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Why Schwinn Meridian Is Preferred By Both Men & Women?

With tricycles booming in popularity in recent years, many riders consider them over conventional bicycles. Trikes offer superior comfort and stability for riders of all ages and sizes, and no one does it better than Schwinn’s Meridian.

Schwinn is a renowned manufacturer that produces high-quality bikes for everyone. They manufacture many bikes, including conventional cruisers, electric hybrids, and tricycles for kids.

The Meridian has garnered a significant response from male and female riders out of their incredible bike lineup. It is a classic cruiser with a stylish and elegant design, and many riders consider this trike over others.

So why is the Schwinn Meridian famous among men and women riders? The American manufacturer has put a lot of effort into designing the Meridian, making it one of the top tricycles worldwide. We will list all the merits of this exceptional trike and evaluate why everyone prefers to ride this trike.

Bicycles vs. tricycles

Before proceeding with the article, let’s discuss the primary differences between bicycles and tricycles and why trikes are better than their conventional counterparts.

Generally, tricycles eliminate two main problems – fear of falling and balance problems. Since beginners face these problems on a typical bicycle, they add additional wheels to their bikes or consider purchasing tricycles. Likewise, older adults or people suffering from health issues tend to go with tricycles than bicycles.

Let us look at some of the advantages that tricycles offer.

  • More stability – Tricycles are more stable and comfortable than typical bicycles because of their construction. Since the center of gravity is lower on tricycles, it enhances stability and comfort, especially during long bike rides.
  • Balancing issues – Since tricycles always have three wheels planted on the ground, you will have no balancing issues. Additionally, the lower center of gravity ensures that you are stable even if you ride your trike slowly.
  • Practicality – Most tricycles come with a storage basket at their rear that offers more luggage space than conventional bicycles. You can use this cargo basket to carry bags or groceries or attach custom carriers for more oversized items.

Schwinn Meridian – Technical Specifications

FrameAluminum, 15.5”
RimsAlloy rims with stainless-steel spokes
PedalsResin platform with reflector
Stem Quill, alloy
SaddleSpring-loaded saddle with comfortable padding
HeadsetSteel, threaded
Dimensions10.8” x 31.3” x 53.6”
Wheel sizes24 or 26 inch
Weight 70 pounds

Why is Schwinn Meridian everyone’s favorite?

The Meridian offers many features that help it excel over traditional bicycles. Besides offering superior comfort and stability, this tricycle scores high on various parameters. Here are the reasons why Schwinn Meridian is the number choice for both male and female riders.

  • Three cheers for the wheel size

Manufacturers understand that riders come in all shapes and sizes, and the Meridian answers it with two wheel-size options. Schwinn offers the Meridian with 24 and 26-inch wheel sizes, ensuring that it appeals to different users.

The smaller wheel size is perfect for females or shorter riders as it has a smaller footprint. Additionally, it requires a smaller turning radius and is undoubtedly best for those with limited storage space.

The 26-inch variant is ideal for men, and the bigger wheel size offers more stability and comfort. However, we couldn’t find any difference while riding both variants as the comfort and stability levels were identical.

  • Handlebars that anyone can handle

The swept-back or cruiser-style handlebars are ideal for riders of all sizes. No matter how short or long hands you have, you will always find the sweet spot to control the Meridian.

Besides offering a commanding grip, the swept-back handlebars ensure that you sit in an upright and comfortable position. This sitting stance reduces back and neck strain and keeps you comfortable during long bike rides. The swept-back handlebars also reduce wrist strains as they sit in a comfortable position.

This upright position and effortless handling abilities make the Meridian famous among male and female riders.

  • Colors that expresses your lifestyle

One of the golden merits that the Meridian possesses over other tricycles is its suite of different color options. Schwinn offers many color schemes for the Meridian, and riders can choose their preferred color to match their lifestyle.

Schwinn offers the Meridian in six color schemes: white, black, green, blue, cherry, and red. You can own a Meridian in a bright red color or flaunt your masculine body with the classic black finish. Although blue and green remain our favorite, we couldn’t let go of the subtle white variant.

