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Royce Union RMA Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike Review

Mountain biking enthusiasts enjoy their rides on rough terrains with the help of special mountain bikes. A mountain bike must be such that it is well-suited for all types of terrains. It must be well-constructed and equipped with features for a safe ride. For women who belong to the pack of mountain bikers, Royce Union has a perfect 27.5″ RMA mountain bike that is suitable for all terrains.

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Royce Union RMA All-Terrain Mountain Bike Features

The features of the 27.5″ RMA Women’s Mountain Bike show that this bike is what mountain bikers all around the globe look for. They are listed below:

  • Lightweight frame: Mountain bikers need bikes with a lightweight yet sturdy frame that can balance the weight of the biker as well as can sustain tough bike rides. The RMA model by Royce Union has an aluminum hardtail frame. Aluminum is a metal that is lighter than steel and does not rust. It provides a sturdy and robust build to the bike. The lightweight frame accentuates effortless gliding and acceleration during uphill and downhill biking. Moreover, due to anti-corrosive properties, bikers can use the bike without worrying about damage due to weather conditions.
  • Streamlined gear system: Gears are the components that help in speeding up or speeding down the bike instantly. In the Royce Union’s 27.5″ RMA Women’s Mountain Bike, the gear system is a combination of Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger, and Shimano Altus rear indexed derailleur that imparts 21 speeds. They both provide a smooth gear changing mechanism that helps the bikers to control the speed of their bikes effectively. They are highly efficient as the bikers can alter the pace effortlessly whenever there is a need to fasten the pace or slow down.
  • Zoom suspension fork: Suspension forks help in maintaining the structure of the bike in case if it hits bumps or rough patches on the terrains. Mountain biking is all about the highs and lows of the mountains. To ensure a safe ride, the RMA model has a Zoom suspension fork that absorbs shocks and keeps the bike intact. It minimizes the effects of the jerks on the bikers. It allows them to have a smooth, enjoyable, and untroubled ride despite the bumpy trails and heterogenous land.

  • Effective braking system: Braking components are essential to have control over the speed. It is necessary to maintain the velocity of the bike, especially during downhill trails, as the slope can be steep, which adds extra pace. The alloy linear-pull brakes of Royce Union’s RMA Mountain Bike guarantee this safety to the bikers. They help in adjusting the momentum according to the changes in the mountain land. They, along with the alloyed wheel rims, provide an efficient brake pad contact. It thus gives a dependable braking system with exceptional stopping power.
  • Well-built alloyed wheels: The star of the RMA model of Royce Union is the sturdy allowed wheels. The hefty 27.5″ wheels provide strength to this bike. These large wheels are resilient towards the uneven and bumpy trails. They help to deliver the right momentum to the ride and enrich the biking experience. The fact that these wheels are alloyed gives an edge as alloys do not rust. Hence, it does not impair the functionality of the wheels despite coming in constant contact with water, soil, etc. They have a unique pattern that imparts less rolling resistance and is suitable for all types of terrains.

Main advantages of Royce Union RMA All-Terrain Mountain Bike

The prime beneficial factor of this bike is the robust and sturdy aluminum frame. It is durable and comes with a 10-year warranty. As aluminum does not rust, the bike is preferable to use all round the year. It is lightweight, which is perfect for mountain biking. It has variants based on the size. One is the 17-inch frame, and the other one is 20-inch. The saddle has an alloy quick release binder for height adjustments.

Royce Union RMA 27.5" Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, 17" Aluminum Frame, Trigger Shift, Metallic Teal
  • RMA is the perfect trail companion; an all-terrain mountain bike ideal for trails, gravel paths and even paved streets; hardtail aluminum frame never rusts and is lighter than steel for easier acceleration and easier handling
  • Assembly video beside images - Arrives with bike assembly tools; 17-inch frame is suggested for minimum inseam of 28.25 inches; 15 inch frame is also available; front Zoom suspension fork smoothly absorbs shocks from bumps and dips

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Secondly, it has a gear system that enables an exact and smooth gear movement to achieve one’s desired speed. Unlike the typical mountain bike gears that induce wrist strain, this mountain bike allows the biker to shift gears with just an index finger.

Another advantage is the alloy linear-pull brakes both on the front and rear wheels. Providing an on-demand stoppage on the long and uneven trails, they facilitate a reliable and safe ride.

The handle of the bike is at a slight rise that motivates the biker to be upright. The arrangement does not force the biker to bend and ride the bike and helps to take in the beauty of nature. The Klayton grips on the handle and the 3-piece alloy crank make this bike responsive to the biker.


  • The huge 27.5″ wheels have an all-terrain tread pattern that ensures less rolling resistance as compared to other mountain bikes. They are sturdy, durable, and resilient. As they are alloyed, they also are resistant to rust.
  • The use of aluminum to build this bike makes any bikers mountain biking experience comfortable and enjoyable. Bikers can use this bike during any time of the year, as it is rust-resistant.
  • The Royce Union RMA Women’s Mountain Bike is available in two colors. They are red and metallic teal.
  • The Zoom suspension acts as an effective shock absorber for maintaining the bike components and helping the biker to avoid injuries.
  • The braking system provides 21 speeds to achieve the best thrilling experience.


  • The bike has the potential to be the best mountain bike due to its features. To compare based on the storage of this bike, it can be a tad bit problematic due to its size.


Royce Union’s 27.5″ RMA Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain is the best suitable mountain bike for women bikers who want to get the best out of their mountain biking experience. It can make such experiences memorable and enriching for the soul.

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