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Top Five Schwinn Womens Beach Cruiser Bikes 2022

Schwinn has made it possible for riders of all ages to experience the thrill of riding a bicycle. Children and adults around the world trust the Schwinn name for quality and value. The joys of learning to ride for the first time, sharing an excursion with friends, proudly completing a new training regime or enjoying a local scenic route are all best enjoyed on a Schwinn.

Versatility is one of the features that make Schwinn bikes unique. Over the years they have been creating bikes that are compatible with the rider. New and innovative features were added for every different type of rider. Schwinn women’s cruiser bikes are optimized to give you maximum fun and pleasure on the road.

Top Five Women’s Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bikes

  1. Schwinn Perla 7-Speed Women’s Cruiser 26-Inch Bike

Schwinn Perla Women’s 7-speed bike is another top-notch bike from one of the leading brand in the cycling world. Just like other Schwinn bikes, the cruiser features a great design that allows you to enjoy relaxed, comfortable rides. The steel step-thru bicycle features a comfortable quilted seat, matching fenders and sweptback handlebars.

The 7-speed twist shifters is one of its signature features that make this bike to stand out from its competition. It also features a Schwinn rear derailleur that lets you ride through hilly terrains.

Schwinn Perla Women's Cruiser Bicycle, Featuring 18-Inch Step-Through Steel Frame and 7-Speed Drivetrain with Front and Rear Fenders, Rear Rack, and 26-Inch Wheels, Blue
  • The Schwinn Perla is a steel step-thru cruiser style bike with matching fenders and sweptback handlebars, and cushy quilted seat
  • The 7-speed twist shifters will help you climb hills and make easier, the alloy linear pull brakes mean you can stop when you need to

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Moreover, the bike is equipped with an alloy linear pull brakes for increased stopping power, which offers a better riding experience. It also comes with a rear rack that gives you the convenience of carrying your stuff.

Key Features

  • Alloy linear pull brakes for added stopping power
  • 7-speed twist shifters ideal for hilly terrains
  • Quilted seat with dual springs for extra comfort
  • Steel step-through cruiser style bike
  • 18-Inch frame and 26” size
  • Suitable for riders between 5ft 4-inch to 5ft 9-inch


  • Comes with easy to use handle brakes and twist shifters
  • Features a steel frame that can hold heavyweight
  • Has adjustable handlebars and seat for a comfortable ride
  • Attractive seat design and bike’s color
  • Perfect for riders with decreased mobility due to its low step-through height


  • Relatively hard to assemble
  • Does not include high-quality components

  1. Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Womens Comfort Cruiser Bike

With a low swooping steel frame and a lowered seat, the sanctuary is a female-friendly model that allows riders to easily mount and dismount regardless of the attire they are in (skirt or pants).

In addition to that, Schwinn comes in with a reinforced steel frame which yields a resilient bike perfect for extensive field excursions. Fitted with a 7-speed gear system complete with twist shifters you can easily achieve various speed and torque depending on the terrain that you are on.

Despite seamlessly maneuvering different tracks, this sophisticated gear mechanism also ensures effortless pedaling thus giving you a comfortable ride all through.

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Comfort Cruiser Bike, Featuring Retro-Styled 16-Inch/Small Steel Step-Through Frame and 7-Speed Drivetrain with Front and Rear Fenders, Rear Rack, and 26-Inch Wheels, Red
  • Ride through town in leisure with the Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Comfort Cruiser Bicycle. This steel-framed cruiser bike offers all the comfort you need to enjoy your ride. 26-inch wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall
  • Full fenders keep mud and dirt away from your clothing, while the rear cargo rack holds everything you need to carry along for the journey

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While most components are made of steel, the bike weighs 44.1 pounds which may seem intimidating for women. Apparently what this cruiser lacks in weight is fully compensated for with unmatched resilience and stamina boosting its carrying capacity to an incredible 300 pounds.

Key Features

  • Aluminum frame
  • Single speed bike
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish, curvy frame


  • Adjustable seat and extendable handlebars for better body position
  • A durable steel frame
  • The saddle is padded and features flexible springs
  • Wide tires for enhanced grip and stability
  • Lightweight alloy rims
  • Simple but Effective handle brakes


  • The overall package is slightly heavier (44 pounds)
  • Lacks cruiser brakes
  • Not ideal for off-road cycling

  1. Schwinn Baywood Womens Cruiser Bike

The Schwinn Baywood 24” women’s cruiser bike comes with an elegant and straightforward built which makes it super easy to take on regular rides across town. It is also highly suitable for beginners who do not know a lot about gear shifts and hence, can cause fatal and dangerous accidents.

Schwinn Baywood Cruiser Bike, Featuring Steel Step-Through Frame and Single-Speed Drivetrain with Full Wrap Fenders, 24-Inch Wheels, Bright Blue
  • Schwinn steel step-thru cruiser frame and fork offers a comfortable riding position that's easy on your back
  • Single-speed drivetrain for simple riding and easy maintenance

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It features a sturdy, steel see-through body frame making the bike singularly robust and reliable to take around the city. The cycle bars and other body parts do not get damaged very easily.The single-speed drivetrain features offer a high degree of reliability when it comes to commuting all year round.

This bike is a perfect combination of style and comfort. The colour-matching fenders on this sturdy alloy bike allows a warm and dry ride even when the weather is adverse and unpredictable.

The bike also flaunts the perfectly designed Schwinn quality padded cruiser saddle. These soften the ride and makes the bike perfect to take out on long, comfortable trips around the town. The padded seating offers rider’s a cushioned ride making it safe, comfortable, and reliable on long journeys in cities.

