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How to Track Indoor Cycling on Garmin?

Indoor cycling is a less happening event than when you do outdoor cycling. Much of this is because there’s nothing much to look at, unlike outdoor cycling, which is out in nature, stimulating your senses. But now, indoor cycling has grown bigger and better, more than just numbers on your screen. With the addition of virtual games, bikes, and trainers, you have multiple exciting worlds to explore.

The opportunities are endless. It’s no longer a bore to cycle indoors because you can even go on rides with your friends virtually, track your turbo training sessions and even have friendly competitions with your fellow online riders. From the comfort of your home, it is easier than ever to interact with like-minded people around the world and explore different areas and terrains during your indoor cycling sessions.

There are so many new online indoor cycling applications taking the world by storm. Not only this, but you also have devices that you can pair with the online platform and use during your training sessions.

What is Garmin?

Garmin is a company that deals with lifestyle and fitness devices. In the world of online cycling, Garmin is a well-known platform. Garmin has been in the market for developing premium head units, and they also have been producing products like smart trainers and heart monitors. The Garmin app helps keep track of your online indoor cycling. You can pair this with a head unit from Garmin and use it to optimize your training.

How to track indoor cycling workouts on Garmin?

  1. Turn on your Garmin device
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to the sensor menu
  4. Swipe to the right
  5. Click on “add new.”
  6. Swipe right one more time
  7. Tap on “cadence.”
  8. Wait to search and find the sensor
  9. Once you locate it, open it
  • Type in the specifics of your bicycle wheel size
  • Go back to the main menu
  • On the home screen, choose the ‘Indoor Cycling’ activity option
  • After this, you can place the watch on your bicycle and start to pedal.
  • Don’t forget to press the “start” button.

The app will be recording your movement and activities through the wearable device. Don’t forget to click on “save” at the end of the ride. The app will then automatically compile the data collected from the ride. At the end of your ride, you can analyze your progress and keep track of all your past activities as well

The Garmin app is available for Android and iOS devices on the App Store or the Playstore. It is accessible on both platforms, but you need to have a compatible Garmin device to use the app.

How does Garmin work?

After downloading the app from the play store or the App Store, you have to sync it to your Garmin device. After setting up and pairing your device to the Garmin app, you can track all aspects of your activities with the device in the form of graphs, maps and charts.

Make sure that you press start on tracking your ride before starting your cycling session. As you go through the duration of your ride, you will be getting notifications and updates about your ride and the weather conditions when you cycle outdoors.

Indoor cycling tracking:

Outdoor cycling is easier to track because of the GPS that follows your trail, whereas, for indoor cycling, the tracking happens without the GPS. Instead, a speed sensor is used to track the distance you have pedaled on your bike.

Garmin head unit:

You can easily sync your Garmin head unit to your Garmin app and track your indoor cycling progress. There are many features on the app that can help you check your heart rate, average cadence, the number of calories burnt and the power level of your cycling session.

The application takes all your data recorded and puts it on a chart, and creates graphs so that you can get a better picture of what your progress is looking like. In this way, you have a better chance at improving your workout sessions as per the graph.

One of the exciting features of the Garmin Application is the lap option that you can tap to break up your cycling session into equal intervals to get an even workout session.

It has never been easier for you to keep track of your health through an app since it can send you to push notifications about your progress when your device and the app are in sync or paired.

Garmin tracking device:

Garmin tracking Device tracks your workout and activity level and all its aspects such as speed and power. You can use this tracking device for almost any exercise, such as cycling, running, or even walking. You can also use the tracking device indoors and outdoors, which is pretty versatile.

Here are some of the most popular Garmin devices you can use for tracking your Indoor cycling activities:

Garmin Vívosmart 4 is a Garmin tracking device in many different colors. The display automatically turns on and off as you need it and has an easy-to-read style. It comes with a metal trim that gives the tracker stylish and functional versatility.

Garmin vívosmart HR is a step up from your regular Garmin trackers. It reads all your calories, steps, duration of strength training, GOS, floors climbed and speed of your activities. The unique feature in this tracking device is the shift bar that vibrates as a reminder to get up and move when you have been stationary for an extended period. As long as you keep the device connected to your phone or tablet, it will send you notifications in the form of texts, email, calendar alerts and even calls.

Garmin Forerunner is specially made for tracking your activities. The speed and data collection get better and more accurate if you take it out on your outdoor activities, but you can still use it for indoor cycling and other indoor activities. You can pedal on a stationary bike or run on an indoor track, and the device will record your level of activity.

Garmin Forerunner 235 also has a checking mode that is compatible with speed and cadence sensors and can track indoor cycling. You can use it to categorize your rides as indoor or outdoor and then upload it on Garmin Connect so that you have a detailed view of what your activity progress looks like.

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