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Sixthreezero Ride in the Park Womens Touring City Road Bicycle Review

In pursuit of ultimate thrill and fun, women have now embraced the outdoor life and are seizing each and every opportunity to explore the world around them. For the city girls, cycling, in particular, appear to be the norm of the day. Unlike cars, bicycles are incredibly agile and can be maneuvered around the neighborhood with ease considering the congestion present in the most townships. As per the current traffic mayhem, bikes are the most viable mobility assets for both men and women.

But in a male-dominated niche, finding a model that resonates with the ladies may not be a very easy proposition. Either rewarding yourself with an upgrade or looking forward to surprising your wife/girlfriend, definitely, you would be interested in an affordable bicycle that complements all the feminine aspects regarding style, comfort, and convenience. And that’s where the Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Road Bicycle comes in!

Unique Features Offered

The Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Bicycle is the icon of modern cycling. It is a flawless engineering masterpiece optimized to offer enduring style and ease while trailing the local neighborhood. A supreme model by its own standards, this women’s bike comes with a swooping frame and proper cushioning for enhanced comfort and steadiness.

Featuring a stylish design complete with a lightweight aluminum structure and quality accessories, this touring bicycle is a fashionable model for riders with different needs and penchants. Inclusive 7 speed gear system and resilient double wall tires, the Sixthreezero women’s touring in the park city is a powerful and durable bike customized for maximum efficiency and performance during short errands and long cruises.

An adventure-ready cycle, Sixthreezero is the ultimate machine for women and boasts of an extensive feature list intended to give you enjoyable riding experience. Some of the specs you can’t afford missing out on include:

  1. A stylish city design

This bike comes in with a classic design that perfectly complements a city and a beach cruiser ultimately producing a supreme model ideal for both beach cruising and city commutes.

First and foremost, Sixthreezero is a sleek bicycle designed with a swooping frame to ensure easy mounting and dismounting. Inclusive of a sturdy 7-speed gear system complete with twist shifters, this women’s bike allows quick gear selections which enable seamless power control. Additionally, Ride in the Park features 26″ double wall rims and 1.37″ wide high-performance tires that offer enhanced strength and traction ideal for leisure riding. Fitted with simple but effective handbrakes which lock both the front and back wheel, the Sixthreezero delivers an instant braking effect which is necessary for riding in the park more so if there are obstacles ahead.

While that ensures riders are safe and don’t go bumping on objects, in simple this touring bike is optimized to illuminate and give you a steady comfortable experience both on the beach and around the city.

  1. A lightweight aluminum structure

If you are looking for a durable cycle that will offer maximum convenience and style on the trail, The Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s bicycle would be a perfect choice.  Boasting of a 17″ lightweight aluminum frame, this classic model weights just only 37.5 pounds and is probably one of the lightest bikes you will ever find in the market.

While it’s aluminum structure is critical for resisting rough city sidewalks, on average, the bike is incredibly light hence greatly enhancing maneuverability and control while on the track.

  1. Offers Multiple Aesthetics Features

A goods women’s bike should not only be aesthetically appealing but also capture all the feminine aspects like style and comfort. Currently, as we speak, there are dozens of bicycles designed for ladies. However, with regard to aesthetics very few actually, meet the threshold.

Apparently, Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Road Bicycle is one of the few. This highly evolved model is incredibly advanced and capitalizes on capturing most of the aspects you have always wished for in a bike including:

  • The seat is reinforced with a soft synthetic leather layer and double springs for maximum support and cushion
  • Slightly raised handlebars to ensure proper body geometry complete with matching brown synthetic leather grips for a strong solid hold
  • A rear luggage carrier which enables you to haul shopping with ease
  • Matching front and back fenders to protect you from road debris and splashing
  • Comes with a sidekick stand for easier parking
  • Includes a chain guard to prevent debris from sticking on the power train

Why Most People Prefer this Bike?

With the above insights, maybe you have probably made up your mind and decided to give the Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Road Bicycle a try. Honestly speaking in aspects pertaining to style, comfort, and convenience, this bike has you sorted.  But obviously, you still have some doubts especially if you are a 1st-time shopper. To iron that out, let’s bring out the big guns!

Essentially, the Ride in the park women’s city bicycle is an incredibly advanced model that offers maximum flexibility for a wide range of activities. Designed for speed style and comfort, this 7-speed multipurpose bike is a perfect cruising companion that will enable you to comfortably ride both in the city and along the beachfront.

Featuring an adjustable seat, elevated handlebars, and a lightweight aluminum frame, Sixthreezero Ride in the Park Women’s Bicycle is a supremely navigable featherweight machine capable of reaching speeds of more than 25m/h.

Ride in the park is a relatively cheap bicycle considering the numerous benefits it offers. Some of the advantages include

  1. Portability

If you are after a bicycle that offers maximum convenience in terms of storage and transportation, Sixthreezero touring city would be a great choice. Weighing 37.5 pounds and measuring 56 by 29 by 8″ this two-wheeler is most probably the friendliest design when it comes to transportation and storage. Essentially, it will not take a lot of storage space and above everything, the bicycle itself is very simplified and will not give you any trouble dismantling and assembling.

  1. Encourages upright riding position thus boosting overall comfort

The Ride in the Park women’s touring city bicycle is optimized for endurance over long distances. Double wall rims and hybrid tires are meant for speed while the lightweight aluminum frame helps reduce its overall weight thus boosting performance.

However, unlike its racing counterparts, this women’s bike is optimized for optimal leisure and comfort even in the midst of lengthy excursions. As a result, it is engineered with an innovative frame that ensures proper body alignment which helps prevent joint sourness. Besides that, the pedals are positioned directly below the hips such that riders can ride in a vertical position consequently boosting comfort.

  • Comes with a customizable rear rack which enables riders to mount various basket sizes
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate riders of varying heights
  • Designed with hybrid tires perfect for the urban terrain
  • Soft synthetic leather grips help absorb sweat


  • A lightweight aluminum structure
  • The vertical pedaling position is more comfortable over long distances
  • Hybrid tires offer a smooth ride
  • Double walled rims ensure enhanced resilience
  • Stylish and attractive to the eye


  • Lacks coaster brakes

Final Call

In summation, cycling is important now more than ever for individuals living in urban areas and in particular women. Besides enjoying life with girlfriends, biking provides a perfect opportunity for ladies to keep fit and live a healthy life.

Apparently choosing the wrong bicycle is indeed a major setback for most girls more so, if you are looking forward to pleasure riding. The Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Road Bicycle is one of the best women’s bikes in the market. Boasting of an ergonomic design and a lightweight aluminum structure this bike guarantees you timeless adventure and easy navigation around the city.

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