Key Features

  • Steel frame with a durable and rust-resistant alloy
  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • Rear coaster brake


  • A spring seat for a comfortable ride
  • Full wrap fenders
  • An extra space of storage included


  • Limited to one speed only, making it a challenge to drive on uneven or rough terrains.
  • It takes a lot of effort and energy to take the bike on long-distance rides.

  1. Schwinn Mikko Women's Cruiser Bike

Inclusive of simple design and a lightweight frame, the Schwinn Mikko Women’s Cruiser is a state-of-the-art machine fully optimized to ensure a comfortable riding experience.

This cruiser comes with a modern 17-inch swooping steel frame that allows riders to effortlessly mount and dismount regardless if they are in a skirt or shorts. Besides that, the bike features swept-back handlebars complete with ergonomic rubber grips which encourages an upright riding position ultimately guaranteeing a comfy stylish ride.

Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike, Featuring 17-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frames, 7-Speed Drivetrains, Purple
  • Featuring a wide, dual-spring padded cruiser seat and classic cruiser handlebars, this bike provides an upright and comfortable riding position
  • Ideal for riders between – 5’ 4” to 6’ 2” tall | Wheel size – 26” x 2.1” | Frame size – 17” | Pedals – ½

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Perfect pedal aligning such that they are positioned vertically below the hip joint to ensure effortless pedaling and proper leg extensions.  A flexible queen size saddle complete with comprehensive padding intended to allow individuals with various heights to ride with maximum comfort

While the 17-inch steel frame gives the bike remarkable resilience and strength, on the other side, it significantly increases its overall weight ultimately producing a slightly heavier machine-52.5 pounds shipping weight.

Key Features

  • A fully cushioned seat complete with spring leaves for enhanced comfort
  • 1-speed gear system perfect for leisure rides
  • A step-through frame for easy entry and exit
  • Matching front and rear fenders to protect riders from debris and splashing especially during rainy days
  • A chain guard to prevent foreign materials getting hooked on the power train
  • 26″ double wall tires complete with anti-slippery threads for maximum surface traction


  • Efficient coaster brakes
  • Resilient and strong
  • Front and back fenders
  • Heavy duty alloy wheels


  • Coaster brakes can be challenging for the inexperienced
  • 1-speed gear system may not be perfect for off-road cycling

  1. Schwinn Disney Queen Adult Classic Cruiser Bike

A ride that is suitable for a queen, the Schwinn Disney Queen of Hearts cruiser bike features a bicycle with striking and attractive colors, much like the adornments of royalty. It highlights a steel step-through frame incorporated with intricate details and graphics, inspired by the confident and majestic Queen of Hearts from the fairytale of Alice in Wonderland.

The bike has a large cruiser spring saddle in addition to a low step-through frame. It features an Easy Reach handlebar, adjustable and rises stems, and a laidback seat post. It has some additional fun accessories like an attachable hand-held mirror, fork-mounted spoke card, and a gold crown or heart-shaped valve cover.

Schwinn Disney Evil Queen Adult Classic Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, Low Step Through Steel Frame, Single Speed, Large Saddle, Coaster Brakes, Black/Purple
  • Disney Evil Queen themed cruiser bike by Schwinn has 26-inch wheels to fit riders 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall. Perfect for cruising around the neighborhood or a quick trip to the store for your favorite potion.
  • Single speed drivetrain and rear coaster (pedal) brake make this bike easy to use and simple to maintain.

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The bike, commonly known as the Disney Evil Queen, features 26-inch alloy wheels. It has a rigid type suspension and comes in one size. The adjustable rise stem allows the individuals to change and set the elevation level of the seat. It permits riders of varying heights, between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 2 inches, to get a comfortable and steady riding experience.

The single-speed drivetrain and rear coaster (pedal) brake allow for an effortless use that makes do with minimal maintenance. In addition to these, the attractive and eye-catching colors and the Queen of Hearts theme make the bicycle irresistible.


  • Queen of Hearts theme design
  • An upright riding position
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Ease of handling, maintenance and operation


  • The bike does not come pre-assembled.
  • The steel frame of the bike may make it heavy for some people.

Schwinn Bikes Features

There are several features in Schwinn Women’s Bikes that make it an excellent choice for women. These features are designed to provide women with comfort and fun while riding bikes. Some of these features are:

Smooth Ride Technology

The bikes intended for sports and workouts often need to have high efficiency. They must be able to keep up smoothly with the rider’s energy and enthusiasm and enhance it. Most efficient bikes are however also heavy. This is a downside to the efficiency usually. It can be added weight of the bike or reduced comfort or any other such thing. But with the new Smooth Ride Technology (SRT) of the Schwinn Women’s Bikes, it is now possible to obtain both efficiency and comfort from your bike to experience the smoothest rides.

  • Elastomer technology: There is an elastomer mounted between the seat tube and the seat stays that absorbs all the shock from the bumps along the road.
  • Reduced fatigue: This elastomer also has insulating properties which reduce the fatigue the rider experiences.
  • Reduced weight: Along with the bumps on the road, the elastomer also absorbs a little bit of the system’s total weight, making it lighter and thus more effortless for the rider.

Relaxed Position Geometry

It is essential to combine exercising with fun. When you need to use your bike for a more casual occasion, you wish to relax and enjoy your ride. This new frame geometry of Schwinn Women’s Bikes takes care of that.

  • Stable ride: A slackened riding position has been introduced in the new variety of bikes. This creates a proper leg extension that provides ease of pedaling and efficiency. It also allows the rider to touch the ground while remaining seated.
  • Posture confidence: In this case, the saddle is positioned back and set low while the top tube is elongated. This lets the rider obtain a more comfortable and relaxed position and creates a better sense of balance.
  • Pedaling efficiency: The bottom bracket is positioned slightly forward. This creates a proper leg extension and improves elasticity while pedaling.

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