In short, Schwinn has offered something for everyone, and the color schemes are undoubtedly one of the top reasons people prefer Schwinn’s Meridian over other trikes.

  • Heavy but not that heavy

Although the Meridian weighs over 70 pounds, you will never feel the weight even when riding it slowly. This exceptional weight handling makes it effortless for riders of all sizes to control the tricycle without breaking a sweat.

Riders can cruise on this trike with the minimum effort despite having a broader footprint. It comes with an excellent single-speed drivetrain and an efficient chain mechanism that pulls your tricycle effortlessly.

  • Stops when you want

The Meridian features dual braking power that allows riders to initiate brakes at will. It is one of the most substantial merits of this bike, making it safer for riders of all shapes and sizes.

It also comes with a brake lever that locks your tricycle and keeps it stationary. You can use this feature for effortless unloading and loading, especially on an incline. All you have to do is pull the brake lever and push the pin down to lock the brakes.

It is an excellent feature for any tricycle, especially for older adult riders, as they can get on or off the trike without receiving help.

  • Carries your stuff around

The Schwinn Meridian comes with a spacious cargo basket to carry stuff with you. Whether you are carrying your backpack or groceries from a nearby shop, Meridian’s cargo basket will always be there to serve you.

The solid mesh basket offers plenty of room for your cargo and comes with metal pins that keep your belongings secure. You can also install a custom basket to carry more oversized items and enhance productivity.

While male riders employ Meridian’s spacious cargo basket to keep their gym duffle bags, female riders can multiply their possibilities. Outdoor activity lovers will be more than happy with this cargo basket as they can carry more things.

The cargo basket is an excellent addition to the Meridian, making it better than conventional bicycles.

  • Keeps your clothes clean

If you’ve ridden bicycles in damp conditions, you probably know how mud splashes can ruin your shoes and clothes. The Meridian solves this problem by covering the wheels with full-coverage fenders.

These fenders protect your clothes and shoes from puddle splashes. You can adjust the fenders according to your needs to get the best results. However, ensure that you set the fenders correctly to avoid friction and weird noises. Any friction is not healthy for your tires or fenders, and it would be best to seek help from a professional if you don’t get it right.

  • Step through without help

The general idea of introducing tricycles is to help older adults ride effortlessly, and the Meridian does this job exceptionally well. It features a low step-through design that allows riders to hop on and off the tricycle without breaking a sweat.

This design removes self-consciousness and allows riders to enjoy their riding experience. Older adults will love to ride this trike as they don’t have to rely on others to help them settle on their Meridian. It also allows female riders to wear clothing of their choice, which conventional bikes do not allow.

The Schwinn Meridian’s design makes it a champion, and you don’t have to feel self-conscious while riding this tricycle. It is one of the top reasons people prefer Schwinn’s Meridian over other tricycles.

  • It comes with a warranty

Nothing is more crucial than having a dedicated service team that answers all your queries after purchasing a product, and Schwinn knows how to do it best. The Meridian is a prized product in the Schwinn’s lineup, and so are the riders who ride these tricycles.

Schwinn offers a limited lifetime warranty with the Meridian, and owners will have the company’s assistance if they need any help. You can contact their customer service for any help regarding your tricycle’s performance or after-sales services.

This service makes Schwinn a trustworthy manufacturer and the Meridian a reliable product, hence the popularity among men and women riders. Besides, Schwinn has the tagline “All riders welcome,” and the manufacturer commits everything to serve that community.

Final Thought

Many reasons contribute towards a product’s popularity, and the Meridian ticks all those boxes. Schwinn’s Meridian is a reliable commuter and offers exceptional comfort, style, and practicality over many rivals.

Whether you ride it for pleasure or to get some physical exercise, the Meridian is undoubtedly one of the best choices out there. Besides, you don’t require insurance or a license to ride a tricycle, making the Meridian a highly functional and comfortable mode of transportation for everyone.

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