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Mongoose Maxim 24 Inch Mountain Bike Review

For women, comfort and easy handling are exceedingly essential and crucial factors when riding a bicycle. Of course, the design and beauty of the bike matter as well. Other vital parameters that they look for include price, durability, convenient features, resilience, balance, etc. If you are someone who has to have the better aspects of these attributes on your bike, the Mongoose Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle has you covered. 

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Constructed out of aluminum, the Mongoose Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle, with its suspension frame and front suspension fork, offers a smooth, comfortable, and controlled riding experience to its riders.

With an eye-catching and mesmerizing design and attractive color combinations, the bike successfully acquires the attention of girls and women. No ride is easier on arduous and varied terrains than this model due to its Shimano gearings and SRAM twist shifters. The bike is a breeze to manipulate and has alloy linear-pull brakes that offer a powerful but steady stopping power.

The bike’s 24-inch wheel and alloy liner brakes ensure the rider’s safety on almost all kinds of trails, whether a flat terrain or rocky mountainous area. The bike’s features cater to the younger ages who fall into a shorter or growing height range.

With 21 speeds, linear-pull brake style, and attractive colors, the bike is highly sought-after and always in high demand worldwide.

Product Features

Some features of the bicycle include the following:

  1. Assembly:

The bike’s assembly is exceedingly uncomplicated and effortless. From the installation of the seats, front wheel, handlebars, and pedals to the inflation of the wheels, the entire process hardly takes any time and exertion.

Other than the basic fitting of the parts, the rest, like the brakes and shifters, come pre-assembled and pre-adjusted. Nevertheless, the riders can tweak them a bit according to their needs and preferences. Overall, the product comes with easily comprehendible instructions.

  1. Design:

The bicycle’s design covers all points of durability and ease of maneuvering and maintenance. As such, it is almost lightweight due to the aluminum frame and has the best quality parts. Even for the bike’s small frame, its tires are 24 inches thick, adding to the balance of the rider and the durability of the vehicle.

The gearings and twist shifters enhance the rider’s control over the bicycle at all times. The alloy-linear pull brakes allow for efficient movement cessation by gradual momentum loss, even on slippery surfaces. Additionally, the bike has a 3-piece mountain crank-wide gear range that permits the swift gear change to suit a particular terrain.

  1. Suspension and Shifters:

The Mongoose Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle has 24-inch brakes and a dual suspension system. The front suspension fork with a suspension frame adds to the bike’s comfort, control, and handling. Overall, the product is about 24 inches with an aluminum full suspension.

It has SRAM twist shifters that guarantee the system’s smooth and proper operation. It is accompanied by a 21-speed rear derailleur from Shimano that aids in the swift and effortless gear changing and shifting.

Mongoose Maxim Girls Mountain Bike, 24-Inch Wheels, Aluminum Frame, 21-Speed Drivetrain, Lavender
  • Aluminum full suspension mountain frame maximizes comfort and performance. 24-inch wheels fit riders ages 8 and up, or 4’8” to 5’6”
  • Suspension fork smooths out bumps and increases control

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Buying Advantages

With its suspension fork, the bike increases control over the system and ensures a smooth ride even on a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs. The full suspension mountain frame guarantees maximum comfort and performance.

Even if it doesn’t meet all female riders’ requirements, the bicycle caters to most other needs with its several and varied attributes. Therefore, it has won and secured the heart of many. Here are some of its features and advantages that have caused this reaction.

  • The bike’s SRAM twist shifters allow for a quick and efficient change in gears that help substantially on a rocky terrain where such a switch is necessary.
  • The bicycle comes with 21 speeds with a Shimano rear derailleur, suspension fork, and linear-pull brakes that permit a smooth and safe ride with efficient braking when required.
  • The comfortable saddle offers maximum comfort during the ride for extended periods. The seat is quickly and readily adjustable as well so that the rider can change it to suit their height and preferences.


  • It is a versatile bicycle that riders can use on almost all terrains, ranging from flat land to rocky mountains.
  • The assembly process is exceedingly effortless and uncomplicated and takes minimal time and effort. The instructions provided with the parts are lucid and help in this regard.
  • With its height adjustment and compact size, the product is suitable for adolescent girls.
  • It comes with a chain guard and bike stand that helps keep the bicycle on standby at any place safely and without fear of thievery.
  • The Shimano drivetrain, grip shifter, 3-part mountain crank, and double suspension fork contribute to a convenient and smooth ride with facile maneuvering.
  • It is exceptionally inexpensive for all the handy and perfect features that it offers at its price.


  • The bicycle, weighing about 37 pounds, might be a bit heavy for growing and adolescent girls.
  • The product’s front headphone requires re-tightening at regular intervals.
  • The plastic gear in the rear derailleur is susceptible to breakage.
  • The pre-assembly may result in separating parts. If this happens during a ride, it can result in severe injuries.
  • It does not come with any additional space for a water holder.
  • The bike’s suspension can be bouncy at high speeds. It serves as a risk factor when riding on mountain terrains.
  • The brakes are not ideal for an instant stop.


Just like all coins have two sides, all things have their advantages and disadvantages. The Mongoose Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle is no exception. Nevertheless, even with its drawbacks, the product is one of the best full-suspension mountain bikes for beginners. So, have a blast out on the trail with this Mongoose mountain bike and experience all kinds of thrilling adventures.

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