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Sixthreezero Around The Block Womens Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

For most beginners, all beach cruisers seem alike more so if you have not yet tried the modern luxurious models. In terms of comfort, style, and basic design, each version will take you to a different level of riding experience. Usually, men are not so much intrigued by aesthetics but are more worried about the resilience and reliability of the bicycle. Although practically sensible, when it comes to ladies, finding a cute stylish machine is of greater concern.

There are numerous factors to keep in mind when shopping for a women’s bicycle. First and foremost, a good bicycle for ladies should not only come in an eye-catching design but also meet all the feminine needs and penchants. Additionally, the bike should be light enough, affordable and feature a perfect geometry for enhanced maneuverability and comfort.

To cut the long chase, you are looking forward to the best women’s cruiser bicycle in the market. And that’s where the Sixthreezero around the block woman’s bike enters the mix!

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Unique Features Available

The Sixthreezero around the Block Women’s Bike is one of the prettiest and most elegant bicycles a girl can ever dream of. This cruiser guarantees optimal riding experiences without offsetting your budget. Loaded with an efficient and resilient gear mechanism, the Around the Block Women’s is an engineering jackpot with a top speed of more than 30m/h. With an aesthetically pleasing classic design, this cruiser captures all the aspects as regards to comfort, style, and convenience making it an ideal option for both novice and expert cyclists.

Whether checking out on girlfriends or picking groceries at the local store, the Sixthreezero around the Block Women’s Bike is a multipurpose tool and will assuredly come in handy especially when running personal errands. Boasting of an ergonomic operational design, this model is customized to add comfort and fun while on the trail. In simple, this machine a perfect blend of quality, style and comfort cleverly- thanks to its extensive feature list.

As a package, the Sixthreezero is the epitome of modern cycling. This can be attributed to its unique features which include:

  1. An excellent design for maximum convenience

If you are looking for a conventional bicycle that will give you minimal trouble when it comes to storage and come in handy as a general household mobility asset, around the block would be a great choice.

Measuring 52″ by 27″ by 8″, the bike will only occupy a very small area thus helping maximize storage space. In addition, the Sixthreezero comes with a slightly dropping frame, a flexible seat and adjustable handlebars. By altering the elevation of the seat and adjusting the position of the handlebars, you will be able to relax your body which helps improve the line of sight.

  1. A durable steel frame

Cycling the beach on a classic curvy bicycle seems thrilling and with no doubts, it is-The Sixthreezero around the block women’s bike is the ultimate tool. Built around a 17″ steel frame which is almost impossible to break even upon heavy impact, the life span of this cruiser is guaranteed. In addition to that, the Sixthreezero features smooth cruise geometry which ensures minimum resistance thus offering proper energy conversion ratio.

  1. Simplified braking system

Sometimes handbrakes can be a nuisance and tiring especially when cycling for leisure. I mean the whole mechanism may be overwhelming and hard to coordinate for ladies. Fortunately, around the block women’s bike is designed with coaster brakes system that ensures simple and steady braking. The braking system is surprisingly efficient and reliable. All you have to do is pedal in the reverse direction and gradually the bike will lose momentum and finally come to a halt. Additionally, this integrated barking system also helps reduce bulkiness ultimately decreasing the bicycle’s overall weight.

  1. A lightweight steel structure

With a hollow 17″ steel frame and an integrated coaster brake, the Sixthreezero’s maximum weight is greatly reduced without sacrificing strength and durability. Weighing less than 40 pounds, this women’s bicycle is superbly adaptable, agile and a true lightweight capable of impressive maneuvering around intricate alleys and corridors of the modern cities.

  1. Custom made foam handgrips

Built for comfort, convenience, and adventure, this bike is inclusive of Custom made foam grips that ensures maximum control which enables riders to sit in a comfortable relaxing position thus maximizing thrill and fun during field excursions.

  1. High-performance wheels

Pair of 26″ cruiser aluminum wheels complete with a stylish white wall lining and a balloon style threads for added traction and enhanced maneuverability. Reinforced with numerous pressure resistance spokes, the tires are a guarantee in terms of performance and will not bend even when cycling on rough terrains.

Other Notable Features Include

  • Matching front and back fenders for added style and protection from debris and splashing
  • The seat is fitted with two oversized springs for improved comfort and support
  • Boasts of a fully cushioned seat
  • Back luggage rack
  • Its 1 gear mechanism offers classic simplicity

Why Customers Prefer this Cruiser Bike?

Honestly speaking, the Sixthreezero around the Block Women’s Cruiser Bike is a darling to many. From a naked eye, the Sixthreezeros’ advanced features and impressive girlish design may seem like the reason why this bike is the most sought after cruiser. While that is agreeable, it is apparent that incentives go further than that.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why most people find this cruiser irresistible.

First and foremost, this bike is cleverly designed and is inclusive of all the aspects a woman would desire in a bicycle. With a real luggage rack, this bike is a perfect woman’s companion especially when picking groceries. Besides that, it has a properly cushioned saddle which offers maximum comfort and ease making it a great option for leisure riding.

To sum it up, Sixthreezero provides shoppers with numerous advantages including

  • Assembling this bike is as simple as ABCD and takes less than 20 minutes
  • Comes with a comprehensive and intuitive manual which helps shoppers to get on the trail as soon as possible
  • Does not discriminate against height and accommodates a varied range of users between 5 to 6 feet
  • Its resilient lightweight steel frame ensures both durability and convenience
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly price
sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 3-Speed, 26" Wheels, Teal Blue
  • Classic, curvy women's beach cruiser bicycle with 17-inch durable steel frame; ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood
  • Upright riding style keeps your back and shoulders comfortable; dual-spring saddle and wide cruiser handlebar with foam grips. Height Range - 5-6 feet.Weight Range - Up to 300 Pounds

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  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Light enough for maximum performance
  • Double walled heavy duty tires
  • Custom made foam grips


  • Its coaster brake system can be challenging especially for beginners
  • One gear mechanism offers maximum performance only along flat terrains

Final Call

In summation, cycling is a euphoric outdoor activity integral in the lives of every modern woman. Riding bicycles presents an exquisite opportunity to blow up steam as well as allows you to experience the outside world at a personal level.

Nevertheless, cycling can be a woman’s worst nightmare if you are using the wrong bicycle. Capturing all feminine the needs and penchants, the Sixthreezero around the Block is the best option in the market. It is light enough for seamless maneuvers and comes with an impressive design perfect for an all-girls excursion.

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