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Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike Review

Many people enjoy going out on a ride on their bikes. It is a healthy venture and it is always a good thing to take a break and enjoy some fresh air outdoors. For women, you need to be conscious of the kind of bike that you pick. This can elevate your experience and help you enjoy your time out even more.

One of the most important factors that you should think about are the features of the bike and what they can help you achieve. There are features that make a bike stand out. The modern woman understands how important it is to exercise and that is why it is not uncommon to see women riding as a means of commuting to different places.

The Schwinn Network Hybrid bike 15-18-inch frame is one of the best choices that women can make. By understanding what it has to offer, women can understand why it is the perfect choice.

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Unique features included

The Schwinn Network Hybrid bike is one of a kind. It is designed in a way that it can handle different types of terrains. However, it is not ideal for a very rough terrain and can only withstand it to a certain extent. This is not the best choice for a person who wants an off-road kind of experience, for instance. The bike is very cute and this is one of the most notable things about it.

The bike is specifically made for women. The following features are what make it stand out:

  1. Steel hybrid frame

This is one of the outstanding features of the bike. The top tube is angled downwards. The frame is made of steel and it offers the capacity to stand out because of the step-through feature. This means that getting on and off the bike is made so much easier. The size of the frame makes it possible for riders that are anywhere between 5 ft. 2 in. and 5 ft. 6 in. height to use.

  1. Suspension system

The suspension system is created to offer you great comfort. This is one of the things that the bike has to offer. It has a front suspension, a seat post that has suspension and a saddle with springs so that they can absorb the cracks and bumps that you find while on the road. This means that the vibrations are greatly decreased and you can enjoy a comfortable ride. The handlebar is swept backward, meaning there is less strain to the shoulders and the back area.

  1. Micro-shift 7-speed twist shifters

The bike works very well on paved streets and trails. It is also suitable for that occasional inclined road. This is because it has the micro-shift 7-speed twist as well as a rear derailleur offering efficient and fast gear changes.  It also makes use of linear pull brakes, providing adequate power regardless of the prevailing weather conditions or surfaces.

  1. Narrow tires

The front wheel is a quick release one and the tires are quite narrow. The narrow tires are lighter and do not apply too much pressure on concrete or asphalt. This means that riding fast is not that hard when the need arises. The quick release is a good feature because if you do get a flat tire, removing your front wheel is not that difficult and can be done without the need for any tools. The bike also comes with many gears which makes it a good choice for climbing hills.

Other notable features

  • It is resistant to wear and tear and weather
  • Has grip shifters to allow more control
  • Has brisk brakes
  • Has a rack to fit some essentials
  • Has accessories like a pump rack and water bottle
  • It is easy to complete assembly
Schwinn Network 1.5 Womens Hybrid Bike, 700c Wheels, 15-inch Frame, 21-Speed, Alloy Linear Pull Brakes, Navy
  • Schwinn alloy hybrid frame and Schwinn suspension fork provide a smooth ride; 700c wheels fit riders 5’4” to 6’2” in height
  • 21-speed shifters and rear derailleur offer precise gear changes

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Why customers prefer this bike

There are many reasons as to why the Schwinn Network Hybrid bike is so attractive to customers. There are so many things that women look for in a bike and this one seems to satisfy them all. Selection of a bike usually depends on the kind of needs you have and your own tastes and preferences. This is why so many people find this bike a great option.

The bike is designed to offer great comfort, even when you are venturing into the rough terrains to a certain extent. It comes with so many features that makes it such an ideal model option for the modern woman. Some of the reasons why people like it include:

  • This option is quite affordable compared to others
  • Its size can be adjusted
  • It is fast
  • It is lightweight and therefore very portable
  • It has a spring-loaded seat which makes it comfortable and it does not wobble
  • It is not hard to complete the assembly once you take it out of the box
  • It has clear instructions that make assembly even easier
  • Has a rack back and a mount that can hold a water bottle


  • Portable
  • Smooth and comfortable rides
  • Looks good
  • Simple assembly
  • Affordable


  • The fenders and shifters can be problematic
  • It is not really an ideal choice for shorter girls
  • It is not the best for off-roading or racing

Final call

This Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike was built specifically for leisure riders, city commuters, and anyone who wants some exercise as they go about their lives. The bike is an ideal option if you do not plan to use it on mixed terrains and if you are working within a budget.

Even though this is not a perfect bike, considering the price, it is really worth it. It is a comfortable option and this is one of the most outstanding things about the ride. As a city cruiser, it is a perfect choice and can be used for long and short distances. It can be used for daily commutes as well.

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