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Schwinn Discover 700c Womens Hybrid Bicycle Review

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike is the best combination of the on and off-road bicycles. Even though, it stands out with the unusual frame for the hybrid bicycle specially designed for the ladies (it looks more like sports bicycle), its main purpose does not change, and that is to make any type of ride most comfortable, enjoyable and full of wonderful experiences.

There is style, comfort and high usability in the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike. This bike has individual adjustments which can make it a men’s bike or a women’s bike. If you like to ride across the rough terrain and like to experience nature to its fullest then this bicycle will definitely be the best choice for you.

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Features of Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

The features of this hybrid bicycle are quite unique. As we said before, even though this is a bicycle specially designed for women, to be the cruiser and off-road bicycle, the overall design resembles the sports bicycle. On the good side, this definitely gives us a whole new point of view when we talk about the hybrid bicycles.

  • Frame – This bike is an amalgamation of the facilities required in a men’s bike and women’s bike. The most peculiar difference is the placement of the central bar in the frame. The frame can be adjusted as a step-through frame or a step-over frame. Women usually use the step-through frame, and men prefer the step-over frame. It makes the bike suitable for both. The frame is made from the high-quality aluminum mixture to make this bicycle long lasting but still light enough for the easier control. Additionally, the frame is ergonomically built which allows you to go on longer rides and to be sure the bicycle won’t put too much strain on your body. Also, it is easy to tag the bike along for an excursion.
  • 21-speed mechanism – Everybody knows how important speed mechanism can be. It enables the rider to adjust its riding tempo depending on the road ahead. Mostly, the mechanism gives the option to cross long distances with ease, especially if you tend to go on a mountain rides. Those uphill and downhill roads can take a toll on your body if you don’t have a vast range of speeds at your disposal. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike has 21 gears for changing speed. It can be reduced or increased as per the need. The 21-speed SRAM gear shifter powers the gear shifting and the Shimano gear derailleur facilitates pedalling up a steep slope.
  • Classic Fenders – Fenders are really important part of any bicycle because they protect the rider from dirt, water, and any additional road debris. The difference between a good and the best fender is in their placement and material. At Schwinn, they are well aware of that fact, so they made sure to have the best fenders on all their models. Same goes with this one. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike has a pair of fenders, one on the back and one on the front wheel. They are both sturdy and can endure any type of weather. They will keep the rider dry and safe under any circumstances, which is definitely something you must have if you want to be the best.
  • Wheels – The wheels on this hybrid bicycle carry the same trait as the frame. Unconventional for the women type of bicycle, the tires are a bit larger. Unlike the usual 26 inches, these tires are 28 inches big which, in this case, is a really good thing. It will enable you to cover more ground when on the longer rides, which is definitely something we love. The rims are made from the same, high-quality aluminum mixture like the frame, just to ensure the focus stays on the comfort and durability.

Advantages of Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

Schwinn is an established brand founded in 1895. There are some exemplary products developed by it. One of the best and the most versatile products is the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike. It has effective braking and gear changing systems.

The most significant advantage of this bike is that it is hybrid. Both men and women can use it according to the need. Some adjustments can be made with the settings of the frame to enable these facilities.

There is a Schwinn suspension fork for more resilience better performance of the bike, and the Schwinn alloy crank adds to the better performance. Also, there is an adjustable stem and a back sweep handlebar. The padded seat adds to the comfort of the bike.

  • Effective braking system: Brakes are crucial in any vehicle. The speed and motion of the vehicle can be controlled using brakes. If the braking system does not work correctly, it can lead to accidents and mishaps. It can be avoided by the braking system present in this bike. There are four-finger brake levers which are compatible with the alloy twist shifter.
  • Comfortable seat – The most important part of the bicycle is the seat. If it’s too hard or too soft it can ruin your journey, and additionally, it can damage your posture. At Schwinn, they are well aware of that so they made an exceptionally good and ergonomic seat with springs for additional shock absorption. Overall, the inside padding is quite durable and nicely adapts to the rider, and the exterior is covered with the specially designed leather material that will make every ride the most comfortable one.
  • Easy riding: There are swept-back handlebars. It reduces the strain on the arms and the back of the rider. Riding for long hours in an uncomfortable position can lead to body pain. The upright handlebars and the padded seat lace the biking experience with utmost comfort.
  • The convenience of the rider is amplified: While riding a bike, the most important thing is the absolute comfort of the passenger. In the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike, there are anatomic grips with dual-density construction to the handles to facilitate a firm grip. The seat is a sport seat which has a firm base and is very comfortable. Additionally, there is an inbuilt rack. One can carry parcels or bags in this rack.
  • Maintenance of cleanliness: In the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike, there are fenders. They keep the bike and the rear gears of the bike clean and free of dirt. It reduces the stress on the owner of the bike to clean it after every single ride.
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-inch Wheels, 16-inch/Small Frame, White
  • Schwinn suspension fork, alloy crank, city rise adjustable stem with back sweep handlebar
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifter and rear derailleur mean that pedaling up a hill is easier; Alloy twist shifter compatible 4 finger brake levers

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  • The bike is light in weight and can be carried around easily. One can also take it along for a picnic or an excursion. It enhances the portability of the bike.
  • This bike can be comfortably used by young and old. They can go out for an uphill excursion and also for hopping around the town to pick groceries or meet friends over a cup of coffee.
  • This bike is available in two main variations. There is the small 16-inch frame for the step-through frame available in white colour. The 18-inch medium frame is available in black colour in the step-over frame type.
  • There are the Schwinn suspension fork and the Schwinn alloy crank which enhance the performance of this bike.
  • The mechanisms for shifting gears and applying brakes are prompt and effective. It ensures maximum safety during riding. The gears can be changed quickly, and the brakes are also applied with quick response.
  • There are fenders which keep the dirt off the bike. The rear side of the bike gets dirty more frequently, and it is tedious to maintain it clean. The fenders help with that.
  • The shipping of this bike is done in a semi-assembled manner. There is not much to assemble and whatever is left to be done is very easy with the help of the user manual. Also, the shipping weight is only 45 pounds.


  • This bike cannot be used very comfortably by short people. People around 5’1” or 5’2” will not be very comfortable with this bike.

Bottom line

Biking is not just an adventure but also an important way of commutation. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is one of the best options if you wish to buy a bike. It can be used by men and women very easily and comfortably. This enhances your biking experience.

If you are looking for a great bicycle, that will help you experience nature and still help you get to work on time, then Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike is all you need. Affordable and durable, this bicycle will be by you for many years to come. We think that this bicycle has the best price-to-service ratio when looking at hybrid bicycles.

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  1. Women now days are not any less than boys. So why not make your outdoor journey a bit better with this beautiful ride? It’s a bit out of the small budget, but considering all the facts, we think it deserves to be paid high. Let you wild imaginations fly with Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike!

  2. So, as you have decided to get a good qua lity bike for yourself, we recommend having a look at Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike. This white beauty is not only an awesome bike to look at, but also, you’ll get a handful of features and benefits.

  3. The quality of the parts and accessories are something that almost every woman loved. The frame is built with Aluminum. The Allot crank combined with a suspension fork made the riding experience awesome. Lastly, the carrier at rear gear, the handlebar, and saddle- everything is praiseworthy.


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