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Schwinn Destiny Womens Beach Cruiser Bike Review

Since entering the mainstream market in the late 90s, beach cruisers have been exceptionally fashionable and their reputation doesn’t seem to be declining any time soon. Originally built as leisure bikes, cruisers are particularly comfortable machines guaranteeing quality rides both on the seafront and around the city.

A good lady’s bike should not only be affordable and light but also include all the feminine features regarding comfort, elegance, and performance. And that’s where the Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser Bike comes in!

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Unique Features Available

Sweet memories are unforgettable and can bring a smile on our faces even during the hardest times in life and the more intense the better for you. Apparently vivid recollections are not created from thin air. If are a lady who loves cycling, the Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser is one unique bicycle fully optimized to help you build those honeyed seashore commemorations you so much crave for.

A stylish woman’s design the single speed 24-inch Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser Bike is a resilient mobility asset featuring a classic aesthetic outline and a strong steel structure intended to support you all day long. This ergonomic bike is not only affordable but also a feature-rich cruiser. Some of the most distinguishable specks include:

  1. A simple lady’s design

While Destiny Women’s Cruiser comes is a multicolored bike with pink being the most popular color among city girls, its ultra-low swooping steel frame is an iconic speck that ensures riders can easily mount and dismount even when wearing skirts. Its diving curvy steel frame complete with a steel fork gives this bike a unique structural resilience thus allowing you to confidently embark on extensive excursions without worrying of mechanical failures.

Measuring 71″ by 24″ by 40″ and weighing just only 39.6 pounds, Density is an agile bike capable of seamless maneuvers around the neighborhood with improved steadiness and confidence. Inclusive of queen size rear luggage carrier complete with reinforcements, this lightweight bike boasts of a maximum carrying capacity of 180 pounds thus making it the perfect companion to the grocery store.

  1. Corrosion resistant alloy wheels

A good women’s bicycle should not only deliver a comfortable steady cruise but also feature quality components fully customized to provide timeless services. If you are looking for a simple but durable bike within your budget, Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser would be a nice choice.

Destiny is a girl’s world-class mobility asset designed with elegant 24″alloy wheels properly treated such that they are both corrosion resistant and lightweight. Inclusive of super tough spokes arranged in a singular order, the overall wheel structure is strong and properly balanced therefore offering a steady rolling effect perfect for leisure rides.

For an even more improved cruise, the bike features a pair of 2″ wide anti-slippery tires complete with rubberized threads for enhanced traction, especially when cycling on smooth terrains like pavements.

The Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser is a simple luxury bicycle inclusive of other advanced features like

  • Wide double spring seat complete with proper padding for a more comfy ride
  • Matching front and back fenders to protect riders from debris and splashing
  • A rear luggage carrier with a detachable rack and a maximum carrying capacity of 15 pounds
  • Swept-back handlebars intended to encourage upright body geometry thus enhancing comfort during rides
  • A flexible seat that allows height adjustment
  • 1-speed gear system
  • Coaster breaks for simplified braking

Buying Advantages

A quality size 24 bike featuring an adjustable saddle, swept-back handlebars, and a retro-styled frame, Destiny is an unsophisticated lightweight mobility asset guaranteeing everlasting adventure for ladies of various heights.

Schwinn Destiny Womens Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed, 24-inch Wheels, Purple
  • Schwinn steel cruiser frame with classic cruiser handlebar for comfort and style. Perfect for riding to school or around the park with friends.
  • Single speed with coaster brake for easy braking and pedaling.

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Unlike other models, this girlish cruiser is built in a simple classic design perfect to ensure maximum serenity and ease. An “economy” package ideal for checking out on girlfriends and running personal errands, Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser showers with dozens of benefits and advantages including:

  1. Maximum safety

Fitted with effective coaster breaks, which are ridiculously effortless to apply, this cruiser enables you to quickly stop in case of oncoming traffic thus keeping you safe and sound all the time. All you need to do is pedal in the reverse direction and the bicycle will smoothly come to a halt.

  1. Improved comfort

Considering its simple design, the Schwinn Destiny Women’s Cruiser is one of the comfiest bikes you will find below $200. Despite lacking a sophisticated suspension system like its more pricey counterparts, the few suspensions available in this model are fully optimized for maximum effect. This includes the double spring saddle and a clever geometry that encourages upright riding position thus minimizing body pain during lengthy cruises.

  1. Portability

Weighing just only 39.6 pounds, this bike is very portable which enhances transportation especially during family vacations to the coast.


  • Coaster brake system for effortless and precise stoppage
  • Affordable
  • Simple classic design
  • Lightweight
  • Accommodates all heights
  • Anti-corrosion wheels
  • Customizable rear luggage carrier to fit various sizes of racks


  • Coaster brakes can be overwhelming especially if not well acquainted
  • 1-speed gear system may not be perfect for off-road excursions

Final Call

Are you a working lady tired of the inconveniences caused by the traffic congestion in the city and want to get on your way in peace? Well, a perfect cruiser bike may be your only way out. It’s the high time you seized this opportunity got yourself this bike.

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