Raleigh Bikes Womens Adventure Road Bike Review

Women have matched and surpassed men in many aspects of life. Adventure sporting is no exception. Adventure sports like biking, surfing, rappelling and sky diving boost an immense rush of adrenaline. Men and women alike love to go biking through the tough terrains and the hilly roads. For this, the adventure road bikes are of great use. There are several types of bikes like comfort bikes, mountain bikes and cruiser bikes. The road bikes of them are the ones which have settings for travelling on uneven surfaces with ease. They are designed in a way to reduce the stress and efforts to be taken by the rider. And that where the Raleigh Bikes Womens Adventure Road Bike enters the scene!

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Raleigh Bikes Womens Adventure Road Bike Unique Feafures

The Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike is a road bike which exudes comfort as well as qualities of superior styles of operation. Some of its peculiar features are given below.

  • Small frame size: It is a universal fact that women have smaller body size than men. Hence, they need a bike frame which will suit their body size and not burden them instead. In the Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike, one can find 6061 aluminium frame. It is light in weight, and the presence of aluminium makes it sturdy and strong. Aluminium is a rust-free alloy and is resilient to scratches and cracks in the body. This property makes the frame of the bike more durable. The frame is smaller, the stem is shorter, and the handlebar is narrower to enable better positioning for female riders.
  • Comfortable gear changing: While biking on the hilly terrains, one needs optimum speed. More the speed and more effective the gear shifting, the easier it is to ride. With the same thought, there are Shimano Claris 8 speed shifters present in the Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike. This drivetrain has 16 gears. The rider can shift gears very quickly with least efforts. Also, 16 gears make for the best speed experience in the laps of the hills and gravel roads.
  • Disc brake system: There are several types of brakes which are deployed in different bikes. Some examples of them are disc brakes, rim brakes and drum brakes. As far as the Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike is concerned, it has Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes. The thru-axles on the front and rear sides of the bike offer excellent stoppage. The immediate stopping effect is present in all weather conditions and all road conditions as well. Even in monsoons and on the most uneven roads, these brakes will not disappoint you.
  • Stable tires: For a durable ride, the bike has to have stable tires with wide wheelbase and firm grip. The Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike has Clement X’Plor USH 700x35cc tires. The grip of the tires is excellent on gravel roads. The monsoons make the roads slippery, and that increases the probability of accidents and mishaps. The tires of this bike have grip even on wet road surfaces.
  • Comfort ensured: The essential attribute of a bike is comfort. Even in the Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike, satisfaction is guaranteed. The saddle of the bike is padded with soft stuffing which makes it easier for the rider to sit. The geometry of the bike enables a comfortable riding position with no stress on the arms and back. Also, there are fenders which are mounted on the rear wheel of the bike. They restrict the dust and mud splashes from dirtying the rider. This makes for excellent riding experience.

Main Advantages Of Raleigh Bikes Womens Adventure Road Bike

Women generally have smaller body sizes and petite frames. This requires the perfect bike frame to fit the body proportions of a female rider. In the Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike, the geometry is highlighted by aspects like smaller bike frame, narrower handlebar and shorter stem. These factors take care that the riding experience is stress-free and excellent.       

It is never a good idea to ride on a bumpy road. The hindrances like potholes and uneven surfaces give shocks and jolts while riding. This can be minimized to a great extent by the fork present in the bike. This acts as a suspension mechanism to absorb the jolts and shocks. The fork is made up of aluminium and is of superior quality and high durability.

The Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike is available in four different sizes. Every rider is different, and so is the size of the frame she requires. At Raleigh, they cater to it brilliantly. The four size options are XXS, XS, SM and MD. The XXS size is of 48cm; XS is of 50cm whereas the SM size is of 52cm and MD size stands for 54cm. One can choose from this array according to the individual need, preference and comfort.

Raleigh Bikes Women's Amelia 1 Gravel Adventure Road Bike, 54cm/Large, Blue
  • Lightweight aluminum fork and Women's specific frame designed for riding comfortably on unpaved roads
  • Shimano Claris 8 speed shifters provide 16 gears to choose from

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  • The Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike has an aluminium frame which is light in weight. Hence, one can carry the bike around easily and tag it along with your car or any other vehicle.
  • The aluminium fork is a great suspension mechanism which promises a comfortable and smooth ride even on uneven surfaces.
  • The Shimano Claris 8 speed shifters are great for changing gears effectively among the 16 gears present, and the Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes impart immediate stopping power whenever applied.
  • The rack on the bike can be used by the riders to mount the necessary gears and go biking to their hearts’ content.
  • The Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike comes in a 95 per cent assembled state. There are quick four steps to be carried out by the owner of the bike to gather it further and bring it into action.


  • This bike has a smaller frame than other women’s bikes in the market. This may be a cause of concern for bigger or taller girls.


The Raleigh Bikes Women’s Adventure Road Bike is an excellent choice for women who love to bike on the hilly roads and like to embrace adventure with open arms.   

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