Schwinn Sivica 7 Womens Comfort Cruiser Bike Review

Women are no less than men. So, be it biking or any other activity, women can do it all. There are some bikes created for men. But the women’s bikes need some other specifications which suffice their needs of comfort and ease of usage. Swinn Sivica pushes the bar of a typical lazy day to that of an adventurous excursion.

Sivica is one of the Schwinn cruise bikes that are ideal for women who love undertaking bike trips. The designs cater to a wide range of biking experiences and lace it with sheer comfort.

Schwinn Sivica 7 Key Features:

The Swinn Sivica 7 Womens Comfort Cruiser Bike is an unmatched combination of great style, eye-catching design and the right structure for a woman to ride it.

  • It has a lightweight frame: It is super light in weight as the frame of the structure is made up of aluminium. The size of the frame is 26*2. It is suitable for women between height 5’4” and 6’2”.
  • The Relaxed Position Plus Geometry:  This is the key feature of this bike. It adds to the comfortable seating and riding positions. The top tube is fit in a way to suit the location of riding. It has been lengthened so that it is easier for the woman to paddle or touch the ground.
  • Increased wheelbase: More the wheelbase more is the stability of the bike. It is because it gets more surface area to rest on the ground. The wheelbase has been increased by 10% in comparison to the previous model for more stable riding. Now, the wheelbase is 125 inches.
  • Slackened seat tube: The seat tube is a tube which holds the seat in the desired position. In Swinn Sivica 7 Womens Comfort Cruiser Bike, the slackened seat tube helps the seat to be in an area which enables the rider to sit upright. It gives more comfort and better visibility of the path ahead. This structure is known as the Swinn’s Relaxed Position Plus Geometry.
  • Adequate gear changing: The Swinn Sivica 7 Womens Cruiser Bike is characterized with the 7 Speed Shimano drivetrain. It helps in precise and smooth gear changes. Otherwise, shifting gears can be tedious and unnecessarily require more efforts. But with Swinn Sivica Womens Bike, it is simpler than ever.
  • Smooth braking system: The braking system is of the utmost importance in any vehicle. It is to be deployed when you want to stop the bike. In the Swinn Sivica 7 Womens Cruiser Bike, there is the characteristic front and rear linear-pull braking. It has efficient immediate and crisp stoppage effect. Also, it is smooth to apply for the rider.
  • Shipping of the product: The shipping of this bike is done as a ‘ready to assemble’ kit. One needs to follow the guidelines given in the user manual and join all the parts. That will provide you with your perfect bike ready for hopping to the neighbourhoods or anywhere in the city to your heart’s content.

Main Advantages and Why Do People Prefer It

Women use the specially designed Women’s Bikes which cater to their requirements. The design is very articulate, and any woman will fall in love with it. The bike comes in five vibrant and attractive colours. They are black, coral, blue, cream and grey. These colours will exactly reflect your wanderlust and the image of your soul. A girl can choose the colour which best compliments herself. And then, she is all ready to hop around.

The safety and ease of the woman riding the bike have been considered. The paddles are at a position which makes it easy for the women to ride it. Also, the height of the bike can be adjusted such that the rider can touch the ground very easily. That reduces the chances of falling off and getting injured.

The suspension mechanism of the Swinn Sivica 7 Womens Cruiser Bike is featured with a double spring structure. The cruiser saddle has this double spring and a comfortable memory foam insertion which makes for a great ride. From the perspective of comfort, it is a wonderful system.


  • The bike is available in five brilliant colours. The step-over frame colours are black or grey whereas the step-through frame colours are coral, blue, cream and teal. It is great to choose a bike from this wide array.
  • The safety measures are well taken care of. The height and weight of the structure of the bike are apt for a rider to ensure proper harmless riding.
  • The lightweight structure makes it easier to carry the bike around. In addition to that, one can also carry it to a picnic or an outing.
  • It is very easy to assemble and dismantle a Swinn Sivica 7 Womens Cruiser Bike. That makes it feasible to tag it along as a dismantled kit. It is efficiently portable.
  • The systems deployed in changing the gears and applying brakes are smooth and effective. The braking system has immediate stoppage effect making the ride safer.
  • The relaxed position of the seat and the top tube being in the right position and of the correct height makes for a comfortable ride.
  • This bike is available at an affordable cost. There is no need for added accessories which, in turn, reduces the total cost of this bike, making it a great buy for any woman.


  • This bike is not suitable for long-distance biking on the off-road terrains.


Biking is an activity of sheer joy. It lets you explore the world around you and look at it with a newer perspective. Biking is a pleasure not only for men but also for women. In the array of women’s bikes, the Swinn Sivica 7 Womens Cruiser Bike stands a class apart. It is advisable to buy one and enjoy hopping around.

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