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How To Buy Womens Cycling Jersey Set

Even cycling needs a proper garment called a cycling jersey set. Both men and women who love to go cycling should have these garments in their wardrobes. Some special features are a cycling jersey set has which are required by any cyclist. Be it a mountain cyclist or a road cyclist; every cyclist should use a comfortable jersey, which makes it easier for you to ride the bike.

Buying a proper cycling jersey which is perfect for you, your body type and your bike is as important as purchasing the right bike for yourself. Here are some quick tips on how to choose the best cycling jersey for yourself.

  • The fit of the jersey: The fit of any garment can make or mar the entire look and comfort of wearing the clothing. They should generally be well fitted; neither too tight nor too loose. They should not restrict the movement of any body part like the arms, legs and wrists. Also, they should not be too loose as that will cause massive discomfort to the rider. Most of the women’s cycling jerseys have a drop tail. It implies that the back of the shirt is longer than the front. It ensures that the shirt doesn’t ride up too far when you are in the riding position.
  • Type of bike ride: This is a very crucial point while choosing a jersey. If you are going road biking, the speed of your bike is much higher than mountain biking. Hence, in the case of mountain biking, you can do with a slightly loosely fitted jersey. But, in road biking, you need a jersey which fits you perfectly well. Also, most of the jerseys have front zip to enable the rider to ventilate as required. In mountain biking, you can use a jersey which has a full front zip. But, for road biking, you need a bike which has only half or three fourth zip. It will never open up your jersey thoroughly and save it from flapping with the wind due to the immense speeds in road biking.
  • Length of the sleeves: This factor of deciding on a cycling jersey set depends solely on the temperatures and the rider’s choice and preference. If you are going beach cycling, you have to wear a full-sleeved jersey to save yourself from tanning. Also, if you are going to colder places, you better use a full-sleeved jersey since if the temperatures fall too low, you may suffer from cramps in the arms that will ruin your biking experience. On the other hand, if you are cycling to a warm place, you can opt for a half-sleeved jersey. In addition to this, you can carry arm warmers for times when you might encounter unexpected cold weather.
  • The jersey’s material: This is the crucial point in choosing not only a womens cycling jersey set but in any garment for that matter. The fabric should exude sheer comfort. The three most popular materials of jerseys are polyester, nylon and merino wool. The polyester wicking jerseys are mostly used when you have to go to warmer and sweaty places. Polyester absorbs moisture content and keeps you away from the moist dampness. Nylon cycling jerseys have microfiber and spandex which keep the rider fresh, and the jersey also has an intrinsic elasticity. The merino wool jerseys are expensive but are the best choice if you are going to cold places. The wool is soft and less itchy.
  • Quality of the jersey: When we buy any product, the first attribute which crosses our minds is its quality. The quality of the material should not cause any discomfort to the rider like itchiness, ill-fitting, or so. Also, the zips and buttons on the jersey should be checked well. They should not disappoint the rider in the middle of a biking expedition. If the quality of the jersey is right, it will lead to a more joyful, happier and more productive cycling experience.
  • Added features: Who does not like a hint of extra features in any product you are buying? That is why this is also an important point. There are features like pockets, zips, and many others to better your cycling experience in a Womens cycling jersey set. The number of pockets, the type of enclosure they have, their size and their positions matters a lot. Also, the length of the zips on the jersey, the runner’s material, and their ease of operation count. Some people like to have fasteners on their jerseys. These can be used to load yourself with a sack or other gears and keep them secured even while riding at high speeds.
  • Design and colours: We all vouch for the fact that whatever we wear should represent us. As far as the colours of the jerseys are concerned, you should consider the aspect of visibility. Generally, cyclists resort to fluorescent colours or poppy and bright colours. Such colours enhance the rider’s visibility even in darkness, reducing the chances of meeting with accidents. Also, these colours can be spotted by colour blind riders. There are various designs and graphics available in the market these days to make your jersey look better. You can choose one of them according to your choice.
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Cycling Jersey Benefits: Why Do You Need a Cycling Jersey?

As discussed above, most of the people are ignorant about the importance and need for a good cycling jersey. Hence, let us take a look at the benefits of buying the perfect cycling jersey.

  • Offers wind resistance: While biking at high speeds, wind resistance poses as a hindrance to the motion. Regular or ill-fitted clothes cannot confront excessive wind pressure. But, some cycling jersey set has an aerodynamic design. This feature offers excellent wind resistance while riding. The pressure of the wind flowing in the opposite direction will reduce that will ensure better cycling.
  • Comfort ensured: The cycling jerseys are made in a way to make sure that the rider’s comfort is amplified. If you ride wearing a standard shirt, it may be ill-fitted and loose on the arms or too tight to restrict the free movement of the arms. On the contrary, if you choose the perfect cycling jersey set for yourself, the fitting is perfect. These jerseys feature a wide shoulder cut to enhance the comfort quotient of the jersey. Also, some jerseys are made with materials which take the shape of your torso when worn frequently. It helps the rider control the cycle better by leaning forward comfortably.
  • Temperature resistance: Cycling can be done in most of the weather conditions. Hence, you need jerseys which will help you through all these conditions. If you are going to a colder place, a merino wool jersey will keep you warm. It will keep you in good health and not cause hindrance in your trip. If you are going to warmer places, the nylon or polyester jerseys will keep you fresh. They will absorb the sweat from your body and give ventilation as and when required.
  • Additional features help: Some added features are related to a cycling jersey set, which makes it even more usable. Examples of these features are pockets, zips for ventilation, fastening belts and many more. There are pockets that are different locations like the front, sides or back. Some pockets are water and sweat resistant; hence, allowing the rider to keep mobile phones, money or electronic gadgets in them. There are additional zips which can be opened for extra ventilation of need be. Some jerseys come with a fastening belt. These belts enhance the security of the luggage you might be carrying with yourself or can have some aerodynamic features.
  • Enhance visibility: The colour of the cycling jerseys play a considerable role. If the rider is wearing a bright fluorescent coloured at night, her visibility is enhanced. She can be spotted even from a considerable distance, and this can avoid mishaps and accidents. Also, a colour blind rider can spot such bright colours. Hence, poppy colours and graphics used on women’s cycling jersey will enhance visibility.
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The best cycling gear must combine perfect padding and leg length with the most comfort.

When looking for the perfect jersey set, the best thing is to try all the options. Always try before you buy. It would be best if you tried them on a cycle to see how it fits. When you pay attention to all the details, you will find the best jersey set with the best fit and optimal comfort.

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