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Schwinn Meridian 26-Inch Tricycle Review

Tricycles have grown in popularity due to their superior comfort, practicality, and stable wheelbase. These tricycles or trikes are a boon for older cyclist as it helps them get a comfortable transport medium. Trikes are more convenient than conventional two-wheeled bicycles, and many people use them for personal transport.

However, choosing the right one can be tricky as you have tons of options in the market. Before making your choice, you have to consider various things, including price, wheel configurations, and comfort.

After hours of research, we landed on the Schwinn Meridian Adult tricycle that ticks all the right boxes and offers a ton of functionality. Our in-depth review will guide you through its features and why we choose this trike over others.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Schwinn Meridian 26 inch trike features

This comfortable and practical tricycle will allure many casual riders with its incredible features. Although you can get a different variant with 24-inch wheels, we gave the edge to the 26-inch version due to its superior comfort.

Here are the features and specifications that we loved about the 26-inch variant.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame with a single-speed drivetrain
  • Front and rear fenders keep your clothing clean in damp conditions
  • Front and rear brakes for reliable stopping power
  • The 26-inch wheels with alloy rims and stainless-steel spokes offer a comfortable riding experience
  • Upright handlebars ensure a comfortable and balanced body posture while riding
  • Adjustable spring cruiser saddle with comfortable padding
  • Foldable rear basket for bags or groceries
  • It comes in different color options, including white, green, black, cherry, blue, and red.

Schwinn Meridian 26 inch trike performance

There is no doubt that the Schwinn Meridian is a comfortable tricycle. We rode on this trike for hours and didn’t have any issues while cruising throughout our ride. The 26-inch wheels and the easy-to-operate single-speed model make this trike effortless to ride, and you don’t have to bother about working with gears.

However, we missed the gears while riding on an incline as you have to put extra effort to pull this tricycle, considering its 70 pounds weight. Additionally, gravel and grass are not ideal for this trike as it fails to provide the same experience as riding on a flat, paved surface.

In short, Schwinn Meridian is an excellent option for cruising around town, and you will have no issues with its practicality and comfort on flat surfaces.

Which is the best feature of the Schwinn Meridian?

Suppose we had to pick our favorite feature from the lot, the comfortable sitting posture that the tricycle offers would be our undoubted pick. Many things contribute to this cause, including the wide handlebars, spring-loaded saddle, and 26-inch wheels.

Its low step-through frame makes it very practical, and older riders will love this design. It makes getting on and off the tricycle effortless, adding to its practicality and comfort. Additionally, the excellent shock-absorption mechanism ensures that you stay comfortable all the time, and while we did feel the larger bumps, it stays planted most of the time.

The Meridian comes with 26-inch wheels and stainless steel spokes. This combination enhances your riding experience by keeping your bike stable. The upright sitting position also helps you to stay comfortable, reducing neck and back strain, especially while riding for longer durations.


  • 26-inch wheels offer better stability and comfort
  • It comes with a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame
  • It has a load capacity of 350 pounds, including cargo and the rider
  • Easy to assemble
  • Upright riding position minimizes neck and back pain
  • It comes with a spring-loaded padded saddle for a comfortable riding experience
  • Lots of color options
  • It features a cargo basket for bags or groceries


  • The broader footprint requires more storage space
  • You will have to disassemble the trike to fit it into cars
  • Not ideal for uneven surfaces

Is Schwinn Meridian 26 inch trike safe?

Despite having a lightweight frame, the Meridian is exceptionally durable and feels planted on the surface when you ride it. Since 3-wheel tricycles are more stable and safe than conventional bicycles, you will be confident to ride them at higher speeds. The additional wheel keeps your trike anchored, and you will have no issues while cruising through the highway.

The Meridian also comes with front and rear braking systems that help you stop the tricycle at will. It employs a front linear-pull brake and rear hand brake to provide superior braking power. Since this trike weighs 70 pounds, you will require additional braking power to halt it, and we had no issues during our tests.

Safety Tip: Although the Meridian has excellent braking power, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the system before cruising on a highway. You can ride your trike on sidewalks or driveways and acquaint yourself with the braking controls. Once you feel you’ve had enough, you can start taking highway cruises.

Schwinn Meridian – The practical tricycle

One of the standout features of the Meridian, which makes it more practical than other tricycles, is its rear cargo basket. This foldable basket allows you to carry bags or groceries, allowing you to do more than just cruise through the streets.

Although other adult tricycles also feature a basket, the Meridian’s holding compartment is one of the largest we’ve seen on any trikes. It folds down to accommodate more oversized items and provides you with the option to attach a custom carrying cart if you like. However, ensure that you carry luggage or groceries within limits without hindering your riding experience.

How to assemble a Schwinn Meridian 26 inch trike?

The Meridian comes partially assembled, and you will get all the essential components inside the box. The box also contains a detailed instruction guide that can help you assemble this tricycle without breaking a sweat. You can also find several step-by-step video guides on various platforms for assembling the Meridian.

Box contents: The Meridian comes in two main parts – front and rear frames. The front frame consists of the brakes, drive, chains, and handlebars, while the rear end comprises the frame that attaches to the two rear wheels. You will get all the bolts and screws to assemble the frames and the wheels.

Assembly: Assembling the Meridian is a straightforward and effortless task. The primary frame comes with chains and brakes attached, so you don’t have to worry about getting those assembled. However, you will have to attach the handlebars to the frame. After attaching the handlebars, ensure that your brake cords work fine and check whether you have the correct alignment.

After finishing your primary frame, attach the rear part to it. You can use a wrench to tighten the bolts, which should take around 10 to 15 minutes. The next step is to attach the chains to the rear section, which should take another 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, attach the cargo basket and the wheels, and voila, you have your Meridian up and ready.

Assembly Tip: Although assembling the Meridian is effortless using the instructions manual, it would be best to employ professional help to get the best results. For instance, the front and rear fenders can be off, which might cause you trouble while riding in damp conditions. Additionally, professionals can help you get the correct alignment for wheels or handlebars. However, you will have to put additional cost and effort into getting your trike to a bike shop.

What are the things you need to consider before riding a tricycle?

The dynamics of a conventional bicycle are very different from that of a tricycle. You will have to adjust many things, including ride handling, braking, and road conditions.

Here are the things you need to consider before riding a tricycle:

  • Breaking habit – Unlike conventional bicycles, where riders put their foot down before coming to a complete stop, tricycles don’t allow you to do that. You will have to learn to stop your trike while still sitting as your foot will contact the rear wheels if you put it down.
  • Turning radius – The wheelbase of trikes is broader than a bicycle, which means you will require more turning radius than a conventional bicycle.
  • Tilting angles – Conventional bicycle riders don’t bother about uneven surfaces or sloped grounds. However, the scenario changes for tricycle riders as they have a broader wheelbase. For instance, sloped roads can tilt your trike, hindering your riding experience, which will take some time to get used to.
  • More storage space – The broader footprint requires more storage space, which means you will have to make a lot of room to store your trike.

Final Thought

Although the Meridian may require more care and maintenance than conventional bicycles, the safety and comfort it provides are impeccable. It offers a comfortable riding experience, and while we were skeptical about its handling, it blew us away with its excellent and seamless performance.

Overall, the Schwinn Meridian 26 inch trike is one of the best in the business and undoubtedly worth considering.

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