Schwinn Fastback 2 Road Bike Review

A very effective way to manage stress and stay physically fit is by riding a bike around for commuting, exploring how far and wide one can push his or her physical limits. The Schwinn Fastback beginner road bike series is one such series that removes the intimidation factor from riding a back and makes it look comfortable again. It allows a perfect balance of performance and componentry to ride fast, climb high terrains and push one’s physical limits far and wide. The tag line used to advertise this product says “ride smoother, ride lighter, ride longer”. This factors in when it comes to convincing users how reliable and comfortable this bike is.

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Schwinn Fastback 2 Road Bike Unique Features

The Schwinn Fastback beginner road bike series is designed to perfection to cater to the off-roading, long journey requirements of the rider. It takes you faster and further as you explore the broad, open road on the beautiful, lightweight, and smooth Schwinn Fastback.

The bikes come in several different size and style variants that riders can choose from. It also features several useful specifications which makes it a very reliable and smooth ride. Some of these features are discussed as follows.

  • Robust and aluminium road frame

The Schwinn Fastback series features a sturdy and robust aluminium frame construction. We all know that products made of alloys (aluminium is an alloy) are sturdier and more resilient than non-alloy frames. This makes the Schwinn Fastback road bike series highly damage-resistant. It is also rust-free, keeping your bike safe from corrosion.

  • 18 Speed Shimano Sora drivetrain

The Schwinn Fastback beginner Road bike series flaunts an 18 speed, Shimano Sora drivetrain which allows riders to take it on longer and smoother journeys. The Shimano Sora drivetrain offers a stable, reliable ride and the 18-speed feature helps bikers explore and push their limits far and wide.

  • Schwinn alloy calliper brakes

The Schwinn alloy calliper brakes both at the front and rear end of the bicycle is a feature that allows the riders to remain in control of the speed of the bike. These alloy brakes coupled with the Shimano Sora brake levers provide for a crisp all-condition bike stopping and precise speed control for a beginner and intermediate riders to ride the bike safely and comfortably.

  • 28-millimetre tyres clearance

A 28-millimetre tyres clearance alongside a rack and fender mounts provide users extra carrying capacity and dirt protection. It makes the bike safer and more versatile to take on a ride along the open road.

  • S2 road stem and bar

The Schwinn S2 road stem and bar along with the Schwinn S1 road race saddle and double gel bar tape provides for an added comfort at the critical touchpoints of the double the five-year warranty is just an added advantage to a bike with already beautiful features.

Schwinn Fastback 2 Adult Performance Road Bike, Beginner to Intermediate Bicycle Riders, 700c Wheels, 18-Speed Drivetrain, Extra-Small Aluminum Frame, Navy Blue
  • Discover the perfect balance of speed and performance with the Schwinn Fastback 2 Road Bike. A Schwinn N LITENED Gold triple-butted aluminum road frame and Schwinn carbon race fork provide a fast, agile ride for fitness-focused riders.
  • The 18-speed Shimano Sora drivetrain with Shimano Sora shifters and an alloy FSA Vero compact crank deliver optimal gearing performance.

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Why most people prefer Schwinn Fastback 2?

When it comes to the frame and structure of a bike, the most crucial aspect is the material that the structure is built with. The Schwinn Adult 2 Performance Road bike comes with an aluminium-built frame which allows fitness-focused riders a fast, smooth, and agile ride. Aluminium is a superior metal with several advantages to its name. First and foremost, this metal is highly durable and resilient. It is rust-free, which makes the bike a perfect ride in all kinds of weather conditions. Its anti-corrosive features make it a highly reliable journey which can be taken to town during any time of the year.

On long rides, precise gee changes and speed control are two crucial factors. If one fails to shift gears in time, the speed of the bike may ricochet out of control. This is fatal and dangerous for riders, leading to accidents and mishaps. Therefore, in the Schwinn Fastback road bike series, there is an 18 speed Shimano Sora drivetrain that allows precise gear shifting and speed control for riders.

Moreover, the bike is available in six sizes so that it can be of use for any rider irrespective of their heights. A rider can choose size as well as the style of the bike.


  • The Schwinn Fastback road bike series is available in 6 different sizes to suit riders of all heights.
  • There are two style options available for riders to choose from.
  • The lightweight 18-speed design allows for a smooth, speed-controlled ride for the users.
  • The Schwinn Fastback road bike series is an extremely user friendly and budget-friendly model.
  • The structure of the bike is very sturdy and robust. The aluminium used for the manufacturing of this bicycle is rust-free.
  • The body of the cycle easily fits in with the shape of the rider. Thereby producing quality grip on the bicycle.
  • The front and rear alloy brakes help in stopping the bicycle in the exact spot as desired by the rider.


  • The bike does not have a carrier basket which makes it difficult to store things for long rides.
  • The bike may seem overpriced for some of the customers when compared with the attributes it is offering.


The Schwinn Fastback road bike is perfect for being taken on smooth, long-distance journeys on the open road. It is a safe, reliable, and durable bike that will allow long and smooth journeys for the rider.

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