kinds of bikes and helmets.

BASE CAMP Bike Helmet, Bicycle Helmet with Light for Adult Men Women Commuter Urban Scooter Adjustable M Size (Black)
  • Dual Safety Certified: BASE CAMP bike helmets are dual safety certified. The bike helmet is made up of a durable, high density PC shell and EPS foam that makes this bicycle helmet absorb the impact force in the crash and keep your head safe
  • Detachable LED Taillight: Our mens bike helmet is build-in with detachable LED Taillight. Feautres 2 lighting modes (steady & flashing modes), this bike helmets for men provides Max visibility and safety while riding on the city streets in the dark

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The LED taillight has two lighting modes- flashing and steady mode. Lights are easily removable, so you can push the light out and unscrew to change the batteries. These lights have professional performance suitable for outdoor activities, sports, and cycling.


  • Provides comprehensive safety protection
  • Easily adjustable (easily adjusts the size of your head circumference)
  • Impact resistance
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Made of thick EPS inner material which can absorb the impact force effectively
  • Placed with vents which makes this helmet breathable and comfortable
  • Giftable
  1. PHZ adult bike helmet 

This rear bike helmet light is a popular choice among men and women. It is equipped with three flashing modes- fast, normal, and slow. It has an ultra-bright warning rear light which makes it best for riding at night. These lights have professional performance suitable for outdoor activities, sports, and cycling.

PHZ Adult Bike Helmet with Rechargeable Led Back Light/Detachable Visor Ideal for Road Ride Mountain Bike Bicycle for Men and Women (White, Medium)
  • DUAL SAFETY CERTIFIED - PHZ. bike helmet meets US & EU cycling standards. In-molding technology joins thick EPS foam core and the outer durable high density PC shell to ensure this bicycle helmet absorb the impact force in the crash and keep your head safe.
  • DETACHABLE USB LIGHT - Bicycle helmet with USB rechargeable rear light. Provides Max visibility and safety for night riding with 3 lighting modes - Steady, Flash and Wave. Take off the detachable rear light that you can use the USB recharge the light.

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It has a long battery span of up to 10 hours, but it is expensive. This bike helmet has 360-degree visibility since it is equipped with a large light panel. The battery life lasts up to 6 hours. The LED lights can withstand up to 20 degrees Celsius and make it safe to ride on the road in the dark.


  • Specialized aerodynamic and ventilation helps to keep your body cool
  • Tough and durable PVC and PC materials used
  • EPS foam protects the head during crash
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Lights are USB rechargeable so that you can save your battery life.
  • Portable and easy to carry

Choose helmet lights with a better management system where 2 hours of charge can give 9 hours of backup. The usability of a bike helmet depends on whether it can be used as a helmet, as a backlight, or in the front.

How to turn on and off the bike helmet lights?

If you want to turn on your helmet, then give a short press to the power button on the back of your helmet. You can see the front and the rear lights turning on, and your helmet will give you a beep so that you can be sure that it has turned on. This lets the helmet enter into pairing mode, and we can pair it with a phone or other device.

You can change the light setting by pressing the power button, or the light setting can sometimes be customized using apps. If you want to turn off the light, then press and hold the power button simply until it shuts off.

Halogen lights are dynamo-powered, so first, access the bulb and place where a wire may have led from the light to the dynamo. There is usually no switch. You have to engage the dynamo by pressing it down such that the spring press it against the flank of the tire. Follow the wires from the lamp to the dynamo. If you see your bike lights are not illuminating properly, then follow the below steps.

  • Check whether the physical switch located on the light is turned to ON position.
  • Check the wiring connection at both front and rear lights to make sure no cables are unplugged. Also, determine if your lights are battery or dynamo-powered. Since a dynamo is larger than the normal front with wires that attach to the bike’s right side. The turn on and off functionality of lights is sometimes controlled in the settings menu.
  • When your bicycle stops, then turn on the drive system.
  • Make sure DST is not displayed on the screen.
  • Then hold the function button until you see the switching of the screen.
  • Scroll through the menu and press the light option on the display. Press the function button. Now you can switch light settings to on and off for lights.


Light enhances visibility both in the daytime and at night. Now you can see lane stripping, cars, and other vehicles, traffic, and road signs easily due to high vision from the presence of lights on your helmets. These lights constitute brightness and a feeling of motion. Helmets with rear light patterns and flashing front will help you draw attention, which sets you apart from others. It also helps in emergency braking and warns riders approaching from your behind.

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