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Schwinn Baywood Womens Single Speed Cruiser Bike Review

Our lives get so tied up in work, stress and, running errands that we stop prioritizing working out or slowing down our momentum for a bit. A cruiser bike would be a perfect investment in times as such. Taking the bike around town for running errands and possibly to work and back would help people slow down and also indulge in ample physical exercise. A cruiser bike will provide an enjoyable, safe, and comfy bike ride- something that is perfect for health and pace of life. Schwinn has come out with an ideal cruiser bike just for this purpose. It’s comfortable, well-paced, and just perfect for taking out on a ride around the city.

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Schwinn Baywood Cruiser Bike Features

Schwinn has designed the Schwinn Baywood 24″ Cruiser bike to cater to daily commuting needs. It’s building is design for regular bike riding around the town. The features provide to smooth and safe biking correctly and doesn’t cause any lumbar discomfort. Some of the high-end features that the Schwinn Baywood cruiser bike can boast off are discussed as follows.

  • Strong steel frame

Companies use a variety of materials to construct the frame of a bike. Among all these materials, steel is widely used in different brands of bicycles. It is an alloy which means it has the best qualities of both its parent materials. It is durable, resilient, and does not rust. The Schwinn Baywood cruiser bike features a sturdy, steel see-through body frame making the bike singularly robust and reliable to take around the city. The cycle bars and other body parts do not get damaged very easily. The anti-rust characteristics of steel make the bike rust-resistant and perfect for riding through rough weather conditions. No amount of pouring rain can cause damages to the structure of the bike.

  • Single-speed style

The Schwinn Baywood cruiser bike comes with an automatic coaster brake. This stylish and sturdy cruiser bike with the aforementioned features is an ideal choice for a nice, comfortable ride around paved footpaths and cobbled alleyways. The colour matching fenders on this sturdy alloy bike allows a warm and dry ride even when the weather is adverse and unpredictable. This bike is a perfect combination of style and comfort.

  • Padded cruiser saddle

The bike also flaunts the perfectly designed Schwinn quality padded cruiser saddle. These soften the ride and makes the bike perfect to take out on long, comfortable trips around the town. The padded seating offers rider’s a cushioned ride making it safe, comfortable and reliable on long journeys in cities.

  • Single-speed drivetrain

A single-speed drivetrain makes the bike super simple and easy to ride. This single-speed cruiser bike helps the rider in focusing on the journey instead of shifting gears. The absence of complex moving parts as present in multispeed bikes makes the journey extremely easy for the rider to make. It also makes the bike easily maintainable and cuts down on maintenance expenses.

  • Sturdy, alloy spokes on the wheels

The spokes on the Baywood 24″ cruiser bikes made of steel and chrome plated nipples. It reduces the stress when it comes to riding on one’s legs, shoulders and back. Also, in addition, these alloy spokes are resistant to harsh weather conditions, like heavy rainfall or strong sunshine. The tyres are also built of durable material, so the bike is wholly reliable and low on maintenance.

Schwinn Baywood Cruiser Bike, Featuring Steel Step-Through Frame and Single-Speed Drivetrain with Full Wrap Fenders, 24-Inch Wheels, Bright Blue
  • Schwinn steel step-thru cruiser frame and fork offers a comfortable riding position that's easy on your back
  • Single-speed drivetrain for simple riding and easy maintenance

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Main advantages of the bike and why most people prefer it

The most crucial part of any bike happens to be the material they are co trusted from. The Schwinn Baywood 24” women’s cruiser bike has a strong, resilient, and sturdy steel frame. Steel is a superior quality alloy with numerous advantages. The most important of these advantages is that it does not rust, even in the worst weather conditions. These bikes can be taken out all year round, in all sorts of weather conditions.

When going on a regular, comfortable joyride, focusing on the journey and the roads are much more crucial than continually thinking of having to shift gears. It is also highly suitable for beginners who do not know a lot about gear shifts and hence, can cause fatal and dangerous accidents. The cruiser bike comes with an elegant and straightforward built which makes it super easy to take on regular rides across town.

In addition to this, the single-speed drivetrain features offer a high degree of reliability when it comes to commuting all year round. Not only is it easy on one’s budget but also hassle-free when it comes to maintenance. The driving terrain is smooth due to optimal chain-line.


  • The frame of the bike is made of steel which is a durable and rust-resistant alloy. This causes low bike maintenance and less susceptible to everyday wear and tear.
  • The Schwinn Baywood cruiser bike is available in five different colour variants to choose from.
  • The lack of too many moving parts, as well as the single-speed feature, makes the bike a top-notch choice when it comes to regular riding.
  • There is an extra space of storage in addition to all the conveniences the bike already has to offer.


  • Being a single-speed bike, the Schwinn cruiser bike is limited to one speed only, making it a challenge to drive on uneven or rough terrains.
  • It takes a lot of efforts and energy to take the bike on long-distance rides.


The Schwinn Baywood 24″ women’s cruiser is a perfect choice for regular, comfortable and reliable rides. It has all the features that make a bike durable, hassle-free and easy to ride. It is the most useful choice for beginners because of its single-speed drivetrain. It is easy to ride and very simple to maintain.

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