Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review

Biking has been the most convenient and effective solution implemented by many people. Likewise, mountain biking helps maintain physical fitness, mental health, and also lets you have some fun. All these aspects help us relax our body, mind, and soul.

If you love adventure sports like mountain biking, Mongoose Vinson Mountain Bike is the one you should be looking for. This bike is unisex, that is there are no gender-restrictions on the user.

Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Mountain Bike Features

The characteristics of mountain bikes are supposed to be suitable for wild adventures on various and unexpected terrains. Have a thrilling experience and an adrenaline rush with these bikes by Mongoose Vinson. So, what are all those features of Mongoose Vinson mountain bikes that outshine other bikes? Does this Mongoose Vinson bike have something special?

Well, you are lucky enough that all your questions would be answered here itself!

  • Wheels and Rims

No one likes mountain biking rides with more jumps than fun. Bumpy rides can be made smoother if the wheel design is sufficient enough. Mongoose knows what the users need and so they have come up with 4-inch wide tires.

The fat tires are specially added to make your ride smooth and pleasant. Even the rocky roads would feel like a cakewalk! The light-weight rims are made of alloy, so they are indeed powerful and stable. This bike by Mongoose makes sure you have an uninterrupted and effortless ride with the best wheels.

  • Disc Brakes

Sudden obstacles may occur at any given time. The brakes ought to make the bike stop. The faith of the rider is dependent on the brakes and their stability. This dual mechanism brake system provided by Mongoose makes it even more alluring.

The terrain is not a problem if you have these brakes and that’s only possible when you get one of the Vinson mountain bikes. Regular checks on the brakes are mandatory for the sake of safety.

  • Frame

The Mongoose has a 14-inch rigid aluminium frame with a classic look. So, the question is why aluminium was chosen to make the frames of the bike? That’s because aluminium is not only light-weight but very much durable.

Take out this bike in any weather condition. There are very few chances or no chances at all for the bike to form a rusty layer. A stiff frame helps the rider have confidence in himself and the bike. The Vinson mountain bike has an appealing look along with its dashing frame.

  • Suspension Forks

Get all the action with comfort. A feature that makes the ride less cumbersome is the Suspension fork. The shock-absorbing ability of the suspension fork will make your journey more consistent. Vinson mountain bikes have long-lasting forks of the best quality. This firm MTB fork gives the rider a jerk-free and sleek biking episode.

The suspension forks act as relief for the biker as it lowers the burden of the hands. These forks support the front wheel, so the arms need not be in a stressful position. Mongoose has indeed successfully helped the bikers get into the action without fear.

  • Gear mechanism

No matter how rugged the terrain is, you can have a swift ride with 24-speed SRAM X4 triggers. The derailleur gears are of two types: Shimano and SRAM X4. The former is found on the front end and the latter one on the rear end.

Expand the spectrum of your gear experience because Vinson mountain bike’s 3-part alloy crank helps you sail smooth. The direction change and gear shifts have never been made so easy.

The gears on Mongoose Vinson mountain bikes are adaptable to all terrains and rough surfaces. Get your gears checked continuously for the best biking experience.

Pros and Cons of Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Vinson mountain bikes are pocket-friendly and convenient for all people. Regardless of age or gender, this beautiful bike available in Blue has been the choice of several riders around the world.

These mountain bikes are manufactured by Pacific Cycle, Inc. The bikes provide all the necessary features needed for a smooth ride, along with some special characteristics. The safety of the rider is essential. So, the dual mechanism brakes and 24-speed SRAM gears ensure a secure biking experience.


  • 24-speed SRAM X4 gear triggers with Shimano and SRAM derailleurs.
  • The 4 inch wide tires with alloy rims, for a rust-free experience.
  • Efficient technology with the feature of dual-mechanism disc brakes
  • Durable and rigid aluminium frames for rough and tough biking experience
  • Cost-effective bike with unique features.


  • When ordered online, the parts need to be assembled by the customer. Also, the package weighs around 41 pounds.
  • Not preferable for riders of height less than 4 inches. The bike may be heavy, depending on the user’s stature.
  • Special biking gloves are to be used while riding due to the friction caused between your bare palms and the rough handles.


Make your mountain biking experience safe and sound by using Mongoose Vinson mountain bikes. With its classy appearance, it grabs the attention of the customer.

The exceptional attributes like the wide tires, alloy rims, and the aluminium frame make the bike sturdy—excellent gears, suspension, and brake systems at a reasonable price.

The Mongoose Vinson mountain bike can be considered as the absolute choice of all bikers looking for a perfect bike with less budget. Explore your mountain biking skills and keep yourself fit with this bike which is made to last!

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