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27.5″ Royce Union RMT Womens 21-Speed Mountain Bike Review

Biking is one of the best and most exciting sports. It invokes fun, frolic as well as a sense of freedom in the one practising it. There are no two ways about the fact that this has led to the growth in the designing and manufacturing of various bikes for men and women.

In this market of immense competition, one brand which has always been the best is Royce Union. Their remarkable quality is their peculiarity. The Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike is made to meet the expectations of every female rider.

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Royce Union RMT Key Features

The bike called Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike has several unusual features aimed at impressing and suiting every rider and gifting them absolute pleasure while riding.

  • Twenty-one-speed variations: This bike is known for its high speed which is achieved by the 21 speed variations available. There is the Shimano drivetrain used in this bike which includes a Shimano Revoshift, and Shimano Tourney indexed derailleur. Changing gears is one of the essential activities done while biking. If this is hard to do, there will be a hindrance in smooth riding. But, in the Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, one can change the gears solely with by twisting the control at the handle. It ensures seamless riding.
  • Lightweight frame: The most important attribute of a vehicle is its weight. If it’s too much or beyond a specific mark, it becomes tough to carry it around or drive them easily. That is exactly why the Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike has an aluminium frame. Aluminium has some amazing properties, like being lighter than steel and sturdiness. This material does not rust and hence can be used in any weather condition. It makes it easier to accelerate the bike and maintain its momentum. Also, if one wants to tag the bike along while going for a picnic or an excursion, even this can be done easily.
  • Variations in size of frame: Every rider has a different body type and body structure. It is influential in deciding which bike to opt for while buying. Hence, every person needs a bike that would suit his/her height. Royce Union gives as many as five different frame sizes in the RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike. These variations are 17 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches. In addition to this, there is an adjustment clamp under the seat which is made up of a durable alloy. It can be used to adjust the height of the seat as per the rider’s comfort.
  • Stable riding: When it comes to safe and stable riding, the most important question is whether the braking system is perfect. In the Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, there are linear-pull brakes available. They offer stoppage with quick response. The wheels of this bike have a large base of 27.5 inches. It enhances the safety quotient of the bike. The rims of the wheels, as well as the brakes, are made up of an alloy of superior quality. It facilitates better brake pad contact, which delivers immediate and dependable stoppage. These factors influence stable and safe riding- something which every rider desires and deserves.

  • Comfort at its best: In any bike, the prime concern of the rider is comfort. If there is any discomfort or inconvenience while riding, this might lead to serious physical pain or even mishaps and accidents. There is a slight-rise handlebar which enables the rider to sit in an upright position while riding. It reduces the stress on the back, shoulders and arms, eliminating any chance of pain or ailments. Also, there is a suspension fork which acts as an effective shock absorber protecting the rider from the dips and dumps of uneven terrain. Therefore, the structure successfully manages to reduce riding stress developing due to a rigid or uncomfortable riding position.

Main Advantages Of Royce Union RMT

The Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike has 21 speed variations which make it a dream bike for any biking lover. The gears are easy to shift at a single twist of the handle. The use of Shimano Drivetrain makes it very easy to operate these gears very smoothly and effectively.

A rider needs absolute comfort while riding. Hence, it is necessary to have a stable structure of the vehicle. The strong and sturdy aluminium frame guarantees the stability of this bike. The handles and the pedals need to have solid grips. In the Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, there are Krayton grips and pedals used.

Royce Union RMT 27.5" Womens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, 15" Aluminum Frame, Twist Shift, Eggplant Purple
  • Assembly video under images; RMT is one great bike to ride; the hardtail frame is molded from durable, no-rust aluminum, lighter than steel; that makes this bike easier to accelerate, easier to maintain momentum, and easier to handle
  • All tools are included for fast assembly; 15-inch frame is for a minimum inseam of 25.25 inches; 17 inch frame is also available; Zoom suspension fork delivers solid performance

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  • This bike comes in various frame sizes which will suit different body types and heights.
  • This bike is made up of the very useful and sturdy material called aluminium. It is resistant to rust and imbibes the feature of being light in weight.
  • The Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike has wheels with a large base. It enables the rider to have stable and smooth riding even in the roughest of terrains.
  • Owing to the presence of the alloyed linear-pull brakes, it is easy to apply immediate stoppage. It gives better performance while riding uphill or downhill.
  • The assembly of this bike is very easy. The bike is shipped with some tools required for the assembly. Also, one gets a warranty for ten years for the aluminium frame.


  • Since this bike is not generally used of casual riding, there is no storage facility. It might cause inconvenience to some riders.


Biking is one of the most interesting adventure sports. The Royce Union RMT Women’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bikes made to cater to female riders.  

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