Raleigh Bikes RXW Womens Cyclocross Bike Review

Cyclocross riding is one such type of bike racing that takes place during the autumn and winter times. It consists of many short laps with a combination of different trails and obstacles. Naturally, particular kinds of bikes are designed for these sports that can withstand the race’s conditions and complement the rider well. Raleigh RXW Women’s Cyclocross bike is designed specifically with these goals in mind.

Raleigh Bikes RXW Unique Features

In the last decade, there was a general surge in biking and biking related sports. Many women took an interest in it and began participating in events. To encourage them and keep them motivated, special bikes were designed for them. Raleigh RXW Women’s Cyclocross bike is one such bike designed specifically for women. Given below are the specific features of this bike that make it unique.

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame

Many different materials have been used for making bike frames. The best of these are alloys. Most alloys are made so that they acquire the best property of both the parent elements and become a more substantial, durable and flexible metal. It is perfect for bike frames which have to undergo a lot of stress during riding and racing. Raleigh RXW Women’s Cyclocross bike has its structure made of 6061 aluminium. It is lightweight and economical. With the addition of chromium, it is also corrosion-resistant, making it perfect to endure the harsh weather and outdoor conditions. It has an excellent surface finish and can be easily welded and joined. It makes it effortless for the manufacturer as well as the consumer.

  • Women-specific Geometry

The bike is designed keeping the physical frame and features of women in mind. This way, it can provide the most comfortable and make riding the bike smooth and effortless for women. The frame is lightweight, which is again an advantage for the female riders. Apart from that, the specifications and the measurements are adjusted to fit a female cyclist and provide comfort and easy access. It is available in a variety of sizes to best suit riders of different heights. Male riders can also use it without an issue. Not much adjustments are needed, and the passenger will be very comfortable. The stylish and fresh look of the bike can be a win.

  • Disc braking System

Raleigh RXW Women’s Cyclocross bikes have TRP spare dual actuated mechanical disc brakes made of carbon alloy and are lightweight and efficient. Disc brakes are more efficient and better for racing purposes. They are developed over the standard rim brakes and have a more complex working mechanism that resembles motorcycle brakes. They can stop the bike more efficiently and are perfect for riding on rough terrains and uneven trails. These put the rider more in control of the ride.

  • Efficient Gear Changing System

Every racing bike has a well-developed gear system. It is essential to keep the rider focused and save their energy and use it efficiently. Raleigh’s RXW Women’s Cyclocross bike has SRAM Rival 1×11 gear system. It is essential for races and other different kinds of sports and long routes and commutations as well. An efficient gear system is a requirement for a racing bike.

Pros and Cons of Raleigh Bikes RXW

As a racing bike, the Raleigh RXW Women’s Cyclocross bike is the best one can get. For women who are already practising these races or are interested and wish to try it, this bike is perfect and has everything they might need. This bike is designed specifically for women keeping their features and racing requirements in mind. It has a frame that is strong and durable yet lightweight and economical. It is anti-corrosion and can withstand the rough conditions of bike racing. The gear system is efficient and provides the rider with the much-needed effortlessness.

The disc brakes are made of high-quality alloy material and give the rider with adequate stopping power. It is beneficial during races on unconventional surfaces. Steep slopes and uneven terrains can be dangerous and tricky. But these brakes make it much more comfortable. These bikes have everything that a rider might require from a motorcycle, thus they are highly preferred.


  • This bike has a highly complementary geometry to female riders and makes the ride easy for them, especially races and rough rides.
  • It is lightweight as well as durable and robust, corrosion-resistant and thus great for rough uses and rides.
  • The gear system is efficient and well designed for the maximum benefit of the rider.
  • It has a stylish look and feels and thus has the guarantee of appealing to riders everywhere.


  • Despite having all the attractive features, this bike lacks any kind of storage space.


Since women are taking a great interest in outdoor rough sports and adventures, new equipment is being designed for them now and then. This Raleigh RXW Women’s Cyclocross bike is one such bike explicitly designed for women who love cyclocross racing or wish to try it out. It has all the specifications and design and features that will best suit a female rider and provide utmost comfort and fun, thus serving its creation and design.

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